Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[USS Charon], SD 241102.01 Duty Log, Savant & Cwm, Asst. Counselor Kestra Grax

Charon had spent weeks in drydock by this point. Slowly the little
vessel was rebuilt to something approaching her former majesty, but it
took time - Vulcan was very busy with her own problems and could little
afford a hanger-on like Charon. Given the trouble that followed the
little ship here, it was unsurprising that repairs were put on the

This did allow several crew changes to be pushed through, and a good
deal of liberty time to be taken, however - perhaps a blessing in
disguise. For Savant, it was a time to reintegrate and catch up on work.
Strangely, she found herself far busier than she had been previously, as
she was covering for crew who were on liberty or were transferred away.
This was little trouble, as processing power was plentiful, but it was
an interesting observation.

The AI also had a few pleasant duties - welcoming new crewmembers
aboard. It didn't take much in the way of processing time, and it was
normally rewarding to meet someone new. She waited in the wings,
uninstantiated, as the next transfer was brought aboard.

Kestra was excited and nervous at the same time as the shuttle docked at
her first and new assignment.  She had been sitting at the window
watching as they approached the USS Charon.  It was beautiful in her
eyes.  Right now she was like a little kid wound up on a sugar high.
Once the shuttle docked she picked up her bags and rose to her feet.
Taking a few deep breaths to calm herself , she was one of the last to
exit the shuttle.

Holding her PADD in her hand, she stopped and re read everything for
about the millionth time.  Straightening her shoulders she looked up to
see if there was someone she could ask where to go now.

As she exited, she saw that most of the passengers she had arrived with
were already talking with petty officers from their respective
departments - the shuttlebay was bustling with the sound of dozens of
voices at once. No one seemed to be hunting for her, however, as if she
had been forgotten.

She hadn't been, of course. As soon as that brief look of confusion
crossed her face, holoemitters hummed to life and Savant appeared
nearby. Tall, black-haired, and with such a mix of human ethnicities
that it was impossible to tell exactly where she might have come from,
Savant was a striking character. The fact that she floated a handspan
from the deck flooring might have had something to do with it, too.

Her voice was like tuning forks. "Welcome aboard, Ma'am. My name is
Savant, I'll be your liaison and aide as you settle in. Would you care
to go immediately to your quarters, or would you prefer something else?"

Kestra jumped but quickly saluted.  "Ma'am! Crewman Kestra Grax
reporting for duty ma'am. I'm the new assistant Counselor." She smiled
as she looked to Savant  "If I could drop my things off at my quarters
then get a tour of the ship, I mean unless of course you are busy I
would not want to take up to much of your time Ma'am."  Kestra rolled
her shoulders as she tried to stand taller.

The hologram smiled, and her bags disappeared beneath a transporters
beams' shower of light. "No sense in taking the detour to your quarters
just to drop your things off, they'll be waiting for you there when you
arrive. Let's take a walk." Savant descended to the floor, gesturing
forward as they headed to the doors.

Charon was a small ship,s o it didn't take long to get anywhere. The
turbolifts barely took a few seconds. Still, the walk was long enough
for a little small talk - or information gathering, depending on your
perspective. "What are you looking forward to during your time aboard

Kestra was definitely impressed by the way her bags were taken to her
room.  She was used to carrying everything  every where before.  "I
think meeting new people, and learning everything I can.  This is my
first assignment so I am excited but nervous at the same time." Kestra
would smile and nod to people as they walked.  "This is the first time I
have been away from my family, So you can say I am also looking forward
to spreading my wings and growing up." Looking to Savant. "Does that
make any sense Ma'am?"

"Certainly so, Ms Grax. It must be very exciting to be on your first
assignment. I recall my own first assignment to USS Caduceus. I hope
that you get into less trouble than I did." She grinned as the turbolift
began to slow. "Have you ever been on a starship bridge before?"

Of course Savant knew that she hadn't, and wasn't really expecting a
reply at all - the doors swung wide to reveal Charon's bridge as she
finished the sentence. Smashed panels had been replaced, burns on the
carpeting and walls were repaired - it was clean, modern, and even now
during down-time, humming with activity. The lights were subdued on
standby, and the few duty officers barely spared the newcomers a glance.
Savant led Kestra in. "You won't be posted to the bridge often yet,
though do expect to have to come up here once in awhile to deliver
reports. I'm confident you're aware of proper behaviour on the bridge or
other sensitive areas, but just in case I've sent your mailbox a
refresher on the basic do's and donts, plus a few hints about our
Captain." The hologram turned to face Kestra with a brief grin once
more, "She's a little eccentric."

