Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241101.18 | Joint Duty Log | Part III | Ens Dwellon, CNS & Cwm Morganth, Yeoman

"Battle of Wits"
He sat down the blood on his hands dried, "Do what everyone else does.  Leave.  I told you didn't want to know me or be around me."  He felt a small emotion from her, more like a thought.  "Why?  Why did you show me those marks?  What is your real name?"  He asked his questions, his body posture showed her to not come near him though.  He didn't want her to leave, or at least a part of him didn't.
She would not go near him, no, not till she was sure he was ok with her healing his hands. " I showed you them because I saw yours... I assumed someone had hurt you... I wanted you to see that someone had hurt me to... So... I thought it would help you to understand that I was not trying.... But that I actually know... What it is like... " Leaning back against the wall she looked at the ceiling, " My name is Vae.... Vae Dwellon..."
He had been the one to injure himself, but had he told her that she would have placed him on a psychological leave for further evaluation.  "Nice to meet you Ensign Dwellon.  Andrus Morganth, but you already knew that." he he gave a half smile, in the hopes it would change the tension in the cell.  "No one person hurt me per se.  Besides, if I told you what 'really' happened, you would have me out of here in a heart beat and sitting in some medical facility."  He answered her.
" If Starfleet knew half the things that happened to me I am sure I would be placed in the very same facility Andrus." Wow, she used his first name. " Plus... Everything that is said within a session is confidential and between myself and said patient. Starfleet only sees what I decide to place in that report... And they only see what my prognoses is... If I have not placed myself into a facility... And you have not yet been placed into a facility by anyone... Then you can be pretty sure that the chances of that happening are pretty slim...Unless you give further reason to go into such a facility that is... And I have not seen a reason thus far." Good, he seemed to be calming down, one step closer in the right direction.
"Sure you have," he looked down at his hands, "Why are you here?" he asked her, "By that I mean why did you lock yourself in here with me?"  His first evaluation he had with a Starfleet psychologist went pretty smoothly.  He didn't care for the guy, and he had managed to keep his 'marks' hidden the entire time.
" I couldn't very well leave you here with a broken hand now could I? I may be a counselor by trade... But I am still a trained Doctor..." She shook her head and reached down for the medkit. " Now.... Are you ready for me to set that properly? Any longer and you are looking to lose the use of both your hands... I know you would hate to be unable to do your job." Finally, she smiled to him, and instead of being sly, or a snicker, or a joking smile, it was a true, genuine, smile.
"This isn't the first time I have broken my hands, nor will it be the last," He watched her go for the medkit, "Don't!" He stated.  "Both my hands are broken," he could tell having broken them before.  "Nor will I loose my hands over this.  Besides not like I have much of a job as it is with the Queen of Hearts trying to make me her personal man-slave!  So I imagine I will be spending a lot of time in here.  Just like boot camp."
She rolled her eyes as he told her to stop, " I will not leave here until I have mended those hands of yours... So, one way or another... I am leaving here with your hands healed. -- May not be the first time... But you could very well lose the use of them, should the bones fuse the wrong way... Specially the first one... More then one shattered bone in there..." There was a long silence before she spoke again. " You are right... You just pissed her off... But at the same time... She is the Captain... Though I do feel you were within your rights not to clean the mess off her floor... "
"She is a Captain by rank only.  Undeserving of those four gold pips that sit on her neck.  I don't care if I pissed her off or not.  She is a child in an adults costume," he was surprised that Vae agreed with him on not cleaning up the mess the Captain made, "Per Starfleet duty description, my job is: as yeoman, I am the personal assistant of the Commanding Officer, I preform secretarial and clerical work as well as deal with visitors, communications, and inquiries.  I coordinate departmental records and supplies as well as prepare official departmental memoranda, directives, forms, reports, and briefings," he stated almost verbatim from the text.  "No where in there does it state I am to be a man-slave.  Nor do I desire to have my hands mended.  That medkit does not have all the equipment you will need to fix my hands.  I know, I've tried.  The most you will be able to do Ensign is use the dermal regenerator on me to heal the open wounds.  Then of course, by all accounts I can be deemed psychological unfit due to the recording this cell is currently taking of our conversation.  Unless of course..." he stopped, 'That recording was deleted',' he projected to her telepathically so as to not be deemed as attempting treason or tampering with equipment.
" Well..." She looked down at the medkit and then up to his eyes. ' You let me heal your hands with the proper equipment... I will see about..... That recording...'. She projected back to him, her expression showed him she was up to no games.
He nodded, "Then I guess you will have to get those buffoons back in here to 'escort' me to sickbay."  He calmly suggested.  "Then once that is done, maybe, I will talk more." He offered, "On the understanding that what I discuss with you... remains confidential. "
" It would be safer I go get the needed devise and return shortly. If you were to head down to Sickbay they would ask questions as to how it happened while you were in the brig... And that would leave us back at square one.... " She paused before she nodded and gave him a wink. " As I mentioned before. All sessions are confidential... I divulge as only the information that is needed to be given... Nothing as to how I came to get such information or conclusion."
"No games!" He said.
She shook her head as she stood. " No games..." She looked over to the guards who was just now coming into the room. " I will be returning in a few moments to re-evaluate him...." Stepping through the deactivated shield before it was activated again she looked back at him. " I'll be back shortly..."
Ensign Vae Dwellon
USS Charon
Crewman Andrus Morganth
U.S.S. Charon