Friday, February 4, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241102.04 | Joint Personal Log | Part I | Cwm. Grax, ACNS & Cwm. Morganth, Yeoman

=/\= Counseling Officer =/\=


After working on some of the personnel files she came across Andrus Morganth.  She remembered that name from about three months ago.  Could they really both be assigned to the same ship?  As she read further she saw that he had been in the brig, and he was currently there now.  Grabbing a PADD she rose and headed that way.  Well part of her duty was to make sure that all crew members were in a good mental state of health. 

When she got to the brig she introduced herself to security and told them she was there to see Crewman Morganth.  As she waited, she wondered if he would noticed that she had changed.  Not physically of course but there was the mental respects that have changed.


Andrus sat on the stole in the cell.  He was starting to become utterly bored.  He had managed to wreck more havoc on the ODN's than what any certified engineer would have.  Figured the Chief Engineer would probably have his head on a latinum platter as well for it.  He sensed a familiar presence enter but didn't look up, nor did he acknowledge her. 

When the guard led her over to where Andrus was, she was allowed in the cell.  Nibbling on her lower lip when he did not even look at her she was definitely confused. Maybe he did not remember her. It had been three months and it was only a brief conversation.  Lowering to sit down on the available space she relaxed.  "Hello Sir, I'm not sure if you remember me." 


"I'm not an officer.  Please don't call me sir." He said knowing exactly who she was.  His black eyes continued to stare at the floor.

"It is a sign of respect." She watched him for a moment.  "How come you won't look at me? I do happen to know that I am not that scary." Kestra had to smile at herself for that comment. 


"Respect or not Crewman.  Please either call me Crewman or by my name or Mister and my last name but not sir.  I do not have the training nor the rank to be called sir, and if I could get out of here...well Crewman I work for a living." He responded without once looking up at her.  "I know your not scary, I probably know more about you than what you would like me to." He stated.

"But yet you still will not look at me.  If you know so much about me please tell me and look at me when you do so, Crewman."  Kestra shook her head.  "What did you do to get in here." Of course she knew, but she wanted to hear him say it.  


He didn't bother to look at her, 'Your name is Kestra Grax.  We met in San Francisco.  You were waiting for a shuttle.  I kept calling you uttaberry, you told me to stop.  I asked you about the Betazoid four deities, you answered.  You ran off.' he sent her telepathically, "I am sorry, I forgot you don't like that either.  Forgive me Crewman." He responded.

Kestra closed her eyes a moment before looking at him and responding telepathically.  'I'm sorry Andrus Morganth, for that day.  You scared me.  I.. was not raised, I was raised on earth.' Then spoke "Nothing to forgive Crewman." 


He was slightly taken aback and shocked that she had responded to him telepathically.  "I shouldn't have done that, at the station," he said remorseful of the fact that he almost seemed like a stalker.  "You were really pretty.  That's why I kept calling you an 'uttaberry' because you are sweet and innocent looking." He felt himself blush slightly.

She was surprised when she felt his emotions, she felt shock, and his remorse.  Then her own cheeks turned pink.  'No one has ever said anything like that to me before.' Kestra once again said telepathically.  "It honestly was not easy growing up where you are so different than everyone else.  And it to so much to try and keep it under control at boot camp. Feeling everyone's emotions.  I'm sure you are used to it though."  


"Crewman, I know all about being different.  Trust me," he said his head still hung low...still refusing to look at her, but because of the tear streaks that stained his face from the last time he had wept.  He quickly put up a mental barrier around the thought that began to surface of his past, a thought he did not want to share with anyone at this time...perhaps never.  "Yes I am used to it, and if you like I can teach you how to help block unwanted emotions, even your own.  I can't do that while I am in here.  But answer me Kestra, may I call you Kestra?" He asked before continuing on, "Why have you come down here to the brig?  You really don't want to be seen with me.  Haven't you heard any of the rumors going on around the ship?" he asked her quietly.

"Actually I just boarded the ship yesterday Crewman.  So no I have not heard any of the rumors going on.  The only one I have met so far was Savant.  She showed me around the ship and to my quarters.  Can you believe I don't have to share with anyone right now?" Kestra was very excited about that little fact.  "I mean she did say that it might change as we get more crew members but.. "She stopped.  "I'm sorry, here I am rattling on. I actually came down because I saw your name and where you were and wanted to see if you were alright." 


