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[USS Charon] SD 241101.29 || Joint Log || "Daycare" || CEO, Yeo || LtCmdr. Landon Neyes, Cwm. Andrus Morganth

=/\= Deck 9, USS Charon =/\=

Had it been any other day, Neyes wouldn't have set foot on this part of the ship for another few weeks. Deck 9 was a mess, and while the whole of the Charon had been completely recovered and repaired, there were areas of the ship that still needed a little TLC. Now, he walked intently down the corridor towards the brig, PADDs and tool kit in hand. It wasn't like Neyes to offer his personal approval of menial tasks, but a few of the command staff had suggested there was a certain new Yeoman who would benefit from some day to day labor, and if there was one thing Landon had too much of at this point, it was labor. Security had also suggested that Landon bring a weapon into the brig with him, if for nothing else to intimidate the young man, to which he'd simply nodded to ignore the suggestion. He'd seen the crewman's profile, there wasn't anything worth worrying about the joined Trill couldn't handle on his own.

With a little hum Landon walked into the brig and set down his tools on the control desk across from the holding cells. Their luminescent buzzing a constant reminder that there was a 'prisoner' being held here. Taking a quick glance at the young Betazoid, Neyes pursed his lips and took a few steps over to the field. He patted his hand against the containment field and it shocked a quick response.

"Wake up." Landon said, neither rude nor sweetly.

Andrus lay on the bed focusing. He had a ton of pent up energy and no outlet on which to use it. When Savant was last there, it caused him a great deal of anguish. Causing memories to flood back into his mind 
that were best left hidden, dormant, locked away for eternity. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, especially with the threat of 'contacting his family' it had made. He felt, more than heard the person come in.

The people on this vessel had a good knack of interrupting him when he was attempting to focus. Sitting up on the bed he opened his eyes to see a man in a gold collared uniform, a Trill none the less. Looking at the rank, "Commander, I was not sleeping," he answered his voice practically devoid of emotion. Almost Vulcan in nature by the intonation of the words, "I was focusing. Something that I was taught as a child on Betazed to help me rest. Many would call it meditation sir," he answered.

Turning back to the desk, Neyes took a moment to ready some of the tools they were going to need. "I didn't say you were sleeping. My statement had more meaning than that, and I think you understand." Landon was already bored. He had at least seven other more important things to be doing in regards to the ship. A young man's future, however, was at least something that merited a little attention. With a little sigh, he tried to remind himself of the humility he expected of himself. With a curt grin, Landon tapped a PADD into the palm of his opposite hand. "You're coming with me for a few hours. There are minor discrepancies in the ODN processing junctions on this deck and I need someone to come assist me. My crews are busy with more important tasks, and it seems you are free for whatever work is available."
He bit back a remark towards the Trill.  Standing up he stretched, his back turned to the Trill as he slipped his jacket on over his maroon shirt.  "Not to mean any disrespect Commander," he started turning to face the man, "won't you get into trouble for removing me from this cell?" He asked.  "I mean, I don't want you to jeopardize your career in Starfleet over a certifiable crewman." He commented with a small half grin.

"I really can't imagine the Captain will mind that I put you to some good use. As it is you're using up food an energy on her vessel, and I would make no mistake. This is her ship. Also everywhere we go will be isolated by force fields that I've preprogrammed to follow your bio signature. You'll be allowed to move in designated areas only." Neyes smiled and raised an eyebrow. "And really? My career? Starfleet is a honorable choice, but nothing more than a pass-time at this point. You should hardly be concerned about that, you have your own shit to deal with."

"I understand the precaution.  I assure you, you will not see me attempt to 'run away' as it were.  I have had several opportunities already.  I may be stupid, but I am not dumb."  The last words he moved his eyes downcast.  "I have had enough problems in my life.  A few more won't hurt."  He commented hoping the Commander would ignore or bypass the statement.

