Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241102.01 | Joint Backlog | CWM Morganth, Yeoman & CWM Grax, ACNS

=/\= San Francisco, Earth =/\=
Andrus sat waiting for his shuttle to be called.  He wasn't please about being assigned with only three days advanced notice.  He stared around, surprisingly the area around him had remained pretty empty.  Save for one time when a person attempted to sit down and Andrus scared him off.

Kestra held her bag in one hand and her shuttle assignment in the other. Seeing where she needed to be, she found a seat next to a young man to wait.  Taking a deep breath and letting it out, her black eyes looked around the area.  A tight grip on her bag as she sat there.  Trying not to display her nervousness. 
Andrus looked over at the girl, and gave a half smile.  "Why so nervous?" He asked his body radiating a sly demeanor.

Kestra smiled to Andrus.  "I just finished boot camp and now off to advanced training.  So a little nervous. What about you? Why are you here? '"
"Well, better now that you came to see my gorgeous self," he said half grinning.  "No reason to be nervous young uttaberry," he said coyly.  "As to why I am here...well you see I was just waiting for you."

Kestra leaned back and looked at him.  "Your not to full of yourself are you? What is an uttaberry? And you could not be waiting for me, because you do not even know who I am or that I was going to be here." 
"Why would you say I am full of myself?" He asked sheepishly before bringing his hands to his heart over dramatically, "You a Betazoid has never had an uttaberry?  Say it isn't so!" He smiled.  "How do you know I wasn't waiting here for you?  The four deities alone could have placed me at this very spot and at this very moment to have me wait for you."

"No I have never had an uttaberry, and I am not full Betazoid, my mother was human. So I am half Betazoid although everyone says I look very much like my father. Do you really think the deities sent you here or are you just pulling my leg?"  Kestra looked at him with a tilt of her head. 
"We will have to change that someday," He answered with a sly grin.  'Half Betazoid you say,' he stated telepathically to her, "I think you are pretty young uttaberry," he looked at her black eyes.  "You are familiar with the four deities aren't you?" he asked.

Her eyes widened and she gasped as her hand flew up to her head.  "Don't do that!"  Rubbing her temple she nodded.  "Yes I know the four deities." 
'It's part of who you are uttaberry, you can do it too you know.  Even if you are just empathic,' he sent to her smiling.  "Don't you know anything about your Betazoid heritage?"

"I am not an uttaberry.  Please stop calling me that.  And I know plenty." No she didn't, but she was not going to admit that to a stranger.  "Just please, stop calling me that." 
He paused a moment, "Than what shall I call you?" He asked her and shocked that she had lied to him.  "What do you know?  You obviously forgot one facet of our Betazoid Heritage.  We don't lie." He said backing away from her.

"I didn't lie.  I said I know plenty.  I know about the four deities, I know, And I know that you are making my head hurt right now." Kestra rose and moved to a seat down the way, keeping her back to him.  
He let her move, "Name the four deities and what each represent.  You may have said you know plenty, however you thought at the same time that 'No you didn't,' I will leave alone, but it was nice talking to you.  I am Crewman Andrus Morganth, didn't mean to offend you -" he paused trying to get a name.

"Altha represents Peace and stability, Imza is Love and compassion, Tholta is Truth and Honesty And Fana is Nature.  I'm Crewman Kestra Grax." Keeping her back to him.
He smiled but said nothing as he watched her and then turned his eyes elsewhere.  "There is more to you and your heritage than what you give yourself credit for Crewman.  I didn't mean to offend but an uttaberry is the sweetest berry on Betazed."  He spoke to her. 

"You do not know me, I could be sour and nasty"   Rising as her shuttled was called.  "Goodbye Crewman Morganth." Again said as Kestra refused to look at him.  "Good luck." She hurried away to her shuttle. 
"Perhaps we will run into each other again.  Probably best if we didn't though.  But good luck to you too Crewman," he watched her depart as he got up and headed towards his own shuttle.
Crewman Andrus Morganth
Captains Yeoman
U.S.S. Charon
Crewman Kestra Grax
Assistant Counselor
U.S.S. Charon