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[USS Charon] SD 241102.01 | Joint Log | Part 5 | MCapt. Chernienko, Sqd Ldr & Cwm. Morganth, Yeoman & Ens. Sheppards (NPC), AMO


Once more the large Russian raised an eyebrow, 'What kind of question is that to ask?' he asked himself as he thought before answering. "I felt nothing while beating him Doctor, to me it was just routine. Only when he was severely hurt on the ice did I feel a sense of worry for his health." he explained to her as he shifted in his chair.


"Come on Captain.  You had to have felt something, otherwise you wouldn't be so worried about him.  You and I both know that Starfleet doesn't go about beating up their crewmen or officers to get a point across.  So why did you do it?  The real reason Captain." She responded.


"Doctor once again I say my reason was to teach him some manners, there was no ulterior motive at work. He had offended everyone that came to see him, which is a form of bullying them so I was repaying the favor showing him he wasn't the cock of the walk." he said to her shaking his head. Why did everyone with a degree automatically assume there was a hidden meaning to everything someone did he couldn't help but wonder.


She shook her head, "Stubborn just as the boy is.  Captain, I heard what you said the first time, and I am calling bollocks on it.  Just because he 'offended' as you claim everyone on the ship...which is highly unlikely, does not give you the right nor the authority to go and bully him.  Does it?  Does the Captain go around and beat up on her crew if she hears or finds out that they are attempting to be the 'cock of the walk' as you state?"  She looked at him.


Nikolai looked at the woman with a raised eyebrow, was she joking? or simply new to the ship. "Obviously you have not been on the ship very long. Captain Dread's methods have been very Spartan from the beginning of her reign on this vessel. You simply have to look at the troubles she has given Ambassador Lamont for proof. As to the right and the authority? I have the authority to discipline any Junior officer under me if I deem it necessary yes. Was my method a little heavy handed? Possible." he said to her and then continued speaking.


"And we are talking about the Boy's issues not my own doctor lets not forget." he said to her and looked over at the unconscious man.


"Listen Captain, first the boy is not a junior officer...nor is he under you department.  So with out proper authorization from his department head.  You did not have the right to 'punish' him that way.  Nor were you authorized.  Also Captain, I do not need to see what troubles she may or may not have given Ambassador Lamont.  We are here and now.  Not then and there.  So here's the deal Captain.  You can either talk to me about why you felt it necessary to bully the boy under conditions that were life threatening.  Or I can relieve you of duty, have you deemed psychological unfit for duty, and have a full investigation started on your actions to include attempted murder.  Which could very well result in you loosing your commission, or worse."  She warned him.  "So Captain.  Shall we try this again?"


"You did just ask me if the Captain goes around doing such things, If you didn't actually want an answer next time tell me you were being rhetorical." he said to her shaking his head. "And while I should have gone to his direct superior before seeing the boy that is simply a procedural issue that is easily resolved. If I was attempting to kill the boy he would be dead doctor, You know I didn't have to bring him here but I did when the accident happened." he told her flatly.


"As to your threat against me unless I talk to you that you would report me, I am already talking to you. I told you three times already why I did what I did there is no other reason other then when a bully challenges you, you have two choices. Let the bully continue bullying people or get someone who is bigger and meaner to push them around to see how they like some of their own medicine. And also don't forget you have said yourself that your not the ship's counselor so I am by no means obligated to even have this much of a conversation with you. I did it because you asked and I had nothing to hide." he said to her wearying of her tone already.


She stood up, "Captain, you stated yourself you have and had no idea why the boy is acting the way he is.  You could very well have caused even more irreparable damage.  I do not threaten Captain.  I may not be assigned as a Counselor, but my education gives me the right to do such.  It comes with being an M.D.  You are in fact obligated to tell me what happened and why.  Your actions are also going to be presented to the Chief Medical Officer.  Also as you are not wearing your rank insignia at this time," She got very close to his face, "No rank, no orders," she glared at him eye to eye.  "You ever bully someone like this again, and I promise you that there will be a full investigation into your actions.  I am also ordering you to attend weekly counseling sessions with Ensign Vae Dwellon.  If you fail to even attend one, you will be relieved of duty.  Is that understood?"  She asked him.


"I already have counseling sessions once a week doctor so I will make sure to keep my appointments." he said to her. " I too shall be reporting you to the Chief Medical officer for your conduct is very unprofessional. If you try to get into a pissing contest with someone make sure you can deal with it when your feet get wet." he said to her. Nikolai didn't shout at her nor did he flinch from her getting in his face. He simply stood up not moving back from her so she would have to step back from the towering Marine. "I will call security to have the boy delivered back to his cell." he stated flatly preparing to leave the annoying doctor.


She barely moved, "Computer transfer recording of Sickbay to Chief Medical Officers office.  Also send a copy to Ensign Vae Dwellon.," The computer responded with a beep.  "Already done for you," she commented as she turned to see Andrus beginning to stir.  "Marine, I do believe you owe this boy an apology," she stated calmly.