Landon took out a PADD and dropped the force field to Andrus' cell. "Here's the information you need. I assume you took Computer Dynamics at the academy, so you know all you need to. Anything else I can assist you with." He held out the device for the crewman to take and smiled a little. "She's creepy isn't she."
"Sir, I wear maroon for a reason.  I barely passed that course.  So, I will do my best."  Why was this Trill giving him a chance that only one other person on this vessel was doing and he was an officer at that.  Andrus looked at the man with a quizzical look on his face.  "Who?  The ship or the Queen of Hearts?" It was to late Andrus realized his slip up, "I uh meant the Captain."  He quickly covered accepting the device the Commander handed him.

"Savant." Landon replied, not looking up from his PADD.
"I would rather avoid discussing it.  That photonic..." He started but clamped his mouth shut.  He was already in enough trouble as it was.

"That's probably wise, since you know she's listening in on everything anyway." Neyes grinned a little bit. " Not that it matters, she doesn't really do anything about it other than compile data blocks and profiles about everyone. I've seen the encrypted files moving through the system, and she literally does it 24 hours a day. Doesn't stop me though, we have an agreement. At least I like to think we do." Neyes looked up from his PADD and sighed. "Alright let's go. The pathway we're looking for is in sub-junction 2467 beta along the tertiary ODN line. Section 26-A. It's not far from here.

"Did you choose the Charon or did they choose it for you?" Landon asked, as they walked. In truth there was little about the crewman that really held any interest for Landon. Since coming to the Charon he had decided that bonding with his crewmates would be something that came naturally along the course of his work with them. This trivial pursuit of meaning for Mr. Morganth was not only taking away his time, it was also clashing with this newly found philosophy. The Betazoid was, if he could manage it, going to be working at the Captain's Yeoman from this point forward. Meetings, personal itineraries and all those other things would be handled through him, and that meant they'd probably be unable to escape working together. It was in both their interests to put their best foot forward.

"I was assigned here Commander, as a Crewman we don't have the pleasure of requesting our placement on vessels or the like," the Betazoid responded following the Trill.

"When I joined Starfleet, it was around the same time I was joined. I almost quit immediately afterward. Had a lot of anger pent up about my family, about what had happened to me in lives that I didn't even know existed until just days before. All of a sudden I was a part of something that meant more to me than a rank. Unfortunately, without this uniform to hold me together I would have probably lost it. There's nothing like remembering the entire lifetimes of ten other people to put it all in perspective for you."

Andrus nodded as the Commander spoke.  The Trill was bordering on information that Andrus would rather not discuss.  Though any officer would have access to his personnel file would know that it was either he join Starfleet or he would institutionalized. "I would rather not remember anything about my past.  Why do you bring this up?" He asked internally getting frustrated that the Commander was attempting to 'buddy up' to him.

Neyes motioned that they had reached the access port for the repairs. "My point, crewman, is that we all have problems. It's because we all share some tragedy in that, we are able to help each other through it."
"With all due respect Commander, you have no idea about my past.  You have no idea what I went through.  Why would an officer want to help a Crewman out?  Enlisted personnel are barely worthy to be dirt under your feet.  Well at least this enlisted person," only minor body movements would indicate frustration and irritation.  A squeezing of the fist around the device, maintaining a distance from the Trill.  "Sir with all due respect, why do you care?" He asked with a hint of irritability in his voice.  Yes, the Trill didn't know better than to not feign caring or to not 'buddy up' to Andrus.  Yet he did get the Betazoid out of the cell.  Andrus wanted nothing more than to pretend that he actually cared about what the Trill was saying, yet a part of him did care...the other part didn't.  A constant struggle over which side would win.

"I don't, crewman. You should though. No one needs to know what you went through, because nobody is going to fix you. It's all on you." It was just a matter of fact, and the tone in the Chief Engineer's voice reflected the point. It wasn't about sympathizing, doubts or guilt, but it was about attitude. If Andrus couldn't understand why all this anger came so easily to him, then there probably wasn't any hope for him. Neyes' face never went from anything more than a passing interest in the man's work. "Alright, adjust the ODN network to diagnostic mode in this section and begin your work. I'll watch to make sure you don't completely destroy anything." Landon eyed the crewman's clenching grip on the hyper-spanner. Shaking his head, Landon sighed, "And relax, or you're going to break that."

