Monday, February 7, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.30 || Personal Backlog || CNS || Ensign V. Dwellon

=/\= SD241101.30 - U.S.S Charon =/\=

Vae could hear the Ambassador yelling after her from down the hall, however, she really did not take the time to try and make out exactly what he was trying to hell at her about.

Making it to the confines of the turbo lift she leaned onto the wall, her hands coming up to her face as she took in a few deep breaths. Even if she was not reading them, she could still feel is emotions beating against her, begging to invade her conscious. It was proving to be a difficult task in itself.

Her hands ran through her hair and moved to rest at her sides as the doors opened to let another crew member in. Instinct made her move to the back right corner of the lift, the cool metal against her back so she was sure nothing could surprise her. Her breathing became deeper, heart began to pound as she silently wished the lift would speed up to her desired deck.

Finally, after what seemed like a life time, the lift came to a stop at her deck and she hurried from the lift. Wanting nothing more then to  be in her quarters, alone, at the moment.

=/\= Quarters =/\=

Her hand hit the keypad to close the door, and once it was closed, she leaned back on the door and slowly slid down to sit on the floor. Arms folded on the top of her bended knees, cradled her head as she calmed down her breathing and let her heart beat relax. Damn near having a panic attack when the unknown crew member stepped into the lift, the doors closing behind him, trapping them together in the small area.

' I thought I was over that....' She said to herself as she lifted her head and groaned, her head was killing her after her encounter with the Ambassador.

' Shower...' Pushing herself to her feet she moved towards the bathroom, slowly removing each piece of uniform and throwing it to the floor. By the time she was in the washroom, she was completely nude.

Her slender hand slipped over the console to activate the water shower, the steam from the heat already beginning to fill the room before she even stepped into it.

Biting her lip as her skin adjusted to the temperature of the water, a sigh leaving her once it was and the hot water working away the tense muscles of her back. As well as soothing the emotional tempest which seemed to stir within her while she spoke with the Ambassador. A growl left her as she realized just how close she was to losing control of them while she was in his presence, which would not have been good.

Turning her back to the water she leaned forward, her hands pressed against the wall for support as she continued to enjoy the water. Her eyes closed a moment as she tried to think about what went wrong, yet she could not come to any conclusion as to why or even what happened.

Her hands reached for some shampoo and she began to work it into her hair, the platinum color shone like silver once the water hit it, rinsing the shampoo away, leaving just the silken locks clean and free of dirt. She then used the loofah and worked some body wash to a lather before she washed her body, careful she got everything before she rinsed off and turned the water off.

Stepping from the shower she was careful to make sure her foot was secured before she took the next step. Too many accidents have happened while getting out of the shower, the last thing she needed was to end up in sickbay on top of everything else today.

Her slender hand grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her, another towel was used to wrap around her hair before she stepped out of the washroom and went into the bedroom. She still had fourteen hours left till her next shift, and she planned on spending much of that time sleeping. Hopefully it would be a restless one.

She sat on the end of the bed and gently dried her hair before she started on her body, taking her time to make sure it was good and dry, but also being careful on the sensitive skin of her scared skin. Looking in the mirror as she did so, watching as the towel ran over the burn scars which started on the back of her neck, came over her shoulder, down her upper arm, and covered almost the entirety of her back.

Once finished she sighed as she looked over herself in the mirror, the scars were a reminder of who she was, and what happened to make her the way she was today. She could easily be rid of them, however, she preferred to keep them. They helped her understand why she was so untrustworthy of everyone around her, why she was so very careful at who she chose to even get a little close to her.

She tied her hair back into a braid, the end coming to the middle of her back. Slipped into a cotton night gown, and slid into bed, bringing the covered up around her neck before she closed her eyes and settled into a restless sleep. It was good she did not dream, dreams were a painful memory for her.

=/\= End =/\=

Ensign Vae Dwellon
Chief Counselor
U.S.S Charon