Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241102.01 | Joint Log | Part 2 | MCapt. Chernienko, Sqd Ldr & Cwm. Morganth, Yeoman

[Holodeck 2 ]


Andrus laughed as the doors opened, he entered and waited for the Marine, "Then teach me some manners old man.  I think you could use some yourself."  He sneered towards the Marine, "Still have to use that phaser, like it makes you all big and bad.  Using it against an unarmed man at that.  HA!"


The large old man ignored the taunt of the boy and placed the phaser in the secured storage unit of the Holodeck, "Computer load program Chernienko Alpha one, Disengage Safety Protocols Authorization Yankee Delta Zulu." he said to the machine. Naturally the computer asked warned them that the damping fields would be removed and actual physical harm could result. Nikolai stepped into the center of the large training area.


The Holodeck turned into a frozen wasteland that was Nikolai's native land of Russia. The Permafrost of the Gulag soared into their bones with the safeties off and the harsh wind blew fiercely through their hair as snow poured down in thick sheets of blistering white clouds. "If you think you can teach me something boy...The by all means try. However when I leave you bleeding in the snow...Try to remember that your crew are the only ones who will ever take care of you."


He stared at the Russian, as the wind began to blow Andrus began to shiver.  He was not used to cold climates, seeing as he spent most of his life in temporal climate.  "M-my c-crew?" he asked his teeth chattering already.  "I h-have n-no crew."  He commented barely able to contain the freezing conditions.  He kept his eyes on the Marine, "P-pain m-means y-y-your ah ah ah," he sneezed, "alive."


Nikolai noticed the boy was barely able to keep from trembling from the freezing conditions. He nearly scoffed at the boy but he knew it could simply be an act. "And comments like that are why you are in the brig little boy." he said to him. As Andrus sneezed the automatic reaction was to close your eyes for the briefest of seconds. Taking the very slight advantage of that sneeze Nikolai struck out with a thunderous side kick for the boy's jaw.


Before Andrus could react, the Marines foot connected with his jaw knocking him down.  A trickle of red went flying out of his mouth.  The Marine currently had the advantage, Andrus was already cold enough he could barely feel his fingers.  Shivering he stood back up and spit the blood from his mouth, "I-is th-th-that a-a-all y-y-you've got G-G-Gorilla?" he asked the cold racked his body, the impact painful as it was did little to cool his attitude, he attempted to send a telepathic message to the Marine but was to cold to even do that.  "H-h-had t-t-t-t-to g-g-g-go into a p-p-p-program t-t-t-t-to g-g-g-get the up-up-up," he sneezed again, red spit sprayed across the white snow, "upper hand," he finished his face swelling and a bruise already forming, his words sounded struggled and congested.


"So as I thought, you are all talk and can not back up your attitude. A little cold weather and you are already on the ground? THIS IS WAR not some little school room brawl where you picked on the kids smaller then you." he said to him as he didn't wait for the boy to get secure footing but preformed a text book round kick toward the boy's chest. The Massive Marine had surprising agility for his muscular frame but his reactions were still slowed from the long genetic torture he had endured.


He was having problems keeping warm.  He saw the Marines foot come near him, but due to how cold he was, he was unable to block the blow and was sent back onto the ground with a loud umph.   His eyes for the briefest of seconds rolled into the back of his head.  A few minutes longer and he would be unconscious from any number of things.  Fighting with the thought of sleep, or letting this Marine think he has won, Andrus slowly stood back up.  Swaying he lounged for the Marine.


Nikolai was slightly impressed that the boy managed to get back to his feet. He could see he was struggling to even keep conscious but he wasn't smart enough to quit. Normally that would have been an admirable quality in someone but he could tell this wasn't out of duty but feral rage. Instead of dodge out of the way he let the much smaller man stumble into his blow on his massive body and grappled with him attempting to wrap his huge arms around the boy to bear hug him into submission. "Come on lets see what you have boy!"


For the briefest of seconds Andrus relished the warmth emanating off of the Russian, it was just enough to knock him back to his sense.  For however short a period of time.  The Russian had him held, but a five foot five inch boy versus a six foot five inch man, the Russian would have a hard time trying to hold on to Andrus.  He found an opening and brought his knee up to attempt to connect in between the Russians legs.