"Then stop pretending you care Commander," the grip on the hyper-spanner increased yet Andrus voice did not go up in tone.  He did as the Commander instructed with little confidence, "Sir, it is for the best that I not relax my grip," the young Betazoid responded.

"I suppose you'd rather go back to 'meditating' then, Andrus." Landon laughed, a little.

The boy practically glared at the Trill, but quickly turned his head back to his work.  "I would rather not return to that cell.  I am just managing to cause more damage than good there.  However, if you would rather return me I will understand," his eyes on the ODN network trying his hardest not to destroy it.  The Trill, admittedly was getting on Andrus' nerves and it was taking every ounce of control Andrus had to not spit out what he really wanted to say, let alone attempt to seduce the Trill into a fight.

Landon watched as the kid practically shook with rage, his attempts to repair the ODN fault undermined by his own lack of control. With a little blow of air from his cheeks and a quick pat at his thighs, Neyes sat down on the ground a few feet away from where Andrus was working. It was the first real chance he'd had to not really do anything, and he was going to take advantage of it. A few minutes passed before he noticed the boy looking irritated and obviously not looking in his direction.

"What?" Landon asked.

"Nothing sir."  Andrus stated attempting to put all his focus on the ODN.

Neyes rolled his eyes. "I tried to impart my Septcentennial wisdom on you but you obviously don't give a shit, crewman. Now reroute the bi-coupling, ...yeah. Like that."

"You are absolutely right Commander.  I don't give a shit," his tone changed slightly completely ignoring looking at the Trill.  He rerouted the bi-coupling as instructed.  "Why impose your wisdom on me?  You did state you didn't care.  So why are you so worried Commander?" He asked his voice shaking as he tried to keep under control.
Neyes sat and stared at the crewman, his eyes flat and disinterested. "Finish your work. Half the people on this deck have had sonic shower malfunctions because of the error you're correcting. Mess it up and you can be responsible for the tragically fashion-less hairstyles that will result."

"Commander, this isn't my field of expertise.  I am trying to do the job right with little knowledge on how to do it.  Give me some time!" He said frustrated.
"Are you going to finish that or not?" Neyes asked. He didn't have time for this. It was a nice thought to try and help this guy understand a little more about being a part of a crew, but it obviously wasn't going to change anything overnight. Maybe it'd take a couple more nights in the boxy cell for this kid to get it, which Landon was a little more than fine with.

Andrus turned and glared at the Trill head on, "I am attempting to do my best sir," he said voice shaking.  "If you weren't so damned pushy, and actually gave a shit about this being done right.  You would try to help.  Again I remind you Commander I wear red, I am administrative, I do not have a specialty in this field.  Got that?"  He was attempting to calm himself down but the Commanders constant bickering wasn't helping, "Remember you came and got me.  You know your choices." Andrus had stopped with the formality.

Landon smirked, and in a calm voice addressed Andrus, "This is what you don't understand. I have about eleven other things I have going on while I sit here with you. If you can't handle something this small outside your comfortable skill set while a senior officer talks in your ear, the Captain is going to have you thrown out on your ass so quickly you won't even remember being here. I tried to ask you questions about yourself, and to tell you about me, and you refused to participate in either conversation. What do you think working under a Romulan commanding officer is like? From what I understand she's harsh, straightforward, expects her crew to perform at 150% 24 hours a day and is a hell of a lot more relaxed than a usual Romulan CO.

"I get you're situation better than you'll ever realize, Crewman. Get over this righteous, bitchy tortured routine and you'll do just fine. You've realigned that relay perfectly, which is why I haven't been helping. Give yourself more credit, but give me more attitude and I'll ask the Captain to transfer you into Engineering. See how you like working under my fine tutelage every day you're here."

"As you clearly saw, Commander," he took a breath to calm him, "If I can work under your nagging me and attempting to pretend you actually give a damn, who says I can't work under her.  Consider the facts Commander. I have no desire to work there-" he went to continue but was cut off by the Trill.