Andrus opened his eyes, and went to sit up.  Ensign Sheppards placed her hands on his chest to keep him from moving to fast, "Don't. Touch. Me." Andrus snarled.  "You!  Gorilla!  We aren't finished!  Either return me to that cell, or finish what you started.  I still have as you say a 'lesson' to learn." He glared at the Nikolai.


Nikolai looked at the Doctor and smirked ever so slightly at her then to the boy thrashing on the medbed. "Yes we are finished Andrus, Despite the doctor's assisting I have to say that I am actually sorry that our little lesson went to far and you got so seriously hurt. You might want to take it slowly before you get up, Your head injury was quite severe." he said to the boy. He was trying to help but he had a feeling the boy wouldn't care or want it. "And I have to say a lesson was learned...but I believe I was the student this time." he said mostly to himself. His own anger had gotten the better of him twice in their little spar and he would work on that.


Andrus glared at the doctor, "I told you don't touch me.  Now get your hands away from me Doctor Grabbie!" He stated clearly, before he heard what Nikolai said.  "My injuries are minor.  Why don't you want to finish Gorilla?  I was actually having 'fun' for once," he commented before standing up and sitting right back down.  The doctor came to help him, but he looked at her with a warning.  "What do you mean your anger got the better of you twice?" Andrus asked actually inquisitive.


"I let myself be goaded into a stupid situation because I saw in you what is broken in me. I wanted to hurt you because because I saw myself in you. I shouldn't have done it and you got more hurt then I attended, And for that I am sorry." he said to the boy, not just because the Doctor had wanted him to but because he did actually feel bad about nearly killing him.


Andrus sat there, his mouth open.  He attempted to speak but no words would come out.  His demeanor towards the Marine had changed.  The hostility was gone, mostly.  The unadulterated rage...all but vanished.


Ensign Sheppards looked at Nikolai, "That is what I was trying to get you to say Captain," she said with a smile, "when we were talking.  I will leave you two alone."  With that said she left the patient area.


Nikolai eyed the Doctor as she left then returned his attention to the flabbergasted young Yeoman. His reaction was unexpected to the point where Nikolai didn't really know what to say in the situation, His people skills were not very good he was the first to admit that. The massive Russian man moved his stool closer to the Biobed and looked the kid over. "Does your head feel better?" he asked not really sure what to do next, this was unfamiliar ground for him.


Andrus was just as unfamiliar with the situation as Nikolai was.  "I never said my head hurt," he responded looking at the Marine attempting to figure out why the dichotomous behaviour.


"It was split open, Even I would have been hurt if that happened." he said to him. He was trying to figure out what to do next at the moment, it was a bit of an awkward situation...for both of them he was sure. His mind was full of conflict over what he had done that was clearly on his surface thoughts. "Sometimes I do not think things through enough.." he said after a minute.


"Gorilla, it didn't hurt.  I remember you shocked at my scar.  It was a hegh'bat."  Andrus gave him freely.  "You're the first person to genuinely apologize to me.  In seventeen years.  But don't think that because you apologized I won't call you Gorilla," he said trying to make light of the serious moment.


"I have been called a Bear before...So Gorilla isn't bad." he said with a faint grin. He nodded listening to the boy and raised an eyebrow at that. "Why would you wish to do the Klingon rite of Suicide? You were wounded greatly?" he asked him curiously. The hegh'bat was a rite that was seldom practiced anymore by the Klingons and never by anyone out of their culture.


The boy looked at him, "Klingon Rite of Suicide?  No and yes," Andrus responded.  "It was his, I stole it.  Or took it," he picked up on the thoughts, "I almost killed a Klingon in boot camp," he responded almost with a sense of pride.


"I don't understand, What was his Andrus?" he asked him curiously. He wasn't quite sure what the boy was talking about at the moment. It was like he was hearing two different conversations, or the Marine wasn't picking up on what he was talking about.


"The hegh'bat, was Lon's," he said referring to his father.  "I took it."  He answered again.  He didn't want to get to detailed.  He wasn't sure if he could trust the Marine.  "Why did you pretend to care in the holodeck?"  Andrus asked him changing the subject quickly.


"When I hurt you so badly I wasn't pretending. I wanted to give you some bruises but not nearly kill you." he said to him not pressing that matter of the Hegh'bat at the moment. "Before that I have to say I didn't care one way or the other about you. I Just wanted to hurt you at that time." he said to him honestly. "Though it wasn't actually you that I was angry at as you now know." he told the boy.


Andrus continued to look at him, "Right then," he really didn't know what to say.  "Next time then Gorilla."  Andrus was still very uncomfortable in this awkward situation.


Nikolai nodded and stood up clearing his throat. "Da, I have to return you to the brig now Andrus...Perhaps when you get out we may speak more. If you would like?" he said to him. He still wanted to help the boy get over his rage. Already it seemed progress had been made and from something as simple as an apology. Perhaps they could help one another get over their pasts.


Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko
Squad Leader
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Crewman Andrus Morganth
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Ensign Sheppards
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