The large Russian was getting ready to squeeze the life from the boy when Andrus decided to use his diminutive stature to it's full advantage. As Nikolai lifted him up toward his chest to end this fight before it really begun Andrus connected with a telling blow below the belt and Nikolai dropped the boy to the ground as he staggered back gasping for air. The water from his eyes as the pain coursed through his body started to freeze slightly on the edges of his face.


Falling to the ground with a loud crack, Andrus sat there shivering.  He regained his footing and again charged towards the Marine.  Though he could barely keep his eyes open, the warmth of constant movement helped, even if slightly.  He aimed for the Marines abdomen and ran as fast as he could.


Nikolai still holding onto his knees recovering from the low blow locked his cold remorseless eyes on the charging boy. He was staggered but he had fought hand to hand with Romulan warriors and was use to physical hardships. As the boy charged he sprang from his crouched position like a defensive tackle and lowered his shoulder to meet Andrus head on. He braced himself for the impact and couldn't help but wonder who would get the worst of the collision, the solidly built Russian who had once nearly accidently strangled Sakarra to death or this mad little boy.


He continued to charge the man, unaware of anything but one thing.  'Knock the Gorilla onto the ground and beat his face in,' was the only cause for Andrus' actions.  The cold weather temporarily ignored, though he fought with sleep.  His body already well below the temperature that it should be.  His hands and face had already gone numb.  The blood on the side of his face has crystallized.


Nikolai noticed the boy hadn't changed course and continued to barrel straight toward him with a seeming reckless abandon. It took only a moment of internal thought for Nikolai to realize that if they collided like this it would likely shatter Andrus's collar bone at this pace. The Marine set out to teach him a lesson. Not irreversibly damage the misguided Yeoman so he slid down to the ground kicking up a large sheet of snow into his field of vision as he swooped out with his legs to scissor take down the boy to the ground.


Momentarily blinded by white, Andrus didn't stop.  He felt the Russians legs slice him and he feel on his back, knocking the wind out of him.  He attempted to move his legs but couldn't.  "L-L-LET G-G-GO OF M-M-ME!" he yelled at the Russian.


The massive Russian tightened his grip on the boy's legs with his own. He could feel the bone grinding together through their uniforms. "Why don't you make me let you go!? You should call for help, But who would come to save you boy? No one!" he said to him growling. "And why is that you might ask? Because you treat everyone on this ship like an enemy, You are alone and alone you are worthless!" he shouted over the din of the wind.


"My strength comes from this Uniform I wear and the thousands of others who wear it!" he said as he twisted his legs further squeezing tighter. "Stop fighting tooth and nail every hand that comes to assist you. There is no ulterior motive! We are all brothers and sisters in the Fleet, a family. From the lowliest crewman to the highest of admirals...and while you wear that uniform you are insistent on disgracing, you are our family" he said with a near snarl of his own.


Andrus continued to struggle harder, the movement warming him.  Though his lips were as blue as an andorian.  "L-let go o-o-of m-m-me!"  He said struggling harder, as he struggled the top of his uniform slid up to reveal a large scar running from his right shoulder down to his left hip.  "D-d-don't t-t-t-touch m-m-me!" He managed to swing up and went to grab at the Marines calf but was flung back down.  A loud crack could be heard as his head impacted a rock or ice.  Red stained behind his head.  He stopped struggling and went still.


Nikolai struggled to keep the boy from getting loose from his grasp and twisted hard. As he did he noticed the large scar on his body it actually looked very ghastly on one so young. His thoughts were cut short as he heard the loud crack on the ice and the massive man cursed." COMPUTER END PROGRAM!" he bellowed as he released the child from his grasp. It could have been a trick but right now he was more worried about a serious injury to Andrus then another counter attack. He carefully reached his hand down to check his vitals, ready to call for medical assistance at once if needed. 


Andrus slowly opened his eyes as warmth invaded his body.  His head throbbed, but he ignored it as he noticed his shirt was pulled up.  Sitting up quickly, a little to quickly, he became dizzy and laid back down attempting to pull his shirt down.  "Don't. Touch. Me." he managed to get out.  It took him a few more moments before his head stopped feeling dizzy, he slowly sat up.  He finished pulling his shirt down, embarrassed.  "What's wrong old man?" he asked trying to feign his normal attitude.

Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko
Squad Leader
U.S.S. Charon
Crewman Andrus Morganth
Captain's Yeoman
U.S.S. Charon