Thursday, February 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241102.17 | Joint Duty Log | Part II | Ens. Dwellon, CNS & Cwm. Morganth, Yeoman

Andrus looked at Vae, the blood on his hand starting to scab, "So, you know that I am an identical twin.  Tam is the favored one," he let slip, "Lon and Jemma Morganth are my parents.  I was born September Seventh, twenty three ninety four," he continued.  "Of course you know about that already, so I gather you want to know the details that is not on my personnel file?" He asked her, "One condition, they don't get placed there.  You don't tell anyone else.  Period."


She nodded, her red eyes showed no trickery as she finally spoke. " I already told you... What happens in this room, stays in this room...." Then she was silent to listen to what he had to say.


"When I was around thirteen, I began to learn how to use and control my telepathic abilities.  I of course wasn't as quick as Tam in learning them.  Lwaxanna, our teacher, had a personal conference with my parents in their estate," he emphasized the word their.  "I over heard them talking about how great Tam was, how wonderful Tam was, and how horrible I was," he sighed as tears began to fall from his eyes.  "I ran from the door and grabbed a knife, if they didn't want me...I was bound and determined to give them that."


Without saying a word, she gave him a nod. Not glancing down at the PADD or anything to take notes, she simply sat there and watched him, listening to the sad and depressing past he had. It was much like her own, however she was not the one sharing her past her. Perhaps another time.


"I ran away from home that day, into the woods.  Their I used the knife to cut my wrist," he extended the arm with the wounded hand to show the 'X' on his wrist.  "That's when the local authorities came for me, that's when I first realized I am only worthy of being the dirt that people walk on," by this time the tears where flowing from his eyes.  Wiping them away only caused streaks on his already dirty face, "I later found out that it was Ms. Hagen who requested they search for me.  Not my parents, NOT MY FUCKING PARENTS!" He yelled, "When I finally was taken home, the officer told me that next time I should cut deeper.  I couldn't even kill myself...properly," he sat there his head lowered in his hands sobbing for what seemed like an eternity before regaining some kind of control, "That's when Lon hit me hard enough to knock me out.  That's when I began to really know that I am dirt and that anyone who touches me hurts me.  So I prevent that in anyway I can," he paused and swallowed, Vae was the first person who truly heard what he had to say.  "When I came onboard, mind you I am in Starfleet because I had two choices, I took what I thought to be the lesser of two evils.  The Queen of Hearts," he used the Captains nickname knowing Vae would understand, "treated me just like everyone else did.  All because I asked, no requested, some common courtesy.  She's a hateful, conniving, green blooded, pathetic excuse of a Romulan.  Why can't I just end it now, end the pathetic excuse that is me.  Relieve everyone of any reason to pretend to care," he wiped the tears away again, "You hear that you pathetic excuse of a photonic being.  You want me gone...then the only way that is going to happen is you have to kill me!  Or I have to kill myself!" He yelled at the program known as Savant, wondering if it was listening.


A frown came to her lips as she listened to his story. Aye, it was much like her own, however at least his parents were not the ones to take that knife and try to rid themselves of him. Still, his past was a sad one, and she needed to help him see forward, into the future and the possibilities that lie there, instead of in his past. " Andrus... If she was still set in the ways of a Romulan officer, she would have made sure you never disrespected her again... Let us be lucky you came out of it in the brig..." 


A sigh left her as she shook her head, " I wish there was a way to change that past... I really do... Unfortunately there is not... The most we can do is look forward and hope that the next day is better then the last... " Silence again a moment. " I have to tell you.. Though I do agree with you about cleaning up the spill... The Captain informed me that... " Her eyes lowered. " Until you show respect, you will stay in the brig...But... What I think that means... Is you just need to be careful what you say.... She is your Commanding Officer... Not your parents... And you are an adult.. You should know that putting up with shit like that is part of the position you chose... If you are unhappy about that... I can easily recommend you for a position transfer within the ship..."


Finally, she was finished, and she hoped he would take the time to process what she said, instead of react before he thought.


He sighed, his face tear stained.  "Whatever.  I am not trained for anything else.  So they win.  They always win.  Ensign, I hereby request an immediate transfer to the psychological facility on Earth," he responded, "Or Vulcan, or where ever.  No point in my staying here any further.  I also want for the record that I am officially declining any and all medical help while on this vessel.  Please find me psychologically unfit for Starfleet.  Unlike you, I can't resign.  I will not stay in a brig for four years either.  So...either I get released to another facility, or worse," he stated.  "I'm done," barely above a whisper.


