Thursday, February 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241102.17 | Joint Duty Log | Part I | Ens. Dwellon, Cns & Cwm. Morganth, Yeoman

=/\= Brig =/\=


It had come time for the full psychological evaluation as well as 'talk' with Ensign Dwellon.  Andrus was skeptical of it, but if it wasn't done...he didn't stand a chance of ever getting out of the brig, and perhaps out of Starfleet.  He watched as two armed guards lowered the field.


"Crewman, please turn facing the wall," The Petty Officer ordered as he placed restraints on the boys wrists.


Andrus winced as the guard touched him, but didn't fight back.


Turning around they marched him out of the brig with their phasers drawn and aimed towards him. He held his head down, not caring anymore.  He recalled back to his meeting with the Marine, and a part of him wished the marine would have pulled the trigger.  They slowly made their way into a turbolift, and were soon moving.


=/\= Ensign Dwellon's Office =/\=


Vae was sitting in her office, going over Ambassador Lamont's personnel file where she was just intrigued by what she read, he was worse then the Crewman, yet he seemingly got off with a slap on the wrist. Interesting. Hearing the chime sound, her eyes lifted to the door where she shouted that it was open.


Raising a brow as she recognized the blonde headed Crewman escorted at phaser point into her office. " Excuse me? Weapons are not welcome in my office... And unchain him now... They too are not needed here..." Her red eyes narrowed as she watched the them do as asked, " Now leave... I will call you when he is ready to leave...."


She waited for them to leave and the door to close before activating the security lock on the door, looking to Andrus once they were alone and frowning to him, not that she was upset with him, but more she was upset at his situation.


" You look like shit..." Straight to the point, and bluntly truthful.


He kept his head lowered, "Thanks for pointing out the obvious," he commented sitting down rubbing his wrists.  He hadn't even bothered to raise his mental shields.  "If you want Ensign, you can send me back.  You don't want some filthy riff raff dirtying up your office," he stated not trying to be mean.


She chuckled and shook her head, " You know enough about me to know I would not hesitate to tell you if that were the case Crewman..." Moving over to the replicator she replicated a glass of water as well as a bowl of uttaberries with cream, seeing as she knew he has not been eating down in that brig. A taste of home had to be better then anything they fed him there.


He eyeballed the uttaberries and cream but didn't make to take a bite.  "Thank you," he started, "for the flower." he finished his head still hung low.  "What did you want to talk about Ensign?" He asked her.


" First off... You need to eat something... Else I will not be able to clear you for duty... " She motioned towards the uttaberries, " I won't tell anyone you ate anything if it is a big secret... But you have to eat something before you leave this office..." A frown came to her lips as she watched him a moment. 


" Secondly... Please look up at me when I am talking to you... It is rather hard talking to the top of your head.... And Finally, you are welcome... I have never really known anyone worth giving one to... But,  figured it was a good symbol of friendship."


"I'm not hungry Ensign," he said without exactly lying.  He turned his head up towards her, his face was tear streaked.  "I don't care if I am cleared for duty or not Ensign.  I tried, and I failed."


" You haven't eaten anything the guards give you in a few days... You have to eat something..." She frowned, worried about his health. " As well as my clearance and promise to the Captain could very well be your ticket out of the brig and back to duty... "


Her hands wanted to reach out and wipe away those tears of his, but she knew he did not like being touched. So, she went to the replicator and materialized a handkerchief, once back to her seat she held it out to him, waiting for him to take it from her. " You did not fail Andrus... You made one mistake... One mistake is hardly enough to make you a failure... If that were the case... Then we are all failures..."


He took the offered handkerchief and began to wipe his face with it.  "When I get hungry, I may eat.  Whatever you feel is best Ensign.  It's not like I am wanted on this ship anyway.  Sure you state you want me... but one out of several.  Even that damn artificial intelligence that claims to be a captain and is the second executive officer wants me gone," he stared at the uttaberries but denied himself the pleasure of taking one.  "Perhaps, Ensign...I should leave.  Leave the ship, allow the AI to transfer me to some penal colony, that thing already threatened to let me die on Vulcan." He blurted out.


She watched him closely, and could tell that he was denying himself the berries. " Don't make me feed them to you Crewman..." Her tone was not hostile in any way, instead it was much lighter. Then she listened to what he had to say about the AI Savant.


" Since when do you listen to polka-dots anyways?!" Polka-dots meaning those with the pips on their collar, she figured he would get a kick out of that one. " Take what the AI says very lightly... It is the Captain that has the final say in your matter... And she's kept worse company then yourself..."


