Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241101.18 | Joint Duty Log | Part IV | Ens Dwellon, CNS & Cwm Morganth, Yeoman

"Battle of Wits"
The End
"What the hell happened here Ensign?"  The guard asked seeing Andrus' hands and the blood on the walls and floor.
"Shut it you ignorant old man!  Or I will shut it for you!"  Andrus responded, his cocky attitude right back in place as if nothing had happened.
Vae looked over to the cell and then to the guard. " Unfortunately.... I am unable to tell you what happened... There is a certain confidentiality clause that I must adhere to as I counselor... Before I forget..." She moved over to the desk panel and reactivated the camera, taking the medkit from the desk was not the only thing she did while she was behind there. " Again... I shall return to re-evaluate him... "
Andrus watched Vae leave the brig, "So old man, still want to dance?" he asked antagonizing the same guard that he almost got into it with before Vae arrived.
"You can't do anything pipsqueak.  Look at yourself.  Barely able to move your hands and you are still wanting to fight me."
"Sure why not old man.  Afraid I might win!  Tell ya what, if I can beat you.  You let me out of here.  If you can beat me, I stay here.  Sound good?"  Andrus asked instigating the old man.
"You would end up in sickbay in a coma Crewman.  Especially with how bad I would hurt you and the 'precious' little head of yours."  The guard sneered.  "Better yet, how about I just stun your sorry ass that way I don't have to deal with your obnoxious voice."  The guard went to grab for his phaser.
The guard would barely have time to get his hand on his phaser before he would feel a slender, smaller one wrap around his wrist, twist his arm against his back and his face pushed into the top of his desk to restrain him. " You were not about to raise your phaser against an unarmed, incarcerated man were you? Tisk Tisk Tisk... It is your job to watch the prisoner, not to let them get to you... You understand?"  She asked the man and then looked to his partner letting him know she spoke to him as well.
She had already went to Sickbay to sign out the Osteo-Regenerator, it was not a very far trek. " Do you understand?" She asked again. The camera was focused on the cells, so none of this could be recorded, even though, she was protecting a defenseless man.
The guard was shocked out how strong the female was, his face implanted on the desk in front of him, "He's cocky and needs to be put in his place Ensign!" he said struggling to get out of her hold while the other guard stood there and shook his head.
Andrus on the other hand sat there and laughed, "Poor old man getting beat up by a girl.  If she can beat you up... I definitely know I can!"
"Shut YOUR MOUTH boy!  Or I will shut it for you!" The guard yelled and struggled to get out of Vae's grasp.
"Big words for such a small man!"  Andrus teased some more.
" I've heard enough... " She spoke over both of the men, " You!" She shook the man in her grasp, " Shut up and deal with it... You are here to guard the prisoners not phaser them... I ask again... Do you understand?" Her voice was firm as she asked, her eyes looking to Andrus and warning him not to say another word.
"Yes Ensign.  I understand."  He said begrudgingly.  The other guard shook his head in agreement.
"I apologize Ensign," the other guard started, "he's usually not like this.  That's no excuse though.  I will leave you with the prisoner.  If you need anything we will be right out there," he pointed at the doors and grabbed the other guy.  "Keep your mouth shut Charles.  She out ranks you."  He warned as they left the room.
Andrus watched as best he could as the guards left.  "Wow, you are one tough cookie!"  Andrus smirked with half a grin.
She waited for them to leave before she chuckled and moved towards the cell and disabled the shield stepping in and activating it again. " I kind of have no choice be tough.... " She sat next to him on the bed and motioned towards his hands, the osteo-regenerator ready. " But, I can thank my Vulcan side for my strength."
"Don't touch me," he didn't yell or pull back, it was more of a reminder.  "Well don't forget your Betazoid side either.  Where you ever taught how to focus?" he asked her watching her hands to make sure they didn't touch him.
" Just place them on the bed then..." She waited for him to do so before using the osteo-regenerator to fix his right had first. Taking her time to make sure she got everything. " I was taught to place up mental blocks which protect my mind from free thoughts as well as from anyone looking to invade my mind.... I can also control who hears my thoughts... And when I want them to be free thoughts."
He did as instructed, as he sat on the ground by the bed, his sleeves of both his long sleeve shirt and jacket went up a bit.  More scars could be seen, not many but they were there on both arms.  "Well any telepath is capable of that Ensign."  He reminded her.
" You mean what Vulcan's go through to purge all emotion?" She looked at him and shook her head, " Never... It would be much to hard for me to do... Being Betazoid I find we were meant to feel our emotions... We are a very emotional race... To rob myself of that option would be a bit of a contradiction of who I am."
Finishing with the osteo- she then moved to the dermal regenerator and went to work on the soft tissue.
"No, Betazoids have an ability to focus.  Much like Vulcans, but we don't purge ourselves of emotion.  It is more like the ability to endure more, such as pain.  Stay awake longer, or help use to focus our thoughts.  It also helps to reinforce our mental blocks."  He added, 'Speaking of which did you disable the camera?' he asked her telepathically.
' No. It is reactivated now. I will be arranging for a meeting with you in my office, where there are no camera aloud.' Finishing up his hands she sat back and looked them over, satisfied with the job. He would feel a lingering pain, however his strength would return in a few days. " There... All done...-- I never formally trained to focus... Though I do believe that I unintentionally did it growing up... As a way to protect myself from being attacked from those who saw me as a monster."
Hearing about the camera being on, he would not relinquish any personal information, especially about his past.  "Ensign, I didn't flinch at the pain."  He reminded her.  He thought someone who was trained to listen and observe would have noticed that.  "At least I know I am still alive.  Unlike that buffoon out there who if he attempts to threaten me again, will wish he was dead!" His attitude back in place, his voice raised just loud enough for the man outside the doors to hear him.

" You know it is hard for me to clear you for duty if you do not behave at least to some extent... Try not to make that task too difficult to accomplish please..." She shook her head as she packed up the medkit and placed the Osteo-regenerator in her pocket for safe keeping until she could return it.
"Me behave?" He smirked, "I am a perfect little angel!  Just ignore those devil horns.  They are holding up my halo."  He commented.
Again her head shook as she chuckled to herself a little " You are simply impossible..." She stood and called for the guards to come and let her out. " I will be in contact with you about a more formal session.... Don't get yourself shot in the time being."
Walking out of the cell and pausing once the field activated. Turning to look at him a moment, " And don't go ruining my hard work on those hands of yours... I would not be very happy." Were really her final words as she then started towards the door.
"I can't make any promises Ensign.  Sorry."  He answered truthfully.
She paused and turned to him, " I know... But I know you can also try..." She nodded, " Good day Crewman..." Was her goodbye as then she was gone towards her office.
Ensign Vae Dwellon
USS Charon
Crewman Andrus Morganth
U.S.S. Charon