She raised a brow as she looked into his face, " Well.. I'm not going to let you do that..." She shook her head as she refused to write what he requested into his PADD, no no, he was not giving up that easily. " I'm not going to let you give up that easily.. No way... No how..."


"Fine," he stated, "You say I am an adult, but I can't even make my own decisions.  I guess I am a nobody."  He stood up and started to pick up his mess he caused.  "Then, since I am being denied freedom.  I am going on a hunger strike."


 Nodding as she looked at him, " You can go ahead and do that Crewman.... I will only have you sedated and fed against your will... Funny how that works..." She was not trying to be rude, she was just letting him continue to have his temper tantrum. He may think he is an Adult, but he really did not act like one.


He continued to pick up the mess using one hand, "Try it Ensign.  Would get me off the ship wouldn't it?  Refusing to eat, I do believe that warrants a psychological discharge.  Why are your fighting to keep me on this vessel.  When you know damn well that I would spend my career in a fucking brig?" he asked her.


" You will only spend your career in the brig because you refuse to take your head out of the past and show respect for your fellow crew members! Officers or not... You know Starfleet involved working with officers... And yet you think of them as high and mighty assholes who want nothing to do with enlisted personnel... But without you and those enlisted.... Starfleet would be a fairly thin organization... " She leaned back and massaged her temples, " If you tone down your attitude and take a little shit from the CO... You will do fine... She cares for her crew... Believe it or not... But she does not care for insubordination... I am not agreeing that you should have picked up her mess... No.. That is not your job... What I am saying... Is that you should be a little more respectful towards her... That is all..."


"I could care less whether or not I work with officers or non coms or civilians Ensign!" he practically growled, "I will not take shit from anyone, period.  I was treated like shit, talked to like shit, my entire life.  I won't be doing it again.  As I said 'dirt that everyone walks on'," he sighed "She shows no respect or common courtesy.  I don't care Ensign, you are trying to show me reason's to stay.  All you are achieving is giving me more reasons to have myself removed.  That Queen of Hearts wants a slave, she wants a Romulan ship.  Let her have it, then let's see how many of you precious Fleeters and Mariners are left on board.  Can she run a ship by herself?"


She looked at him and her eyes widened at his statements. " So be it..." She stood and moved to let the security officers in, not even looking at him at this point as she really did not want to hear any more of it... She had tried her best... And it was futile... " Please escort Mr. Morganth back to the brig...." Her head hung low as she moved to sit behind her desk. Not saying another word as she started entering the information into a PADD. He would be rather lonely in the brig, as she already had visitation to him restricted to herself, needed security, and the Captain. She tried to make him see reason, but it was obvious his mind was just not matured enough to even grasp at the concept.


Andrus watched as the security guards came back in, and restrained him again, they weren't gentle either.  His face contorted in pain as he brought his injured hand behind him forcibly.  One guard had his phaser aimed at Andrus the entire time, "You became like the rest Ensign.  I congratulate you," for a moment he contemplated slamming the back of his head against the guards face, the thought projected unwantedly.  Instead of acting on impulse he stood there.


"I will have some people come in and fix your office Ensign," came the reply of the guard, "We will handle him accordingly," he looked at her with a sly smile, his outer most thoughts showing that they planned to rough Andrus up a bit once they got back to the brig.


Andrus picked up on the thought and said nothing as the guard holding onto him, touching him, squeezed the broken and battered hand.  Attempting to illicit a response from Andrus.  All he got was a muffled expression of pain, "I'm sorry," he responded to Vae, but not elaborating on what he was apologizing for.  She would undoubtedly find out soon enough.


Vae's mind was well open enough to pick up on the thoughts of the guards, a frown on her face as she stood up from her desk to fast so that her chair flew into the wall behind her. " I have had enough!" She growled and moved towards the guards, first grabbing the man who held the phaser to Andrus and squeezing his hand, making him cry out and enable her to get the phaser. Disabling the phaser and throwing it against the bulkhead before her gleaming red eyes settled on the officer who had gripped Andrus' hand, placing her hand on his shoulder she squeezed, making him let go of Andrus.


" I will not tolerate such treatment of fellow Crew members!" She was yelling, angry as hell. " Do you understand?! If I see it one more time I will be sure to bring it to the Captain's attention that certain security officers are abusing their powers in the brig and such officers will be reduced to nothing more then a common CLEANER!!!" She hissed. " You are a disgrace to Starfleet! And IF I do not see a change in how you treat your prisoners! YOU WILL BECOME ONE! UNDERSTAND!" 


