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[USS Charon] [USS Corsair] - SD241102.01 || "Foxes & Hounds" - Part VII || Cpt. Taverain Ramius & NPCs

U.S.S. Corsair - NX-011979
Nebula II Prototype
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“Foxes & Hounds – Part 7”

For those new to the Charon, check out the Charon’s log archives if you want to read the earlier logs regarding the USS Corsair plot arc.  You can search for Foxes & Hounds.

The USS Corsair is a separate plot arc unrelated to the Charon though the two intersect on occasion.  Check out the following links for more information:



The transporter pad of the USS Corsair gently hummed as six bodies shimmered into existence on its polished, white surface.  The fading hum was quickly replaced by the sounds of physical struggle as an unruly Starfleet pilot fought against his marine captors.


Captain Zane Akina glanced backward at the pilot as soon as he was released from the transporter's electronic grip.  "Take him to security for interrogation", Akina stated firmly without pause.  "If he continues to resist; stun him."  The marines dragged Lt. Athalla off the pad.  The pilot relented staring at Captain Akina with an incredulous expression as he was hastily escorted from the room.


"Beam me directly to the bridge", Akina ordered jumping back onto the pad.  “And be quick about it!”



== Bridge, USS Corsair  ==



Akina shimmered into existence in the center of the bridge much to the surprise of the bridge crew.  Commander Alanis Novada was instantly on her feet as the captain appeared waving off her overzealous tactical officer who had produced a phaser for defense.




"Bring up the oasis on the viewscreen that is nearby our beam in coordinates.  Full enhancement and magnification."


The operations officer struggled to complete the request.  "There is some locally heavy ionization in the atmosphere in addition to high stratus clouds.  Image resolution is significantly degraded as a result sir."


"Switch to infrared.  Just give me a picture."


"Captain, what is this about", Novada asked moving closer to Akina who was hovering over the ops station.


The viewscreen image of stars was quickly replaced by two orange and red figures in what appeared to be combat on a dark background of cold sand.  Akina stared at the image for several moments before facing the commander.  "What is the exact time?"


"21:37 hours sir."


“Captain Ramius has issued explicit orders to be carried out immediately.”  Akina paused.  "What about lifesigns?  Can you determine which one of them is Ramius?"


"Well, these readings are most unusual sir.  The captain's lifesigns appear to be in some sort of flux.  I do not see an equipment malfunction though I suppose it is possible the readings are being garbled by atmospheric phenomenon.   The other individual is humanoid, but again the readings are unusual.  The lifesigns of both of them are oddly similar.  I cannot explain how that is possible."


"Akina, is the captain in danger", Novada quickly asked sensing trouble.


"Very likely."


"Then we will beam him out", Novada turned to issue orders.  Akina put his hand on her shoulder before she could speak.  "The individual has installed communication and transporter disruption equipment.  We can’t contact him or use the transporters.  The marines and I had to run nearly half a click to escape the interference.”


"Then we will beam down a security detail!”


"No.  Ramius left me with explicit orders.  If he is not the victor in...”, Akina glanced at the chrono on the wall, “two minutes then our orders are to lock the ship’s phasers on their lifesigns and...destroy them both."


Novada’s sudden expression of shock was only visible to Akina.  “Captain, we can…”


“I already had this discussion with him Commander.  His adversary is a critical risk to universal security.  They cannot be allowed to escape and I fear that an entire platoon of Marines would be unable to prevent such an outcome should Ramius fail.”


“Impossible.  He’s just one person.”


“No.  He’s Ramius’s doppelganger or so the captain believed.  Need I say more commander?”


Novada bit her lip in nervous frustration and turned to stare at the viewscreen.  How could she give the order to execute her own commanding officer and friend?


Akina sympathized with the commander’s plight, but he had his orders.  Ramius had made them plain.  “Lt. Redstone, target the lifesigns below with the ship’s phasers.  Set the firing field wide enough to encompass the entire area.  We may only get one shot.”


Redstone hesitated at the horrific order.  “Commander?  Surely we can’t…”


Novada swallowed and took only a second to swallow her personal emotions.  She turned from the screen.  “Do it”, she stated firmly retaking her seat at the center of a bridge frozen in the grip of silence.


“Aye sir”, came the tepid reply from the tactical officer as he reluctantly locked the Corsair’s formidable weaponry upon the two lifesigns far, far below on the Vulcan surface.



Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Captain Zane Akina (NPC)
Intelligence Operative, Starfleet Intelligence


Commander Alanis Novada (NPC)
Executive Officer, USS Corsair


Lt. Alex Redstone (NPC)
Tactical Officer, USS Corsair


Lt. Leon Athalla
Fighter Pilot, USS Charon


(All Characters Played By Tav)