Before Kestra could answer they were on the bridge.  Trying not to let
her jaw drop at being on a real bridge, on a real ship and show her
inexperience. She wanted to touch everything, to feel the humming of the
instruments under her fingers.  "Yes Ma'am I am.  But I do thank you I
appreciate your help.  I will definitely review everything." She turned
to look at Savant.  "Is there others on the crew that are a little
eccentric that you could clue me in on?"

"Pretty much everyone on the manifest," she replied with a smirk,
letting a holographic hand run across the black gloss surface of the
terminal beside her. It had always struck her as particularly ironic
when she interacted with the computer through her hologram - could one
get any more circular?

"We've got an interesting family here on board. Deep space missions like
Charon always tend to draw out the more unusual crew - you need to have
a strong sense of independence in order to go for such long periods of
time away from a friendly port." The hologram turned to look back at
Kestra, "That's going to be a big part of your job. Keeping everyone
grounded as they start getting homesick. That means you have to keep
*yourself* grounded, too. Are you ready for it?"

Kestra touched the surface of the terminal.  "I admit that I will need
to work on my independence, but I believe I have myself grounded pretty
well and can help our crew members keep themselves heading in the right
direction.  And I am good at coming up with extra curricular activities
to  keep moral up. "  Kestra nodded, more to herself than Savant.  "I
can do this Ma'am.  I know I can."

Savant gestured back to the lift, leading them both on with the tour.
"Keep that attitude and I know you'll go far. What are your plans in the
Fleet? Do you have any goals in mind? Anything you'd like to do
long-term?" The doors slid shut as they sped off towards their next
stop, Engineering.

"Long term I would like to work my way up to head counselor, then head
of the department and go from there.  I don't rule out working in the
Academy at some point if I can.  Further down the line of course. Right
now I want to get my feet wet, and not drown." Kestra laughed at her own
little joke.  "Then I guess at some point, get married, have children.
But again those goals are down the road."

"Mm. Very nice. I'm glad you have a good idea of what you'd like to do.
It's the only way to get where you'd like to be." The doors slid open to
Engineering, and the two stepped out. At the moment the core was quiet,
but the room was filled with Engineers about their business. "We'll have
to be brief, as Mr Neyes doesn't like visitors unless required. Still,
you should at least know the basics of the ships' layout and what makes
her operate." Savant patted a passing plasma transfer conduit
affectionately. "You're familiar with how she works, yes?" Even though
Kestra was a councilor,  she would have at least taken basic
Engineering. No one was allowed on a ship without the basics on which
end of the hydrospanner was which.

"Yes I am familiar with the basic's of engineering.  And I did go over everything on file for the Charon when I got my orders so I would have some idea of what the ship was like." Nodding about Mr. Neyes.  "Is that one of Mr. Neyes eccentricities? Not liking visitors in his working area?" Kestra inquired.

"Something like that. He's a very good man, but he's got something of a gruff exterior. I suppose it'll be your job to figure out what's going on behind that, hm?" She grinned and led Kestra out the doors and into the corridor. "Your quarters aren't far from here, really. You'll also have an attached office for taking care of your record keeping. I've also taken the liberty of installing a sub-processor and storage unit in your office with a mirror of all personnel files, so that you can reference them easily should the main database ever go down for maintenance. I hope you don't mind."

"Thank you very much Ma'am. And no I do not mind at all. I appreciate all the help you are giving me. Excuse me for being excited, but I've never had my own office let along a sub-processor or storage unit.  I can not wait to get started and get to work." Kestra then frowned at herself.  "I do not sound to eager do I Ma'am?"

The hologram nodded, amused with her concern. She was, very clearly, fresh off the boat. "Eagerness is a good trait to have. You'll do well here. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No Ma'am, You have done plenty for me already.  I do thank you for showing me around.  I really appreciate it very much.  I think I should find my quarters and get settled in before starting on work in the morning.   Will I be sharing quarters with another?" Kestra inquired.

"For the moment, no, you'll be on your own. That may change as the transfers continue - we're playing it by ear, I believe is how the saying goes." Savant gestured towards Kestra's cabin doors as she bobbed up into the air by a small span. "Feel free to ask for me if you have any questions or need help with anything. It's my job to make sure you have everything you need. Welcome aboard, Councelor," she smiled, nodded her head, and disappeared with a brief shower of photons.

"Thank you very much Ma'am!" Kestra said as she moved to the doors of her quarters.  Her very own, well at least for awhile.  Now to start unpacking and get to work.  



Crewman Kestra Grax
Assistant Counselor
USS Charon