Monday, January 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.17 - Joint Log "Lamont Syndrome" - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu & Crewman Andrus Morganth

[USS Charon]

A work-bee glided past the window and Shiarrael lifted her glass of rhennish toasting the ugly looking machine as it went by.  The Charon was nearing launch and slowly the mess was beginning to take the form of a starship.  "Can I continue on like this?"  She wondered as images of her parent's heads flashed into her mind.  When they arrived at Romulus she would do her job- but she had also determined that she would find the person responsible for her parent's death and bring them a taste of bitter revenge.  She took another sip the violet liquid that matched the color of her eyes as she watched a second ugly bee make its way past the lounge window.

[Docking Bay]

Andrus had just arrived at the docking bay.  A short five foot five inch, seventeen year old crewman.  Barely out of Basic Training.  He had just found out about his placement on the U.S.S. Charon as a yeoman three days ago.  Lifting his bag over his shoulder he made his way to the bridge.  He knew nothing about the Charon or her crew.  As he came up to the ready room, he pressed the chime, his black eyes taking in everything he could.

When the doors opened a young technician stood in the door way looking a bit roughshod as he stared at the crewman "sorry but the ready-room is out of service for the moment."  The loud sound of hammering could be heard behind him.

Andrus looked at the Technician, "Oh.  Where can I find the Captain?" He asked.

"Computer where is the Captain?" The technician asked looking up at the ceiling lights.

"The Captain is currently in the crew lounge."  A feminine voice replied.

"Lounge."  The technician said and then stepped back into ready-room to finish his work.

"Thank you," Andrus replied before turning around and making his way to the lounge.  When he entered he noticed a Romulan female wearing the rank pips of a captain.  Pulling his orders out of his bag, he approached her, "Excuse me Captain?" he asked.

Shiarrael turned her head to look at the man.  She set her glass of rhennish down on a side table before she addressed him "can I help you with something" she glanced at the rank insignia on his uniform "crewman?"

He presented his orders to the Captain, "Crewman Andrus Morganth, reporting for duty as ordered.  I am to report to fill the position of yeoman sir."

"Yeoman?"  She eyed him cautiously- young with those black he?

"Yes sir," he responded waiting for her to take the padd with his orders on it.

She was startled for a moment but then accepted the PADD and glanced down at it.  Shiarrael's eyes narrowed at the information.  So he is Betazoid.  They have sent another mind reader to watch me?  She looked at Andrus "welcome aboard the Charon yeoman.  Please see the quartermaster to be assigned a room and I will discuss this assignment with you later."

"Captain, I am not here to 'watch' you." He stated clearly having not probed the Romulan's mind.  "I am here as instructed.  If you would like sir, I will request a different assignment." He commented succinctly.

Her eyes narrowed further "no- I have nothing to hide.  From a child no less."  She frowned, picked up her glass of rhennish and took a deep sip.  Shiarrael then pointed at the seat across from her "sit down.  Want a glass?"  She held up the bottle and shook it at him "so what brings a child to join Starfleet?"

Andrus sat down as instructed, "No thank you," he responded to the liquid.  "Captain, I am not a child.  Yes I may be seventeen.  Fresh out of boot camp, but I am here because I choose to be here.  No fancy stories like I have heard from officers.  No parents having been great hero's of the Federation.  No family having served in any capacity in the Federation.  I am here because I 'want' to be here.  My age has nothing to do with my capabilities Captain.  Nor do I appreciate being called a 'child'." He stated calmly and matter-of-factly, "You are well within your rights to refuse me service aboard this vessel, let alone a vessel that needs her Captain."  

He took a breath his blond hair and black eyes were in stark contrast to each other.  "I'm not sure why the assigned me a ship with someone who has a blatant disrespect for people like myself.  No disrespect intended Captain.  I speak my mind when appropriate, and I don't candy-coat things.  I would appreciate the same in return.  I don't actively seek out probing other peoples thoughts and I certainly don't care to know everything you think of me.  I am a damned good crewman.  I am certified in hand to hand combat as well as that of fire arms and various weapons of different cultures."  He was mildly irritated that she had called him a child.  "Call me insubordinate if you want, reprimand me if you will.  But sir, I would never intentionally disrespect your rank and authority, let alone your person.  Especially since I don't even know you sir."

