Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241101.18 | Joint Duty Log | Part II | Ens Dwellon, CNS & Cwm Morganth, Yeoman

"Battle of Wits"

Her eyebrows came together as she input her code to take down the force field and threw a PADD she had brought with her onto the bench next to him. " When you are ready to open your eyes and perhaps speak to me as if the Universe was not against you.... Contact me through that PADD..." She spun on her heal. " Good Day Crewman."

Entering her code she once again enabled the field and started towards the exit.  No, he would not get her clearance today. Perhaps another day. Then, he was alone in his thoughts. Left to pester the guards again.
He grabbed the padd and threw it against the wall, causing it to shatter into several tiny pieces.  "As I told the Queen of Hearts, and I am telling you.  Make your decision.  Either way no sweat off my back.  You officers are all the same, think your high and mighty because you spent four years at the precious academy.  Go to hell Ensign whatever your name is.  Weren't even brave enough to tell me your name when first met."  He slammed his fist into the wall shattering his knuckles, he shook it off as blood splattered everywhere that it could.  "Good day to you indeed!" He laid on the bed his hand throbbing, his legs crossed.

She stopped as she could hear him clearly in the hall. Moving back into the brig as she looked to the two officers on duty, her glaring red eyes told them to get out. And that they did, leaving her alone in the brig with him. She grabbed the medkit which was in the desk and deactivated the field so she could get in. Closing it behind her as she slammed the kit down on the deck in front of him.
A small but strong hand gripped his collar and pulled him to look into her eyes, " Crewman. It is very obvious there is lots for you to learn about officers.... We are never alike... Never the same... We all come from different stories... Some have come from hell and do not need to go back... No... Do not need to go back... Now.. You will shut the hell up and sit your ass down while I fix your fucking hand.... Do you understand?"
God if he did not know better she could snap his neck if he was not careful. However, she did not, instead she forced him to sit so she could gently take his hand and look over it.
He shoved her hand off of his collar, his black eyes glared into hers, "Do. Not. Touch. Me." he said through gritted teeth as he pushed himself away from her.  "I don't need nor want your sympathy Ensign." He glared at her as his nostrils flared, his breathing rapid and fierce.  "Don't you ever touch me again!  No one, no one touches me!" he yelled.  He swiveled his body away from her, as he went to flip to the other side of the cell, and nearly collapsed as pain shot through his hand and up through his arm.  "Do you understand me Ensign?" He said as he backed himself against the same wall he punched.
" Oh... Crewman... I understand you more then you think I do..." Still she looked into his eyes, her expression was now far from the anger she showed when she first walked into. No, not at all. He was finally showing progress, she something within her made her finally understand one reason why he's so reserved. " Someone hurt you.... Someone Hurt you bad.... Didn't they Crewman?"
She paused and held out her hands to him, " I wont hurt you... Even as angry as I was... I did not hurt you... And you know I could have..." He almost looked like a scared animal.
"No one hurt me Ensign!" Of course it was a defensive lie.  One that he was not about to share with her.  "Leave me alone!" He yelled at her again, "Go bother someone else!"  He raised his other hand and slammed it into the wall, causing the same damage he had down to his right hand.  "If you even touch that medkit, so help me it will look just like that damn padd over there!"  He showed no sign of cradling his hands.  The rested at his side, swollen and unable to form a fist.  The blood dripped down and began to pool on the floor and on his boots.
" Look at how defensive you are Crewman... Someone hurt you..." She sat on the cot in the cell and looked over to him. " I am not going anywhere... Not till you let me heal those self inflicted wounds you have there... Which would not be there if I did not strike some kind of cord with you....We can do this the easy way... You can come take a seat, I can fix your hands and we can talk... or... Well I suppose that is your only option at this point."
"You are not touching me.  No one is!"  He stood his ground, his eyes glaring at her.  His shirt had come un-tucked, and if one looked close enough, would see scars that ran on his abdomen.  "My option is to stay where I am.  Give me one good reason to talk to you 'Ensign'?" he asked emphasizing her rank with almost a sneer like attitude.
" Because..." Slowly she removed her tunic and underneath the t-shirt was not as covering as the uniform tunic. " I know exactly where you are coming from.... And why no one is touching you...." Her right upper was nothing but a purple scar, a burn. On her left arm, there was three scars which were on her forearm. She would not remove her t-shirt, however, one could tell that the burn scar did not end at her shoulder, and that more scars were hidden.
"You have no idea where I am coming from Ensign, none.  Do not try to empathize with me."  He attempted to pull his shirt back down, but couldn't move his fingers at this point.  "How dare you try!"  He was furious at her for trying, but the endorphins that were coursing through his body helped to real in the anger, "If you even want to consider the remote possibility of empathizing with me, perhaps you should have thought of that when you walked in by, giving me a name!  Since you seem to know so much about me.  Tell me Ensign, what is your prognosis?"
" I have a name... Ensign Stick in the Mud. Since you seem to enjoy calling me that..." She started to slip back into her tunic, it was useless. He was too far gone into his reservations, and her confidence was already beaten down. Even breaking down to try and show him she was hurt as well did not seem to work. She NEVER showed those scars to anyone, and now it was all for nothing. " I have no prognosis for you Crewman... It is obvious there is no need for me to still be here."
Ensign Vae Dwellon
USS Charon
Crewman Andrus Morganth
U.S.S. Charon