Monday, January 24, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241101.24 | Joint Brig Log | Part I | Savant, COP/2XO & Cwm Morganth, Yeoman

=/\= Brig =/\=

Andrus lay on the bed; many would consider this a sign of boredom. For him, it wasn't, in fact he was doing quite the opposite. He was 'focusing', he had grown somewhat restless and need a way to get rid of the pent up energy that coursed through his body. It had only been a few hours since the
Ambassador had come to visit him, and he still had the uncontrollable urge to hit something.

The doors opened after an indeterminate amount of time - the brig was not a busy place, but always started getting a trickle of traffic after it started getting occupants. Especially something like this - a new yeoman telling off the ship's Captain? Indescribable! Rumors were already beginning to circulate. And
this, in fact, was why Savant was here.

She was doing her best to present a smooth surface - she had in fact dedicated a great deal of effort into looking utterly human. Her holoprojectors were running at full capacity, and as a result there was nothing physical that could be spotted that would differentiate her avatar from a living, breathing
person. She was perhaps a little tall for a human, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Of course, however, Andrus had the mental skills of one with Betazoid heritage, and this would indeed present an unusual fact on the matter. Savant, to him, was a stone wall, utterly unreadable. Were it not for the fact that there were a number of human-looking species who could not be read, it would have
given the game away. For the moment, she hoped that he would assume it was such. Odds were in her favour in that regard, at least.

Savant strolled calmly to the Brig security station, picked up a chair, and brought it to sit beside Andrus's cell. She sat and waited, seeming content to let him continue his meditation until it was finished and he had regained some semblance of rest.

The opening of the doors was just enough to pull Andrus out of 'focusing' however he did not let on that it had done such. He opened his eyes barely enough, so that the other person wouldn't know that he was coherent. He remained this way for several minutes, testing to see how long this new person would take before they interrupted him; he had pulled this stunt with the guards earlier when they attempted to provide him with just basic sustenance. Of course the joke was on them and he got a good laugh out of the ordeal.

This one, whoever she was, was not in the same grade as they, however - she seemed to have a Vulcan's patience. She sat, relatively motionless, as if in a meditation of her own. He would not have known that a full hour had passed, as he hadn't a clock to go on. His visitor remained.

Andrus finally gave in, this new person whoever she was, was not an easy cookie to crumble. This frustrated him even more, if he could get under Lamont's skin and just about everyone else's skin...why not this one. He opened his eyes and sat up, "What the hell do you want?" he asked her gruffly.

She glanced over at the Yeoman with a sideways smile, her expression mild. Her voice was tuning-fork sonorous. "You certainly seem to be having a bad first day. I have to hand it to you, it takes guts to stand up to a Captain like that on your first day."

"Your point being?" he asked her not yet sending out a telepathic nudge to try to determine this person's reason for being here. "Besides, what concern is it of yours what I may have done or not done to that veruul known as the Queen of Hearts?"

She smirked and laughed at his fire - Basic Training hadn't taught him a thing, had it? Savant continued with amusement, "My point is that you have made a big splash, and it may not be a good thing for your long-term future in Starfleet.  My concern is fairly basic - I don't like seeing someone suffer the wrath of a commanding officer for pointing out the truth - as impolitic as it may have been."

She tilted her head and added gently, "You *do* know that, even though your job description doesn't include cleaning, refusing a direct order is grounds for dismissal, yes?"

"Aren't we just Miss Obvious!" he stated sliding off the bed and standing, ensuring that all articles didn't show any unwanted scars. He had had enough of her games and sent a gentle telepathic nudge towards her only to find that there wasn't anything there. This surprised him, "I could care less what it grounds for. I will not be treated like dirt under someone's feet. Besides, what in your little mind makes you think that I want a future in Starfleet under a veruul's command?" he asked this entity.

She continued to smile, evenly and calmly, as she rose from her chair and walked to the security desk. When she returned she held a PADD in one hand. "I see." She said as she tabbed the brig's security field controls. The force field between them dropped, and she stepped inside. She held out the PADD to him,
unconcerned with him "making a break for it" or doing anything rash. There was literally nowhere to escape to out in space, after all.

He eyed her as the field went down, "Why do I want that?" he asked her. He looked down at the debris that currently littered the floor of the first padd that was given to him earlier, he eyed the padd again, "You have got to be kidding me. You really are ignorant. Enlisted, standard required amount of service time is four years. By my calculations I have three years and a little less than six months left! Get that thing out of my face before it ends up like its companion here!" He stated looking down at the debris.

She was somehow able to keep her even disposition despite his belligerence. "I thought that you might like to take the opportunity to transfer to some nice planetary installation where you can get away from the people you work with, instead of being bottled up with the same crew for the next several months or years. But, alright. I can fill it in for you. Do mind, however, that based on current performance, I am forced to transfer you to a stockade facility. Would you prefer Earth, Vulcan, or Alpha Centauri?"

He quickly grabbed the padd out of her hand and threw it against the wall; the debris joined its companions on the ground. "You stupid piece of whatever the hell you are! I can't request a dismissal or a transfer. Of course you being of no rank and of little mind Miss Obvious, would have known
that if you bothered to do your research! So no you can't be Miss Obvious; more like Miss Ignorant!"

She didn't seem particularly offput by his violence, just amused. "Hm. Well, I can certainly transfer you to the stockade. It appears that you don't have what it takes to be part of a ship's crew; you barely seem to have any control over yourself whatsoever. Can you provide me with any reason why we should keep you around?"
Crewman Andrus Morganth
Captain's Yeoman (For Now)
U.S.S. Charon