"I am understood?" Neyes said. A little tone entering his voice.

He set down the hypospanner, "No commander you are not understood," he stated after spending a few seconds attempting to compose himself before responding.  "I have no desire to share my life's events with you, nor do I particularly care to hear about yours.  You think you are better than I am because you are an officer and have more lifetimes under you than I ever will.  Thus you feel and succeeded in treating me like dirt underneath your feet.  Congratulations Commander on being exactly like the rest.  I commend you, I also pity you." he commented in almost a relaxed tone, only slight hints would show he was wearing what would commonly be called a mask.

"If I treated you like dirt I wouldn't be talking to you at all. You're not listening." Landon took the hyper-spanner off the floor and held it out, "Get back to work. There are 56 more of those relays, I expect all of them to be of the same quality as the first. You have one hour before the Ensign here," he motioned to the gold-collared security officer that had appeared a few minutes before, "takes you back to your cell. I need to return to real duties. This isn't your parent's house, Crewman. I'm not your baby-sitter, your caretaker, or your father and the Captain certainly isn't your mother. This is a starship where people die, and where other people rely on your ability to not behave like a snot-nosed little baby."

"Well Commander, lucky for them I am not in a position that requires me to make snap decisions on that subject now am I?  He asked the Trill sarcastically again biting his tongue as the Trill brought up his family.  He defiantly reached out for the hypospanner.

When Andrus reached out for the tool, Neyes closed his hand around it and pulled it back. With a clenched jaw, and a grunt, Landon's arm whirled across in front of the young Betazoid and smashed the hyper-spanner against the corridor's bulkhead. Ten pieces or so clattered across the wall and sprinkled over the floor, a little blood from the Commander's hand smeared where he pushed it. "Now! You'll complete the task with the Isolinear scanner in the tool kit I brought. It should only take you twice as long. I've killed too many people to put up with shit like this, and I slept EXACTLY 2 hours last night because the Captain needs this ship in top condition." Neyes was clenching his fists, doing his best to reign in his broken patience. A wave of discomfort passed over him as he realized he needed another hit of stims. Nausea blotted out his concentration and the sudden pain in his arm made him take a quick breath. He knew the crewman was just trying to prove to himself that he could be strong, but it was going to get him in a deep pile before his attitude did him any good.

Andrus stood up, there was no shocked look on his face, "I will do no such thing.  I am not some engineers mate you can order around.  I barely was able to complete that one.  I am not about to do it with an Isolinear scanner.  Nor do I care if you got two hours of sleep.  Poor pitiful Trill, trying to buddy up to a crewman Betazoid.  Sorry Commander, you do the work yourself.  This isn't my job, nor am I certified to do it."

"Shut it, Crewman! This is effortless work for you, and stop pretending otherwise. Get to work before I give you reason why you can't." Neyes practically hissed each word, the threat dripping from his suddenly hostile demeanor. He stared down the boy before slowly turning and walking away, giving the security officer a look that said 'you have a problem?' as he walked past.

He had had his last draw, "Give me a reason Commander!"  Andrus stated staring right at the back of the Trill.  "Just as I thought," he commented, his breathing rapid and his stance ready.

"Yeah. Ok, Crewman. You're scary. " Neyes said walking away.

From Landon's perspective it looked like Andrus didn't need a reason. He didn't say a word as he quickly removed himself from the issue, leaving the security officer to watch over the young crewman like a baby-sitter with a child. There wasn't any hope for that kid, at least nothing within Neyes' power right then and there. Andrus would need some serious mental treatment if he ever hoped to accomplish anything on the ship. His head pounding, Neyes rounded the first corner and popped a stim from inside his shirt sleeve. The nausea subsided, and the pain faded out, so he quickly breathed a little sigh of relief and tried to forget the events of the last 15 minutes.

"That kid would piss on his own birthday cake." Landon thought aloud.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Landon Neyes
Chief Engineer, USS CHARON
Crewman Andrus Morganth