Friday, February 11, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241102.11 || Joint Duty Log || CO & CCns || Capt. S. Rehu & Ens. V. Dwellon

[USS Charon/Bridge]

Vae was one angry Counselor as she stormed from the brig and headed straight for the Captain's Ready Room. She needed to bring it to the Captain's attention that no one is to visit with the prisoner anymore without being in the presence of herself. It was obvious that one of the three people who visited him caused him to be in the state he was in, and she was not happy about it.

Once in the turbo lift she called for the bridge and took the moment en-route to calm her emotions and straighten her platinum hair. She would get no where with the Captain if she stormed in there demanding things be how she say. Even if there was good reason for what she was about to ask of the Captain, it could still end up going south, and she had to be prepared to fight it.

The doors barely had time to open for her before she was through them and on the Bridge. Her red eyes skimming the area for the Captain before heading over to the door to the Ready room. A pale finger reaching up and pressing the chime. Followed by a silence as she waited for the permission to enter. Trying to ignore the stares which were on her back as she stood there, surely it was not the first time they had seen a partially Albino humanoid.

"Enter."  The voice slipped through the doors like a cold wind.  The doors parted to reveal Shiarrael sitting placid behind her desk, with  a PADD in one hand, and eyes focused keenly on a paper thin screen in front of her.  She lifted her gaze from the screen and glanced at the woman.  A light sight escaped her between her parted lips "counselor" she spoke casually, cold, yet perceptive of the woman in front of her.  She had been keeping track of all the new arrivals- this one in particular.  Setting the PADD down in front of her Shiarrael tapped on her desk console causing the display to furl back into its niche.  With the screen out of her way she gestured to the set of chairs across from her desk "please, sit."

Nodding towards the Captain she moved to where she had been told to sit and did so. Silently placing the words into place in her mind before she spoke them aloud to the Captain. " I would like to speak with you about the current prisoner in the Brig..." She would not give the Captain much of a chance to say anything before she continued. " It would seem the crew has taken interest in the ships latest trouble maker.... Their unnecessary visits are making it rather difficult to do my job."

"The trouble maker?"  Shiarrael wondered  absently for a second before realizing the woman must be referring to that incredulous boy she had tossed into the brig.  She leaned back in her chair and cross her legs casually "you refer to that boy?  Morganth?  You must be since he is the only idiot currently wasting my brig space."  She laced her fingers together for a moment , cold eyes focused on the counselor, "so the crew has taken an interest in him?  Exactly what are they doing to him?"  She held up her hand and uncrossed her legs "let me rephrase.  Why is it my concern what they do to that boy?  From what I can tell they have not killed him, such a thing would have been reported to me by now.  It is also likely much less than anything I can imagine.  In fact, if the Charon was a Romulan ship I would have held him down on the spot and removed his tongue for such offensive behavior.  He is quite fortunate that it is not."

" I suppose you are right... He is fortunate that this is not a Romulan ship..." She was silent a moment before she continued, " What I came to ask you is that you restrict the visitors to him as only myself, necessary Security personnel, and yourself... Everyone else has no reason to visit the prisoner, and their visits just set my work behind a few days... It would be greatly appreciated... As I don't go into their work and screw up their jobs..." She was referring to the fact that she had managed to have him open up, however, after the many visits, he closed all over again.

Shiarrael eyes glanced down at her desk where she pulled open a drawer and reached into it grabbing a PADD.  Dropping the device loudly onto the desk's surface she leaned forward, propping her elbow on the polished ebony" you still have not informed me about what it is these individuals are doing that is impeding your work counselor?  You have to forgive me- your position is somewhat foreign to me so I'm still not entirely certain what is you hope to do.  However- I will be honest with you.  Until that boy learns to respect my authority he will not see a space outside that cell."

Delicate hands reached up and gently massaged her temples a moment before they dropped to her lap. " I am not here to disagree with your choice to keep him in the Brig, Captain." She sighed as she looked across the desk at the fairly intimidating Captain, " What I am trying to say is that most of his visitor's have no real reason to visit but to satisfy their curiosity. Some of which caused him great distress, in turn preventing me from getting to the bottom of his very prominent attitude problem..."

"Very well."  Shiarrael tapped on the device and then slid it across the desk in front of the woman "I will acquiesce to your request on condition: that you will keep me updated on his progress.  Also, if he poses a danger to this ship that you will inform me."  She frowned and swiveled her chair around to look out the massive window "for that matter- if you notice anyone that may pose a danger to the ship I want you to inform me.  No longer will I be ignorant of my crew.  I believe this is also your job, is it not counselor?"

" Aye Captain, it is part of it to insure that the crew is safe from any unstable persons. There is much more that makes up my position..." There was a slight pause before she continued, " As for the Crewman, I feel he is much more of a danger to himself then anyone else on the ship... As are most of us..." 

After waving her hand towards the door Shiarrael leaned back in the seat "dismissed."

She stood from the chair and nodded in thanks towards the Captain, " Thank you, Captain." Before she turned on her heals and left the Captain alone in her Ready room.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Ensign Vae Dwellon
Chief Counselor
USS Charon