"I am nearly seventy years old- many of this crew are children in comparison crewman."  Shiarrael lightly shook the drink and stopped to watch the violet liquid cascade across the rocks of ice "I don't care about family lineage and I do not care about age."   "Child," she said adding a bit of emphasis simply to irritate the young man "I only care about one thing- and that one thing is 'can this fool do the job he was assigned.'"  She stared at him "I don't mean to be rude, it is simply my nature, if your skin is so thin that even a blade of breath can slice it, you should not be here.  You should not be in that uniform."

Cupping the glass between her hands she leaned forward "now, what have you done that deserves my respect crewman other then stepping aboard my ship?  Do not mistake me.  I am not fond of mind readers.  Such bothersome creatures your kind can be, however, I do not disrespect your people, entirely.  The Charon's Executive Officer is half betazoid and vulcan bastard.  I do respect her."

"Your age, no matter how young or ancient you may or may not be has no baring on the matter.  As far as 'can I do the job', I wouldn't be here if I couldn't Captain," he put a slight sarcastic tone to the word Captain, "I don't play mind games.  I don't care for them either.  If you are attempting to 'scare' me, seek someone else out." He watched her, a part of him wanted to probe her mind, but it went against the very nature of his culture.  He refused to bend to her lack of common courtesy.  "It's called 'common courtesy', simply put.  I would suspect a Romulan would be familiar with the metaphor associated with assuming?" He asked a small hint of a smile spread across his face.

"You may be skillful at irritating me Captain, but you aren't as scary as what you make yourself out to be.  Had that been the case, I would not be here right now.  I sure as hell wouldn't have signed up for Star Fleet.  You say it is in your nature to be rude, Captain you can't be more wrong!  As for your executive officer, obviously you don't have that much of a problem with what you deem 'mind readers' especially if she stands by your side.  If you did have a problem with them as 'bothersome' as you call us, she would not be your executive officer.  Most respect is earned, common courtesy respect is given until it is proven that said person or persons are no longer deserving of said respect.  So I ask you sir, what have I done to you to not warrant some common courtesy?"

"You're quite brave to come in here and lecture me crewman."  Shiarrael leaned back in her seat "you are my yeoman correct.  Well then."  She grabbed the bottle of rhennish, popped off the cork, and then tipped it over spilling the remaining contents all over the lounge carpeting.  The violet liquid quickly began to bleed into the grey fabric.  Her eyes flared as she looked up at the crewman "I expect this stain to be cleaned thoroughly.  When you finish come see me- otherwise stay out of my sight until this is clean."  She stood up, turned around, and headed towards the steps leaving her half empty glass behind.

He watched the liquid absorb into the fabric, "Perhaps Captain you should refresh your knowledge on what a yeoman is exactly.  A yeoman doesn't clean up after a Captains blatant disrespect for their vessel." He got up and moved away from the wet fabric, "I am not your slave Captain, nor will I be treated as one." He sighed slightly, "The Captain didn't like the cold hard truth, so the Captain threw a fit.  Seems a bit childish Captain, especially for one as old as you claim to be."

"When you finish cleaning the mess come see me.  Maid or not you have your orders crewman.  Do not present yourself in front of me unless that spot is clean."  She spoke as she made her way down the spiral staircase towards the mess.

He smiled as she started down the staircase, "You know Captain, you really are a childish creature.  Seventy years old... and can't handle the truth.  I don't have to 'present' myself to you.  You know your options Captain, decide whether or not you want someone who can do the job that they have been assigned to.  One who isn't afraid of a Romulan," as he stood there his five foot five inch frame followed the Captain, "when you decide that you actually either want me as a part of your crew or not let me know.  There are plenty of things I can do in the meantime, which doesn't include being your man-slave.  Perhaps Star Fleet Command would like to hear about this incident, no sweat off my back.  What's it to be Captain?"  His cockiness showing a stubbornness that even Boot Camp couldn't break him of.
This boy was a younger version of Ambassador Lamont.  "Elements pity me" Shiarrael whispered as she twisted around to face the stalker.  "Yes, you are right.  There are plenty things you can do in the meantime."  She pressed her commbadge "security- there is a young fool in the mess hall harassing me.  Please escort him to the brig for the time being and run a thorough background check."  She smirked maliciously at the crewman "now, if I decide I actually want you, I may release you from the brig.  Until then, welcome aboard this ship."  As she turned to walk out several yellow-shirts entered the mess.  She simply cocked her head towards the crewman to indicate the offender and left.

Andrus smiled "Where to boys?" He asked clearly having had served time in solitary confinement when he was in Boot Camp as the security officers lead him towards the brig.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Crewman Andus Morganth
Captain's Yeoman
USS Charon