Thursday, February 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241102.17 Science Report - Lab request Chief Petty Officer Timothy Yin - Chief Chemist (npc)

Lab study request form:

 Name and rank: Chief Petty Officer Timothy Yin
Position: Chief Chemist
Department: Chemistry, Science


I.                    Pre Lab report

Purpose: Synthesis of Anti-Toxin for Gouranni Herb.  Now that the toxin has been identified by the biology team, the anti-toxin needs to be synthesized.  Biology team has come up with a known Klingon root which contains half the necessary anti-toxin required.  Team will utilize the a portion of the root from the botany lab and extract the anti-toxin.  The root itself is being examined by the ships chef for possible cooking potential.

Materials:  Klingon Wo'at Root sample, grinding bowl, 2 measuring beakers, heating element, pure water, extraction hose and extractor, and sampling syringe, additional Gouranni herb toxin extract and holo-cadaver test subject and  exhaust hood.

Method/Procedure: Anti-toxin will be extracted through heating methods after grinding the root to hasten extraction process.  Anti-toxin will then be reacted in holo-cadaver after toxin is administered to the brainless subject.  Results will be recorded for additional labs, remainder of toxin and anti-toxin will be stored for later use, and a partial sample of the anti-toxin extract will be refined for hypo-spray use then given to the medical staff.

Hypothesis of result: Anti- Toxin will significant reduce the death factor of Gouranni Herb in Humans.


II.                  Safety/Hazard Report

For seen Hazards during lab:

Hazard 1: Deadly herb
                Preventative action: Wear protective goggles, gloves, and breathing glass

Hazard 2: Heating device
                Preventative action:  Care when using heating element

Hazard 3: Glass ware
                Preventative action:  Care when handling

        General safety rules: 

1.       Wear eye protection

2.       Know location and operation of safety equipment in lab and emergency devices

3.       Never work in laboratory alone

4.       Do only the experiment approved for the lab

5.       Do not wear personal clothing that is not pre-approved for lab use

6.       Report all accidents to Lab Master.

7.       Do not make oral contact with objects in lab

8.       Be mindful of the appearance of strange odors

9.       Keep the Laboratory clean. Clean up spills immediately

10.   Check lab equipment prior to lab and only use equipment in good condition

11.   Check temperature reading on all objects in experiment before reaching. Avoid physical touch of hot objects.

12.   Read reagent listings on any known reactions for reagents used in experiment.

13.   Clean hands thoroughly prior to leaving lab to avoid oral contamination and optical damage.



III.                Authorization Request


Time/shift research is done:  2nd shift                                      Additional Days of study: 2


Lab requested: Chemistry Lab                                                   Personnel requested: 2


Estimated Set up time required:               30 min                                  Estimated take down time required: 30 min


Science team member requesting: Chief Petty Officer Timothy Yin


Comments:  Team will consist of two assistants and Chief Petty officer Yin.  Prep for lab will begin at the beginning of second shift and take down/storage will occur just prior to end of second shift.  Experiment will be run twice daily for three days until anti-toxin is successfully replicated in quantities required for chef's required for specialty casserole.

CPO Timothy Yin (NPC'ed by Commander Arcos)
Chief Chemist