Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241101.18 | Joint Duty Log | Part I | Ens Dwellon, CNS & Cwm Morganth, Yeoman

"Battle of Wits"
=/\= Brig =/\=
Andrus sat on the bench that had was in the brig, he was tapping on the edge of it... a percussion line of a song he remembered as a child.  His captures, watched him and shook their head.  He was attempting to do his best to annoy them.  "Hey, you!" he hollered, "No not you the one with the receding hair line, yeah you." He stated as one of the officers looked at him.
"Shut it kid." Came the response.
"You can't make me."  Andrus responded, banging the bench harder and louder.
The security officer came over, "Want to bet on that boy?" he asked with an evil sneer.
"Sure!  I bet five latinum bars that I could have you on the ground crying for your mother!"  Andrus responded.
"Yeah right.  You and whose army?"
"Me, myself, and I.  Shall we dance old man?"  Andrus asked with his standard half grin.
"Who you calling old?" the officer asked.
The officer would find a slender hand placed on his shoulder, when he turned around he would be face to face with the exotic new Counselor. Her red eyes locking with his before she spoke. " Pardon me gentlemen. But I do believe child abuse is still illegal in this age..." Her brow raised as she moved towards the cell, the occupant able to see who the voice belonged to.

" I see you could not help but get yourself into trouble, Yeoman..." She addressed him, then waited for his response.
Andrus laughed as the older man backed away, "And let that be a lesson to you old man!" His  grin got even bigger, "Oh Ensign Stick in the Mud, what brings you down here?"  He asked her, "I guess you couldn't resist my oh so charming qualities."
Slowly she walked up towards the force field and stopped just short of getting a good zap, her eyes admiring the gently glow the field produced as it radiated with energy. " Actually I came to give you your psychological review.... However, I am half inclined to deny such clearance."
Eyes shifted to stop locked with his.
"Oh?  Let me help you out.  I am arrogant, conceited, egotistical, stubborn.  Does that help any?"  He asked her as he stretched and removed his uniform jacket and tossed it to the side.  "Though, Ensign Stick in the Mud, it is against regulation for you to create such a predisposition of me.  In which case, your evaluation would be considered void.  That really wouldn't look good on a brand new officer who is still green all over now would it?"  He chided her.
Oh yes, he was certainly all those things, do not forget that he was also an idiot and likely to be the next random casualty of war with the way he was headed. Of course that was a closed thought, benefit to being half Vulcan was her mind was not an easy one to crack. " One merely needs to look at you and can see those are just a few of your traits Crewman. You are certainly in no position to preach to me about how that looks on a new officer... I was not the one who got myself sent to the brig for being a Jackass." She smiled.
"A jackass?  I am sorry but I do not have a tail and big wobbly ears and go hee-haw hee-haw.  I refused to be her man-slave, I told her out right where she should improve on her 'social' skills.  She didn't like the cold hard facts.  'Oh no, a mind reader!  Oh no someone telling me what I don't want to hear.  Off with their heads!' She should learn how to have common courtesy instead of being schizophrenic!" He retorted.  "Now, with that said.  I don't lie.  You're more than welcome to probe my mind to see what happened.  Choice is yours Ensign."
She held her hand up and shook her head. " No need Crewman. I have read everything in the report I received from the bridge about the incident. It would seem the Captain is used to dealing with your 'type', you are also not the first to be sent to the brig for telling her how it is. So, it is safe to assume she is un bias and did not send you here because of what you are... But more what you did... OR perhaps how you went about doing it."

Her upper back was pressed against the wall as she looked down at the PADD and nodded. " Aye... Not the first."
He reluctantly knew she was right about one portion, "What report, the one the Queen of Hearts wrote?  If that is the case than I claim biased opinion, and request that it be dismissed and only the video recording be used."  He moved to the bench and begin drumming his fingers on the edge.  "Like it matters right?  You've made up your mind about me.  So go on, write your report."  It was one of the few times Andrus wasn't stubborn, his voice held true genuine tones.  "So Ensign Stick in the Mud.  What say you?  Am I mentally insane?" He asked with his half grin back, the one brief moment of his genuine attitude gone as fast as it came.

She shook her head as she looked down at the PADD and smiled, " I have the recording right here... The Captain made no mistake in her report. Every word was un biased. So, unfortunately your claim would be untrue." She sighed as she clipped the PADD back to her waist and looked at him.

" I cannot be so quick to make such a decision about you Crewman. Despite what my initial view about you may be. They could very well be wrong... But, they could also be right. However, it is my job to discover why someone has come to be that way... Tell me Crewman... What made you who you are today?" In her eyes she could see that all mannerisms set aside, she was truly interested in knowing him on a deeper level, not romantically, perhaps he had a friend in her.
"Oh no your initial views are right." He stated very clearly.  "What made me who I am today, hmmm, well you have the birds and the bees.  Come on Ensign, my mother and father." He stated in a smart tone.  "Trust me Ensign, you don't want to know me.  You don't want me to."  He stopped drumming his fingers,  "Why are you all of a sudden so intrigued by me?" He asked "You can admit that you think I am good looking.  I promise those two buffoons over there won't say anything."
She shook her head and pushed off the wall, " You know... Sometimes you have to get your head out of your ass and look at what's right in front of you. Stop asking questions as to why someone wants to know more about you and just go with it... Obviously something made you the way you are today or else you would not be so reserved as to who or what you tell... Pardon me for probably being the only person on this ship for actually giving a damn..."
Ensign Vae Dwellon
USS Charon
Crewman Andrus Morganth
U.S.S. Charon