Monday, November 29, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241011.29 | Personal Log | Lhaetan tr'Valkar

The universe often felt like such a very funny place.


Just weeks ago Lhaetan tr'Valkar had considered his life forfeit, soon to be given over to Romulan or Federation authorities. His blood, he would have sworn, would have been spilt to save the honor of his father and eldest brother.


O, how truly mind warping the galaxy could be.


[An hour earlier…]


"Vang'radam? No son of mine could ever betray the Empire," Deletham tr'Valkar, hru'hfirh of the Valkar estate and senator for the Mhiessan region, declared proudly from his office on the homeworld. "News of the events at I'Rak have spread quickly, faelirh, and tr'Sahen's treachery laid bare. Besides, the Tal'Diann are far more thorough in their recruitment."


For several moments all the young Rihannsu could accomplish was to stare at the Federation computer monitor, gaping at his father. Finally he stuttered, "B-but what of the Gai'Shian soldiers I put down? Surely they were just following orders."


"Be still, my son," the much older Romulan replied as he held up a hand to quiet Lhaetan. "An investigation has been launched into the events surrounding the destruction of the Endless Sky, as well as the kidnapping of t'Rehu's offspring. But, the initial declaration is that the actions you took to ensure your own survival, and those taken to save the children, were nothing but honorable, faelirh. All is well."


No, Lhaetan thought to himself. All is not well. Whether it had been necessary or not, the faces of those men caught in the midst of their final moments would rest in his mind until the end of his days. Or  perhaps, he considered, father is only speaking of his own safety.


His son being found innocent of treason against the Praetor would have been the end of his career, unless Lhaetan had willingly given his own life to ensure their honor. The his eldest brother and family heir, Galan tr'Valkar, would have been stripped his command. It was a crude custom, one that reeked of Klingon barbarianism, but it had kept the Empire in order for generations.


Resisting the urge to look around his spare, Starfleet surroundings, the young officer asked, "Then what is to become of me?"


Immediately Lhaetan noticed uneasiness cross his father's face as his elder took a moment to formulate an answer. Finally the old man, well into his second century of life, sighed, "Just stay where you are for the time being. When the time comes the Tal'Diann will contact you with your next set of orders."


"As you wish, father," Lhaetan replied as he bowed his head in respect.




So it seemed he would have some time to spend on board the Starfleet vessel Charon, though he was not quite sure if its commanding officer would ever let him out of his confinement. Though reasonably comfortable, a cell was a cell no matter what it was being called. There was no telling what he could learn from the officers walking the corridors just beyond his door, the stories they could tell.


Not to mention he may also be able to pick up more of Earth's classic literature. As often as Lhaetan had read through the Homerian epics, there was bound to be many other stories out there he would thoroughly enjoy…


[To be continued...]

erie'Arrain Lhaetan tr'Valkar

Tal'Diann Legate