He barely smirked at the comment, "I'm not hungry," he repeated.  "Doesn't matter, whatever happens will happen."  He took a deep breath and turned his eyes downcast, "Now would be a good time to ask me questions Ensign.  Before I change my mind." He stated matter-of-factly.


She shook her head and stood, moving over to the replicator and placing the berries into it, then pressing the recycle button. " Actually Crewman... You can return to the brig..." She opened her office door and motion for the guards to pick him up. " When he starts eating hard foods... He will be ready to speak with me.. Until then I will not clear him for duty...." She told the guards and looked over to him once more before returning to her desk.


Andrus just glared at her, "I thought you were different.  You said you were a friend.  I wanted to believe what you said.  Next time I'll know better.  In fact their won't be a next to Ensign!"  He stood up and went over to the door, "Thank you for proving me right Ensign.  Please submit a request to the Captain to have me transferred to an insane asylum or penal colony."  He stated his body shaking from anger, from allowing himself to be hurt.  "You have yourself to blame for this, I came in ready to talk, you denied me.  You lied, I only hope you can live with yourself knowing that you could have saved someone's life."


She stopped the guards and pushed them out the door, not letting them cuff him before the doors closed and she locked them again. Before he could react she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him into her tightly. He did not need to worry about her hurting him, no, she just held him a moment before she finally spoke. " Thank the Deities.... I thought you were brainwashed..." Then, she let him go and waited for him to calm down to she see why she just did what she did.


He stood there arms down, "Don't. You. Ever. Touch. Me. Again." He said,  "How could you?  Barbaric!" he stated after she released him.  He was furious, confused, paranoid, hurt.  " think hugging me is going to make what you did all better!?"  He yelled, "You think they brainwashed me?  You must think I am stupid Ensign!  You are no better than them, you treated me like dirt under your shoes. treated me close to what 'they' did!" he stated not implying who 'they' where.


Vae just looked at him as he let it all go, it was damn near music to her ears after the last time she saw him. " You should know me better then to treat you like anyone else... I did what I did to get the true 'you' to come out of that shell... If you sat back and saw yourself the way I did in that brig a few days ago... You would see why I thought you brain washed... Turned into another 'Yes Sir -- No Sir' lackey." She was not yelling, she was surprisingly calm, though his yelling was beating against her mental walls.


"Really?" he eyed her.  "Could have fooled me!" he bellowed at her.  "You don't know the real me.  No one does but me," he stated through gritted teeth.  "Do you 'really' want to know the real me?" He asked almost with a sinister tone in his voice, "Are you sure you want to take that chance Ensign?"  He asked glaring, resisting the urge to punch something.


There was not a moment silence before she looked into his eyes and her brows came together, " Yes... If what I see before me is not who you truly are... Prove me wrong... Show me the 'real' you..." Secretly bracing her feet in place, waiting for what could very well be her own mistake.


He watched her, wondering what she was doing.  "What in four deities are you doing?" He asked, "Just because you know I have this unrelenting urge to strike at something...what make you think that I would attempt to strike at you?" he asked, "I'm not a nice person, but I am not stupid enough to hit a girl, especially one as fragile as you are," attempting to entice her to see her next move.  His walls were up as where his guards.


" I am far from fragile.... I may look as though I am... But I can tell you... I have taken more beatings then any one you could inflict upon my bones..." Her hands lifted and then dropped to her sides, " And I would much rather you hit me... Then another crew member... Or the bulkhead..."


Watching her, he let out a frustrated cry and swung around.  His fist careening towards the door, as it landed on the door a loud reverberation could be heard echoing in the office and along the corridor outside of the wall.  A dent formed in the door as he brought back his swing, "Do you really have a death wish?" he growled at her letting his hand hang to his side, "I've already almost killed two people.  Why are you willing to take that chance?" He asked again bring the same hand up and swinging it into the door a second time, widening the dent, but this time he let out a guttural cry from the pain that shot up his hand and arm.  Quickly snapping his head towards her, "Don't!" he yelled.  


" Well Crewman... Just so happens I have a bad habit of not listening.... And telling me 'Don't' is falling upon deaf ears..." There was still something calm about her, she was willing to take anything he could dish towards her. Why? Because she would much like to prevent him from inflicting anymore damage to himself... " I can take anything you can bring.... If it is what it takes.... Then I can take it..."


