Thursday, February 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241102.17 Duty Log, CSci Commander Arcos Darye

Situated on his desk were the lab request documents put together by his chief biologist and chemist.  The two labs were a combined effort to provide a solution to the diplomatic confrence on the nearby system Gouranni IV.  The system had ties with the federation and has seen humans as being less than reasonable in that none had ever visited the confrences on thier home planet.  The reason being, the Gouranni Herb which was a sacred delicacy and served in every dish was deadly to most Humans.   If the team could provide a anti-toxin to the herb which might be found in a klingon root called the Ko'al root then surely a Human Ambassador could have the root added to a casserole dish to be offered in the pot luck gathering next month.
"Computer, grant access to the labs as requested by our Chief Biologist Blande, and Cheif Chemist Yin.  Mark labs as a approved, and give teams authorization to proceed as they are able."
Arcos continued to work through his paper work, preparing to select a candidate to speak at the weekly coffee and lecture in the General Science Lab.
Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon