Monday, January 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.17 - Joint Log "Matters of Matter" - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu & Captain Savant

[Charon Cargo Bay]

Whenever Savant was summoned, she tended to have the same characteristic fanfare for her arrival. Unlike most holograms, Savants' own didn't appear to bind properly with the holographic generators. It appeared with an almost inaudible "pop" sound and a brief shower of sparkling points of light. Whether this was due to a technical issue or some strange affectation of the program, no one knew. The dark haired illusory woman smiled at the ship's Captain, her expression pleasant and her hands folded together in front of her.

"Captain,"  Shiarrael paused and studied the translucent glowing avatar in front of her for a moment.  Savant is truly a frighteningly powerful creature, she sighed and thought before continuing "a  secure data packet of information regarding the destruction of the Federation Embassy will be sent to us shortly from Starfleet- I needed you to analyze that information, and provide a concise report to the investigation team."  She cocked her head at the AI "that is if you haven't already accessed the information from the Starfleet database?"

"I'm certain that other elements of my program are aware of the orders, if they have been released to me. However, I am locally unaware of them. I will give this message top priority once it arrives, Ma'am." The hologram still smiled and behaved mildly, as if she had been asked to file the daily reports. Nothing about her expression belied the curiosity or anticipation she felt.

"There is something else."  Shiarrael glanced towards the door to make sure everyone was out of the cargo bay before she continued "my family has been assassinated.  When we arrive in orbit Romulus I want you to attempt to access the planetary computer system and download any information you can find about what happened.  I know this is not beyond your capabilities."

Savant replied with a long pause - something to show surprise and sympathy without overdoing it. Having no *actual* capacity for empathy, Savant instead did her best to at least look the part. She had a lot of practice, and it was difficult to tell it from the real thing. "I understand, Captain. You have my sympathies. Of course, I'll do whatever I can to ensure you find out who is responsible for this atrocity."

Of course, having such a request made of her gave her plenty of opportunities to pursue other goals within the Romulan data networks as well. Today was turning out to be a very good day so far.

"I don't care for your sympathies Savant- just find out who I need to kill."  Her tone was matter-of-fact "there is one other matter before you disperse."  Shiarrael ran a finger through the avatar and watched the image fizzle at her touch "you are able to produce an android to act as an avatar are you not?"  She held up her hand and rubbed two fingers together "I do not like an officer I cannot...touch.  To be honest, I find your non-corporeal form slightly unnerving."

Savant nodded - while she had been well aware of the Captain's nervousness, she didn't think it extended so far as to request an android for walking around the ship with. What a silly notion, Savant thought! There were times when having an android was useful, but to have a puppet dancing about with the crew of her own ship? The extent of organic incomprehensibility knew no bounds.

"I understand, Ma'am," she replied, and at the same time Savant activated her full suite of avatar controls. The hologram sank to the floor, her skin assuming the full pallor and opacity of a proper human being. Gravity assumed full command, no longer did she seem a thing submerged and floating in an invisible sea. Only her eyes maintained that slightly mirrored quality - not quite a full mirror, but reflective enough to send a subtle hint that this was not a human being  walking about. "Will this do?"

Shiarrael reached out and shoved the avatar- when it stumbled back she nodded, slightly appeased by the physical reaction "yes, for now.  Dismissed."  She gave a nod to the AI and then started out of the cargo bay.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Captain Savant
AI, 2XO, & Chief Operations
USS Charon