Thursday, January 13, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.13 - Plot Log "Crossroads"

OOC: Okay- everyone make your way to the ship.  I have tossed out several starters and will be sending out more when I get back from class today. 


A console flickered on a faraway colony.  As the young office forced himself from the warmth of the bed he slowly sauntered over to the wall console in his bed room.  Rubbing sleep from his eyes he pressed the screen on and read the following message as it scrolled across in bright red lettering:


You are hereby ordered to drop all activities and immediately head to the Vulcan system where you are to report to Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu, Commanding Officer, USS Charon.  The USS Charon will depart in three days on emergency assignment.  By Order of the Commander in Chief of Starfleet and the President of the United Federation of Planets.

Two days later...

[Orbit of T'Khet]

Bathed in the crimson light of Vulcan's sister planet the Charon loomed ahead of the shuttle like a bloody orb.  Shiarrael stood next to the pilot, her hands gripping the armrest as the shuttle curved around and moved towards the Charon's shuttle bay that was nestled on the ship's tail just beyond a short landing strip. 

The shuttle dipped and a workbee passed over head- dozens of them were swarming the ship like tiny parasites.  Their blinking strobe lights flashed all over the hull, the scene was almost mesmerizing. 

"USS Charon this is the shuttle Tiburon from the USS Quantum Fury requesting docking clearance."  The pilot spoke.  Shiarrael kept her eyes on the scene as they moved nearer to the Charon.

"Tiburon this is Charon- you are cleared to dock, however, please be aware of debris littering the shuttle bay.  Charon out." 

With those words the shuttle bay doors slowly extended.  Inside the cubicle of light was a tiny hive of activity that slowly grew as they got closer.  From the Charon's tail a blue light reached out and grabbed the shuttle;  the tractor beam carefully guided them through the protective forefield and into the cluttered bay.  Technicians were scrambling below them to remove different object from the flight deck.  The shuttle finally settled down as the last remaining obstruction was removed to give them room.

[USS Charon]

The rear hatch hissed and slid open a diminutive woman stood at the doorway.  The last few inches of her raven hair were casually draped over the grey shoulders of the Starfleet uniform and piercing violet eyes offset the olive tinge of her flesh as the stern faced woman glanced about.  Finally, Shiarrael made her way down the plank and was immediately greeted by a waiting yeoman who looked pleased to see her.  He shifted several PADDs that he had nestled beneath his right armpit and held one out to her "welcome back Captain!  These are the status reports.  Currently the Charon is operating at sixty percent.  The ship was in the middle of refit when the orders came.  Lieutenant Neyes has been working feverishly to get the ship launch worthy."

"Good."  Shiarrael said, her tone bare and abrasive.  What a mess, she thought as her eyes circled the shuttle bay.  Dozens of crates, panels, and other equipment littered the floor.  "Please find Ensign Korialis, I need to speak with her, and inform the crew there will be a meeting in cargo bay two in an hour.  All available personnel are to attend."

"Uh..Sir, the cargo bay is currently cluttered with equipmen..."

"I don't care what has to be done.  That bay will be cleared by the end of the hour."  Her eyes narrowed at the yeoman who nodded his head and quickly made his way into the adjacent corridor.  Shiarrael simply shook her head.

One hour later...

[USS Charon, Cargo Bay 2]

Shiarrael looked bemused as she made her way through the now cramped corridor.  The normally spacious hall was now littered with crates and boxes on both sides forming a narrow walk way that was only fit for a single person.  The expression must have startled the yeoman who suddenly looked apprehensive as he watched the Captain enter the recently emptied cargo bay.  Dozens of officers and crewmen had lined themselves into rows.  Unfortunately many were still missing- of an original compliment of 350 crew the Charon currently held less than 150.  With the departure of many personnel there were additional holes in the roster.   Hopefully more would arrive before the departure tomorrow.  "Or we will have to make due- like we always have done."  She muttered as she made her way to the center podium.

"Greetings."  Her voice reverberated through the cavernous room "I am certain most of you are wondering why you have been recalled so soon?  The answer will come shortly- however, I must make note that this information is classified.  Outside of this room you should speak to no one of it.  To do so will be unfortunate for you careers and possibility health should I discover such treachery."  Shiarrael's bemused expression took on a more wicked tone with the obscure threat "in any case- this information has been withheld from the Federation media."  She took a step back and waited.

The lights dimmed as a holographic projection appeared behind the Captain.  The image showed a heavily damaged structure that appeared to smolder as white wisps' of smoke rose between shattered columns.  "This is the Federation embassy on Romulus."  Several groans and gasps echoed through the crowd at the news "as you can see it has been heavily damaged during an attack.  Unfortunately this attack occurred during a gathering to welcome the arrival of a high level diplomatic team.  Several high ranking officials have been killed including the Ambassador to Romulus Lanril Po and Admiral Jolias Enor.  Another official is missing- one of the Federation's highest ranking diplomat's, Ambassador Spock, was discovered to be missing after the attack.  We have been given the daunting task of investigating this incident thoroughly and finding the Ambassador. 

As you are all well aware- relations between the Federation and the Star Empire have been tenuous since the attack on Vulcan.   With this incident the Federation stands on the precipice of war.  We are the only thing that stands in the way of such a tragedy.  Do your best.  We depart tomorrow.  Dismissed."

Heavy whispers and chatter echoed through the bay as the group filed out as best they could into the cramped corridor.  Shiarrael looked at her yeoman who also seemed a bit stunned at the news "where is Sakarra?"  She asked.

"Um..."  The yeoman fidgeted with one of his PADDs before looking at her "she is still on Vulcan sir.  At her family's compound."

Shiarrael nodded her head "I will go meet her.  Are the transporters still malfunctioning?"  The apprehensive expression on his face told her the answer "very well, have a shuttle prepared." 

"Yes ma'am."  He nodded his head and scooted off.

As the cargo bay cleared Shiarrael looked up at the ceiling and called "Savant."