Sunday, February 13, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241102.13 Duty Log, DipAd Kharifv Lhaerrh tr`Terik


Here is a list of word that I used for this post this is so everyone can understand some of the phrase:

  • susse-thrai - she-wolf or bitch
  • fvah dha'nia areinnye - "what the hell?"
  • exile, unwilling - tactau



[Guest Quarter, Deck 3]

Lhaerrh tr`Terik took a moment to collect himself as he sat at the desk in his assigned quarters, he had been putting off this meeting for as long as he could, but someone at his pay grade could only put off his superior for so long.

At the moment he was waiting for a secure channel to the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi, "Kharifv Lhaerrh tr`Terik, you a secure channel to the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi."

Lhaerrh didn't bother giving a reply as the internal ship communication system was closed, he knew that as a diplomatic his channel would be clean, but he didn't trust that susse-thrai that commanded this ship. He was grateful for her getting him out of the Federation brig, but she was a exile more than he was. He had to school his features when he came face to face with his superior direct superior, Lleifven Sienae t'Aelhih.

"Shaoi kon, Lleifven Sienae t'Aelhih," Lhaerrh replied as he bowed his head slightly.

Sienae schooled her features to appear cold as she looked at the young officer, "I'll cut to the chase Kharifv, fvah dha'nia areinnye?"

"It seem that Riov Itsak tr'Sahen appears to have lost his or what he had left," he replied, "Before this all started he began to clear house. I mean those that were members of Tal'Shiar, Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi, and Tal'Diann that were not loyal to him were removed and I can tell you right now, this must have been the first time that any of those three branches had to work together to survive one of our own."

Sienae could just feel a headache coming, she could just see the face of the Galae`Enriov, the khre'Enriov, the khellrea'Riov and the Dhaemnasi faces they they got the report and what made this matter so much worst was that it dealt with a Vulcan starship and a Federation starship.

"Very well, this mess is out of our hands and it now rest with the Tal'Shiar," she replied, "As for your status as a fugitive form the Federation, you are to consider yourself on leave, officially. However you are to work with the tactau Captain Shiarrael t`Rehu as long as you are on the ship, but that doesn't mean to give her the honey."

"What about when we arrive to Romulus," he asked as he leaned back in his chair, "She will be leading the Federation investigation into the bombing of their embassy."

"Since it pretty much that every embassy is considered sovereign soil to the government that site on the site, there is nothing we can do," she replied, "However, that doesn't mean that we can do anything, now you will be the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi liaison, I have no idea what the other will be doing.

"Very Well, bedah," he said before closing the channel, he had a lot to think about and it might require him to meet with the t'Rehu.


Kharifv Lhaerrh tr`Terik

Diplomatic Advisor

USS Charon