Andrus nodded slowly, in response to her ignoring his first question.  "At least you know where your quarters are at.  I haven't even been to mine.  I don't even know if I am alone or have to share.  Not that it matters any, all I have were the clothes on my back when I joined Starfleet.  Crewman, you are taking a risk in being associated with me," he sighed. 'Why is such a pretty girl wanting to check up on me?  What is her plans?  Is she working for Miss Ignorant, is she going to help that thing get me off of the ship?' he wondered to no one in particular, briefly forgetting that he was in the same room with an empath who could sense his thoughts and his emotions.  His body language changed from semi-relaxed to stiff and paranoid.  "Any rumors you hear, they are probably true," he went to point towards the dented walls but remembered that they had been fixed earlier.  He didn't know what day as he had no chronometer, he just knew he had fixed them.  To try to appease the artificial intelligence.

Kestra tilted her head as she looked at him.  'I am not sure who Miss Ignorant is, but I have no plans besides to talk to you and see if I could help you any.  I am not here to try and get you off the ship.  Please, there is no reason to be paranoid around me.'  Kestra licked her lips as she had responded telepathically before speaking.  "I do not believe rumors Crewman.  As I have discovered, those who start rumors are weak and petty.  Just wanting to hurt another for either pleasure or some kind of gain for themselves." 


"Trust me, you should believe them.  Kes-," he started to say her name but changed, "Crewman...I commend your efforts.  I honestly do.  However, I don't want to hurt you.  You are innocent.  You are like a flanarian bird.  You asked me earlier why I was down here.  It started the day I reported for duty."  He answered truthfully.

"Are flanarian birds pretty? I have never seen one myself.  I'm sorry I seem to have so many questions myself.  What happened the day you arrived Crewman? What happened that would wind you up in.. " Kestra looked around the small room.  "In here. " 


"They are, at least to me.  They are mostly a cobalt blue with white heads and orange legs and feet.  Similar in size to a Canadian goose," he responded.  "So you really don't know much about Betazed or our culture do you, other than what is learned in a textbook," he was relaxing again knowing she wasn't lying.  'Let's just say I put a Romulan veruul in her place,' he admitted to her telepathically as to keep up pretenses.

"They sound beautiful. And no unfortunately I do not.  My mother, she never talked about my father.  I do not know if he is alive or dead.  I am honestly not sure if he knows about me.  Can I call you Andrus? You can call me Kestra." She said as she looked to him. 'What was putting her in her place involve?' Asking telepathically.  


"I told you earlier you could call me Crewman, my name, Mister Morganth, or Crewman Morganth.  I will leave the choice to you," He looked at her for the first time, the dirt showing on his face...lines from the tears had cleared away.  "At least your parent cared about you.  My parents didn't.  It was always how great Tam was, how wonderful Tam was, look at Tam, Tam Tam Tam TAM TAM TAM!!!!!" His voice rose and anger burst from him like flames devouring a house.  His fists clenched up, and he wanted to strike at something...but bit his lip instead drawing blood to the surface.  Though deep down, hidden, protected from prying minds, it wasn't anger he felt for his twin brother.  It was jealousy, he had always wanted to be considered an equal to Tam.  Yet, was never given the ability.

Kestra jumped feeling the anger coming off of him.  Her eyes widdened.  "Andrus, please calm down.  Please if you don't calm down the guards are going to come in and make me leave."  She looked to door to see if they were coming. Then back to him. 'Please Andrus? Calm down for me.' she asked telepathically.  


He attempted to reign in his anger, he had nothing against Kestra, nothing to use against her.  Biting his lip harder he calmed slightly, though the anger was still radiating off him, 'Why are you interested in me Kestra?' he asked her without moving his mouth, 'Do you consider me a lab rat, for some psychological experiment, if you do please tell me.' again without moving his mouth.

Kestra's eyes widened hearing him. 'How could you even think that? You know you tell me exactly what I am feeling.  And your people, I mean our people do not lie.' She was hurt by his words.  Now speaking to him. "If you want me to leave Andrus please tell me but do not accuse me of something so horrible like that again." 


"Crewman..." he started, he really didn't know what to say.  'Everyone who has come to visit me has some kind of ulterior motive,' he admitted.


"I am not one of them.  Now I can't make you trust me, you have to come into that on your own.  But just know I am here if you need to talk to someone."  Kestra tilted her head as she looked at him.  'I will not betray or hurt you Andrus' 


"What if it meant the your career, Crewman.  You actually stand a chance in Starfleet...I don't."  He responded before turning his black eyes from her.


"What is more important to a Betazoid Andrus?" She asked seriously.  


"What do you mean what is more important?" he countered unsure of her question.


"I know what a human would say.  I have lived along them long enough to know that most of them would sell out their own mother for a chance to get ahead.  What I don't know is what is more important to the betazoid side of me.  What will I feel? What will it do to me?"  Long lashes fluttered against her cheeks as she blinked. 'Help me understand that side of me Andrus.' 



Crewman Kestra Grax

Asst. Counselor
U.S.S. Charon




Crewman Andrus Morganth

Captain's Yeoman

U.S.S. Charon