Saturday, January 15, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.15 || Joint Arrival Log || CNS & YEO || Ensign V. Dwellon & Crewman A. Morganth

=/\= SD241201.14 - Start Joint Log =/\=
Vae was reading over her posting message, leaning comfortably over the arm rest of her chair. The shuttle en-route to the USS-Charon was a long one, and slightly uneventful. The young Ensign then slowly lowered the PADD to her lap and let her eerie red eyes look out the view port. There was something different about her, her pale skin, red eyes, and nearly white hair. People had asked many times, it was a simple answer, one she gave if people asked. She seemed practically human, until her hand moved her hair behind her slightly pointed ear.
Her foot tapped the deck of the shuttle lightly, she was starting to get impatient. Would they not get there already?
Andrus watched the woman across from him, he had literally just received his assignment a three days ago.  He noticed the rank pip on the woman's blue uniform, "Ensign," he started "you seem nervous or anxious."  He said without have to use his telepathy, her body language spoke volumes.  The short blond haired Betazoid, smiled a half smile.

He would have found it hard to get past her mental walls to read her anyways. " Not either...." Her eyes shifted to lock with his, " More impatient. I am ready for this shuttle ride to be over..." She tilted her head a little as she looked him over. Young, wow.
Andrus laughed, "Impatient, why?" He asked.  "Its just a shuttle ride, besides you get my gorgeous self to talk to," he added with a sheepish grin.

Rolling her eyes away she looked back out of the view port and suddenly wished Warp could be even faster. " Just because you see yourself as gorgeous does not mean others see you in the same.... light..." She was rather flat in her tone, it was true, he was far to young to see him as being attractive.
"Hey, I never said you considered me gorgeous!" He stated.  "It was a joke Ensign.  You know that thing that happens when someone says something funny, and you have an autonomous response called laughter." He sighed, 'Officers have no sense of humor' he openly sent out telepathically.

" Many Officers do in fact have a sense of humor... There just happened to be nothing 'humorous' about your so called 'joke'." Once again she looked to him and offered him a sly smile. " If you happen to come across something with a better punch line perhaps then I would laugh."

He laughed, "So you are a telepath!  Awesome!  Perhaps if you lightened up a bit, you know pull yourself out of the mud and have a good time, you wouldn't be so stiff.  That's why they have sticks and mud, so you can have your own stick in the mud." He didn't even bat an eye lash when he found out she was telepathic.

She paused and shook her head before she continued. " Oh! But Crewman you have me all wrong..." Her brow raised, but she was having a good time. He was giving her so much information about his personality, and he probably did not even realize it.
"I do, do I?  Prove it Ensign!" He bantered, "I don't think you even know what a joke is.  Four years in the Academy, I think it sucked the life right out of you!  Boot Camp on the other hand... now that was a blast!" He winked at her with a half grin.

" Funny, I didn't even realize they let children into the Academy. Looks like I was mistaken." She followed without missing a beat, then raised her other brow when he winked to her, " I am glad you found boot camp so enjoyable." Not like it mattered to her what he thought about it.
"Oh my dear Ensign Stick in the Mud, I never went to the Academy.  I was in and out of training before you could say 'Star Fleet'!" He grinned, "Why take four years when you just need three months?  Besides doesn't take an officer to run a ship or department!  We non-comm's are what makes the ship tick!"

" Tell me Crewman... You spent three months in training and came out of it with what position?"
"Oh touch√© mon Ensign Stick in the Mud.  I came out doing the job that you noses stuck in the air like your crap doesn't stink officers wouldn't know one second of being able to do!  I am 'the'," he emphasized the word, "yeoman!"

Now THAT, made her laugh, and laugh hard. " Yeoman!" She laughed so hard she snorted a little bit. " You spent three months in boot camp and came out of it the Captain's Bitch?!" Again with the laughter as she pretended to wipe a tear. 

The shuttle had come to a stop before she spoke so she was able to unhook herself and stand. " Have fun with that... Really..." She spun on her heal and started towards the exit. " See you around... Yeoman..."
Andrus felt the shuttle stop, "Ya know." he stated with a half grin, "Though I would advise you to keep your dirt wet, in fact," he got in his bag and pulled out a bottle of water and went to go hand it to her, "just in case the dirt starts to dry." He added.

" Oh no thank you Yeoman... Thats your job to the Captain... Not me..." She gave him a nod after she flung her bag over one shoulder. " Take care and try not to get that ego of yours bruised..." Giving him a wink she started down the hall towards the turbo lift.
He chased after her, "You didn't even give me your name Ensign.  And what ego?" he asked nonchalantly.

" My name is not important Crewman." Pausing as she waited for the lift. " And your ego is what makes your head so big...Maybe that's just your fluffy hair... I could be mistaken." Stepping in the lift she called for her deck, she had her quarters assigned before she arrived.
He watched her step in the lift, "I knew you like my hair!" He added right before the lift doors closed.  He knew she had hear him.
She just shook her head as the door closed.. There was no time to actually tell him that it looked more like some kind of dead animal then hair, lucky for him the doors closed before hand. Finally alone and off that shuttle she breathed a sigh of relief, in the morning she would report for duty.
Crewman Andrus Morganth
U.S.S. Charon


Ensign Vae Dwellon
U.S.S. Charon