Thursday, February 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241102.16, Science Report - Pre lab Report, Ensign Maria Blande - Chief Biologist (NPC)

study request form:
Name and rank:  Ensign Maria Blande
Position: Chief Biologist
Department: Biology, Science

I.                    Pre Lab report
Purpose: To issolate toxin and find anti-toxin for the deadly Basil-like Groutanni herb, which is a delicacy for local Groutanni civilization and poisonous to Humans.  The plant remains a cultural requirement of bonding which several ambassadors must consume at next diplomatic gathering.  Currently no Humans Ambassadors have been able to attend the confrence making Earth seem like an unwilling part of the federation-Groutanni trade treaties.

Materials: Measuring  Beaker, Heating device, sensory device, Groutanni herb samples, splicing knives, grinding stone, cruible, bunsen burner, extraction hose, extracter, pure water, acidity meter, and scanning table, heating hood, and protective gloves, goggles, and protective breathing masks 
Method/Procedure: herb will be spliced for chlorafil measurement, grinded for oil attainment, boiled for minneral extraction, and then scanned for chemical make up.  In addition the acidity of the differing plant study will be taken from oil and mineral extraction.  Included in the research will be a computer study for neutralization.  All data collected will be sent to medical and food preperation of which a second edible meal item can be found to be eaten at the pot luck dinner on Groutanni IV.  Another sample will be combusted for calorie content of one leaf.

II.                  Safety/Hazard Report
For seen Hazards during lab:

Hazard 1:  Poisionous herb

               Preventative action: wear protective gear, do not allow contact with herb, do not consume herb, do not inhale fumes of combusted herb.

Hazard 2: open flame and heating plate

               Preventative action:  use care when heating and combusting

Hazard 3: Breakable Glass ware

              Preventative action: use care while handling.


       General safety rules:

1.       Wear eye protection

2.       Know location and operation of safety equipment in lab and emergency devices

3.       Never work in laboratory alone

4.       Do only the experiment approved for the lab

5.       Do not wear personal clothing that is not pre-approved for lab use

6.       Report all accidents to Lab Master.

7.       Do not make oral contact with objects in lab

8.       Be mindful of the appearance of strange odors

9.       Keep the Laboratory clean. Clean up spills immediately

10.   Check lab equipment prior to lab and only use equipment in good condition

11.   Check temperature reading on all objects in experiment before reaching. Avoid physical touch of hot objects.

12.   Read reagent listings on any known reactions for reagents used in experiment.

13.   Clean hands thoroughly prior to leaving lab to avoid oral contamination and optical damage.


III.                Authorization Request

Time/shift research is done:  3rd shift                                     Additional Days of study: 2 (second and third run of same experiment.)

Lab requested: Biology Lab 2                                                                Personnel requested: 2

Estimated Set up time required:  .5 hours

Estimated take down time required: .5 hours

Science team member requesting: Ensign Maria Blande

Comments:  lab should run well, personnel for lab includes Maria and one assistant.


Ensign Maria Blande (NPC'ed by Commander Arcos)
Chief Biologist

USS Charon