Growling at her, "NO!"  The guards were forcing themselves in through the override code they had, one of them managed to slip in and grabbed to restrain Andrus.  Andrus turned and raised his fist, "GET OUT OF HERE!" He shouted bringing his fist back.


Vae's eyes widened when she saw that he was about ready to take on the security guards, " No! Get out!" She yelled to the guards before getting in the way of any flying fists that could very well be directed towards them.


Andrus couldn't stop the momentum and his fist flew out connecting with someone or something.  All he heard was a loud crunching crack sound.


His fist would find a much softer target then that of the Security personnel that had retreated back out of the room just before his fist went flying. For she had turned around just in time to feel his fist make contact with her cheek. The cold metal of the Counselor room door prevented her from falling back, keeping her standing. A hand reaching up to assess the damage, at least it was her and not one of the Security guards.


He stared at the bruise forming on her face, glaring..."I told you don't.  Noooo," he said sarcastically and still enraged, "you just had to put your pretty little face in between my fist and your doors."  He grumbled incoherently for a moment before backing away from her.  "Why would you do something so stupid?" he bellowed, "You weren't suppose to get hit!  Why in hell would you...what the hell where you thinking..." he grabbed a pillow and threw it across the room, screaming like a madman, his face red.  He was confused, and unsure of what to think of Vae.  All of his ways of trying to scare her away have failed.  It was starting to frustrate him.  "Why can't you realize I am not friend material?" he growled at her.


Her fingers gently probed the spot where his fist made contact, there were some bones broken, but it was a flesh wound compared to other things she had endured before. " I already told you I am the one who chooses who I think is friend material... I told you I would rather you hit me then another crew member or the bulkhead... " Her expression was soft as her eyes settled on the young man, seemingly having a temper tantrum much like a child.


" Its better then you hurting yourself by causing harm hitting the bulkhead, or ruining any chance you have by hitting a Security guard.... I can't stand watching you hurt yourself... I told you I can take anything you can put forth... And I will... And I will not back down... I will not turn my back on you."


He stopped and sat on the nearest chair, as far away from Vae as possible.  "At least a bulkhead wouldn't get hurt.  You must think me stupid?" He asked her, his voice a bit hoarse.  "Don't you?  Stupid enough to hit a security officer or another crewman."


She moved over to the chair across from him and leaned forward on her knees, he was not getting away from her that easily. " No... I do not think you stupid... What I see is someone who is frustrated with the cards the universe has dealt them.... Yet they don't know what the next move to make is... Because they are scared to get burned..." Only stating what she saw, true or not, it was what she saw.


"The 'universe' didn't deal me any cards.  I got the box the cards came in shredded and torn!  You honestly think I am scared to get burned?  Give me fire, I will do it myself!" He said knowingly taking her comment out of context.  he stood up and moved to a chair further away from her.  "Please stop, stay where you are," his hand throbbing.  "Don't even think of calling sickbay either.  I want to deal with this pain.  At least I know I am alive," he stated disgustedly.  "Wish I wasn't." He mumbled so she could just barely hear him, but knew she would due to her Vulcan hearing.


She stayed where she was seated, it was close enough to have a conversation with him, " Why would you wish such a thing?" She frowned as she looked at him, just a week ago he was overly proud to be in the position that was assigned to him. And yet, here he was, sitting in front of her not even wanting to live? " What happened to make you want that sort of fate?"


"Look around you Ensign?  It isn't just Starfleet.  What do you really, I mean really, know about me?"  He asked her curious to see.  "You must have read my personnel file.  Some charity case I am right." He scoffed.


" It is hard to know much about you from simply reading your personnel file Crewman... There is always a lot a grey area... And I tend to use it as just a guideline... The rest I leave for you to delve to me..." There was a long silence before she sighed and continued with one simple sentence. " None of my patients are for charity... Specially when a patient also happens to be a friend..."


"Fine, then what do you get about me from my file Ensign?" He asked her.


" Actually... That is what I find surprising about your file Crewman... There is way too much grey area for my liking... Your past is virtually none existent... Save for a few basic facts..." She shook her head as she leaned back in the chair and looked at him. " Pretty much nothing that gives me a clue as to why you don't like people touching you... Or why you are so worried about getting hurt..."


There was a sigh as she rested her eyes on him, keeping a close eye on his actions, hoping he was done throwing punches at random objects. " Which is why I require you to tell me... Why you are so worried about people touching you? And getting hurt?"



Ensign Vae Dwellon


U.S.S. Charon





Crewman Andrus Morganth

Captain's Yeoman

U.S.S. Charon