She stood between said officers and Andrus, her anger just erupting from her like a volcano as her walls came crashing down.


He watched as Vae moved, his hands still restrained behind his back.  "You shouldn't have done that Ensign." he muttered to her.


The guard that looked up at Vae, "Ensign, I believe you have got it wrong.  He," he pointed to Andrus, "is a disgrace to Starfleet.  You attacked an officer, which by all rights you should be in the brig now.  We were doing our job.  You have just aided a fugitive, that will be in the report, then you can join your 'friend' in the brig as well."


Andrus looked at the guard, then to Vae, "Don't say anything, you claim to be my friend.  Then back away.  Let them do their job," he responded softly to Vae as he stood up for the officers...even if there was no an ulterior motive behind his words. "I can handle myself, please," he stated as the guards began to stand up.  One went to pick up the phaser.


"I hope you know how to repair this, what happens if he decides to do something stupid as we escort him back Ensign?  How are we supposed to prevent him from harming himself or others?"  The guard holding the phaser asked.


Andrus looked at Vae, almost pleading with her not to say something irrational, 'Use your logic Ensign,' he thought, 'Use your logic.'


" He is by all means no disgrace to Starfleet. What I did was stand up for a helpless Crewman who was being abused by Security officers who believe they have more power then they actually do.... You're mistake was treating him that way in front of the one person the Captain will listen too when it comes to who gets to stay on this crew... She will know my side and more then likely view the video logs as well... Which will back up my side of you treating him with far greater force then needed... Not to mention the intention of 'roughing him up' before getting him back into his cell.. I am sure she will find that interesting as well..." Her arms came to cross over her chest as she looked at the two security officers. 


" You will see... That the odds are much more in my favor when it comes to your fates gentlemen... And you will be smart to heed my warning... And change your behavior." She raised her brow as she looked between the two officers. " Funny how people tend to forget I am also Betazoid... I think I like that being such the surprise as it is... And your thoughts are so very open boys... I think I will be recommending to your Chief that you are removed from duty... Perhaps because of anger issues... I am not sure yet... I am sure I can find something."


"Fine, whatever you say Ensign.  Is there anything else you would like to say to that child that you are so adamant about protecting for some reason?  Look what he did to your office.  He is a danger to himself and to you.  If there isn't anything else?"  The guard asked.


Andrus stood there breathing a sigh of relief as the Ensign didn't do anything stupid, "I am, I am a disgrace to Starfleet," he muttered softly.


She looked around her office and then back to them in surprise. " Nooo... I like it like this... Would not be the first time a counseling session turned into a redecorating party... It is why there is a special office for such sessions..." Then her eyes settled onto Andrus, her eyes and features much softer then when she was angry. 


" There is one final thing I would like to say to the 'CREWMAN'..." She corrected the officer in his obvious brain fart. Then moved to stand in front of him, a soft kiss placed on his forehead. ' You are not a disgrace to Starfleet... You have a beautiful mind... All those who have treated you so badly... Are the disgraced ones...'


Vae's actions caused Andrus to stand their frozen, he couldn't move away as the guard was holding him from doing that.  He was also very confused by the counselors actions.  First she hugged him, then didn't want anything to do with him, and then she kissed his forehead.  He didn't know if she was playing a mind game with him or what, but all he knew is that it was different.  His face turned a bright red, though he was quivering from not being able to back away from her touch, and the touch of the guard.  "You are an enigma Ensign, I am a disgrace, and my mind is so warped and fragmented.  I am a contradiction in and of itself," his head hung down.


" I believe I will be the judge of that Crewman..." She looked at him and nodded, " You would be surprised how many walking contradictions are gracing this ship with their presence. We will chat again Andrus..." She was just trying to show him, that no matter how angry he gets to her, no matter what he says to her, does to her, she will never hurt him. Friends don't hurt friends.


He didn't know how to respond, "Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  I meant what I said Ensign.  I will not remain in the brig, nor will I be dirt, nor will I tolerate being treated as such," he sighed, "I am sorry," again an apology with a hidden meaning.


She raised a brow as he apologized for what seemed like no reason, and watched as the guards escorted him from the office, her mind wondering why he would apologize she frowned. Setting the computer to track Andrus' life sign, and should anything falter, she would be alerted.



Ensign Vae Dwellon


U.S.S. Charon





Crewman Andrus Morganth

Captain's Yeoman

U.S.S. Charon