Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241102.01 | Joint Log | Part 1 | MCapt. Chernienko, Sqd Ldr & Cwm. Morganth, Yeoman

=/\= Brig =/\=

Andrus was feeling very agitated. He had enough pent up energy and anger right now that one wrong move or word would cause an explosion of pure
unadulterated rage. He paced furiously back and forth in the cell, eyeing the Guards. Both were currently carrying phasers, maybe he could entice
them to shot him.

Nikolai moved down the corridors of the Charon heading toward a place he was quite familiar with, the brig. This time however he himself wasn't the one
being sent there, no this time he had been asked by one of the counselors to go and see if he could get some of the pent up aggression out of the young
Betazed yeoman. The massive Russian entered into the brig towering over the two Starfleet Security guards and gave them a slight nod. It was curious to
him that they were armed specially considering the ship wasn't in a battle posture. the only reason he could come up with was the boy inside the cell
was dangerous enough to warrant the phasers.

Nikolai moved up toward the force field and noticed the boy eyeing the guard's weapons. "Plotting an escape little one? You most likely would not
even entice them to lower the field." he said to the boy in his deep Slavic voice. His entire being radiated danger and a air of pent up rage just
waiting to be released.

Andrus looked at the man and laughed at him, "You would be surprised you over grown Gorilla!" He felt the man attempting radiate 'danger and rage'
"Do not for a minute Gorilla think that you can scare me. I would have you whimpering like the old man you are, boo hoo hoo," Andrus stated rubbing his
closed fists on his eyes mocking the man. "If I wanted to escape the offer has been presented time and time again. Yet here I am. What do you want

Nikolai raised a graying eyebrow at his antics and smirked. "Ah it is wonderful that the Federation allows such mentally handicapped people to
join their ranks, truly we are an enlightened people." he said to him returning the scorn upon the boy. "And as to scaring you little boy...Why
would I want to scare a creature who's I.Q barely raises it above a Denubian Slime Devil hmm?" he said scoffing at the child. "However why I am here is I
heard from someone infinitely more important then you that your temper tantrum was breaking valuable Federation property and was asked to see if I
can get your little tantrum focused into something more productive." he said to him mocking him even further.

"However now that I see you in person I wouldn't want to break you so badly little one, I'd probably have to teach you left from right before you could
even land a punch on me." he said to him not even considering him worth the material he was wearing.

"Care to wager that Marine Captain Gorilla? I assure you my I.Q. is greater than yours. You know the older you get the more senile you become!" Andrus
stopped in front of the field, "Prove to me that I don't know my left from right, oh wait you don't either. Couldn't even use a hegh'bat to save your
life Gorilla...and next time you call me little one or anything denoting my age, you best be prepared to stand up to it, I will send you to sickbay you
worn out old man!" He stated his face sneering at the Russian.

"Oh what a witty come back little one, I don't know either? This is the best your battle of wits can come up with?" he laughed harshly at the boy in a
mocking tone. "What is next child? I know you are but what am I?" he asked laughing at him and shook his head trying to get the better of his mirth.
"As to you sending me to sickbay little boy you can try, in fact that is why I came here to see if your fists could cash the checks your immature little
mouth keeps writing." he said and stepped back from the Force field.

The large Russian pressed the release on the field and lowered the energy barrier as he took one of the phasers off the guards. "You will accompany me
to Holodeck two. There we will see if you are more then just a pouty little teenager angsting against the cruel cruel authority of your betters." he
said to him not even giving him a choice in the matter.

"Oh the poor gorilla need to use a phaser on me. Scared of iddy biddy five foot five inch me? Come on now, what's the worse that can happen? If you
think you can handle me, leave that pathetic weapon here. I promise I won't run off," his black eyes bore into the Russian, "my culture doesn't lie
Gorilla. Nor do I." He bared his teeth almost canine like. "You want to prove to me you can best me, leave the weapon here. I am sure you can
replicate some in the holodeck. I have another safeties."

Nikolai smirked again at the boy, "Firstly little one this weapon is to ensure you don't try to harm anyone we pass by in the corridors to the
Holodeck. When one is with a rabid puppy one doesn't risk innocent people on it not biting them. Secondly little boy you are in no position to demand any
conditions, This isn't a request, you simply have no choice in the matter. However that being said that was fully my intention from the beginning. It
is hardly worth the effort of teaching you some manners if I can't actually make you feel your lesson." he said to him flatly.

"Now little boy move toward the door and I will do what your parents should have done long ago, Spank the naughty little boy who probably set little
girl's hair on fire and ripped the wings off helpless little flies." he said shoving him toward the doorway.

The Marines last comment put Andrus over the edge, "I. HAVE. NO. FAMILY. YOU GREY HAIRED FLANARIAN!" He desperately wanted to kick the Marine, but knew better at this time. He moved out of the cell, his black eyes glaring and sent a telepathic nudge towards the Marine, he got back that the Marine did indeed want to 'teach' him a lesson. With a grin Andrus moved along, his jacket unzipped. "Careful Gorilla, you don't want that to 'accidentally' go off and you be the cause of hurting some bystander now would you," he mocked.

The massive marine stumbled as the Betazoid sent his telepathic nudge toward him. Nikolai cursed as he tumbled into the wall and steadied himself with
his large arms. 'So that's how the little boy wants' to play it is it?' he commented to himself. Without much warning he kicked the boy in the seat of
his pants, not enough to hurt him but enough to be humiliating if anyone was watching. "Don't try that again Telepath." he said in a growling voice. "It
would seem someone has mommy and daddy issues little boy." he said with a smirk.

Andrus smiled as he watched the man stumble from a simple yet gentle nudge. Then he felt the mans foot connect with him, "Try what again Gorilla?
This?" he asked sending another gentle nudge. 'Keep your mouth shut about the family I don't have got it you over grown sea worm.' he sent telepathically to the Marine, now knowing his weak point. That would come in handy in the future.
Nikolai growled once more as the boy sent another psychic push his way, however this time he was slightly more prepared for him then before so he only stumbled a little. There was a time he could have dealt with the problem of a mental battle due to his training to resist the Romulans but the experiments done on him by Neodyne had clearly compromised more then his physical well being. With as much restraint as he could muster he pushed the boy with the butt of the Phaser toward the Holodeck's doors. "You are going to learn some manners boy, That I can guarantee you."
Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko
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