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[USS Charon] SD241011.09 || Joint Log "Bars & Bedmates" || Col Falcon & Lt Dexter

Jade Falcon <jadefalcon02@yahoo.com> wrote to charon@ucip.org:

=/\= Crew Lounge, R&R =/\=

The crew lounge was packed. Charon was docked and closed for repairs, nearly the entire crew on leave, and the most senior ranking marine around was taking some R&R. The coquette, dressed in urban BDU's and a tight fittened cut off shirt licked her lips deviously, her fingers sliding up and down the pool cue as the crewman across the table tried to line up his shot, distraction free.

"Aw, il mio dolcezzo, come now. Trouble handling your stick?" The nip to her bottom lip was charged with raw energy, and the crewman could see it plaining in those piercing eyes of hers, the flush of red on her cheeks, the relaxed tension in her form. "Take the shot."

Mark was casually watching the game of pool, having a drink. Ok another drink. He knew who had the real stuff, and was now sporting quite the buzz as he observed.

The crewman shifted in his position, palms sweaty from the marines obvious advances. She was intimidating, but in an exciting way. He took the shot, terrible, bouncing way off and sinking the cue ball. "Fuck," he muttered to himself, standing straight up again to chalk the cue stick. He was off his game, and he knew exactly why.

The Colonel smirked contently, pleased with the effect she had had on her opponent. She rolled her head back, explosing her neck, a finger sliding down to her collar before returning to the pool cue. "You suck," she said harshly, moving over to the man. She bent over in front of him to line up her shot. "Maybe you just need some...practice.

The crewman grinned, guessing what her game was, placing one hand down on the felt of the table and leaning in over her as though to watch her shot. His groin grazed her from behind, nudging Aria as she made her shot. The cue ball went wide, missing totally, just as he had.

A gasp from the marine, shark, shocked - but oh so planned. "Very good, dolcezzo."

Mark was quick to act as he saw a man lean over, quite lecherously, the female who was trying to make a shot. He wasn't close enough to hear their chatter, so acted on visuals alone. With large, not totally unsteady steps he walked to the pool table and grabbed the man by the collar.

With a none to nice yank Mark pulled the man off, then proceeded to glare down at him. His 6'4" 220 pounds came in handy at times. "What is your problem?" He demanded of the man, not quite ready to let go of his collar.

The crewman stood a considerably shorter length at 6' and only had two thirds the weight of the new arrival. He stammered, trying to act tough in front of the marine, but this guy was...big. "What makes it any of your business, guy?" At least he managed to sound half confident.

The crewman stood a considerably shorter length at 6' and only had two thirds the weight of the new arrival. He stammered, trying to act tough in front of the marine, but this guy was...big. "What makes it any of your business, guy?" At least he managed to sound half confident.

Aria was the one the new guy had to worry about. "What the hell do you think you're doing you asshole?" She was furious that someone would interfere in her conquests.

Mark let the man go, ignoring him. "Oh, sorry" He didn't slur, well he didn't think he slurred. His gaze now on the woman who was giving him a look he was sure could kill. "I'll just..ummm" The other man had taken his cue to leave, and was now several meters down the adjacent corridor. He turned his best shit eating grin on the woman, hoping to salvage something. "Your knight in shining armor?"

She gave him a look like he was a complete moron. "Your my...what?" Her voice dripped with venom. She was beyond furious at the idea that she needed saving. "Knight in shining armor?" She got close, real close, her chest flush red, fists balled up. "What made you think I needed one?"

Mark immediaely knew he'd been wrong. In a half drunk state he'd jumped to conclusions. His chivalrous attempt obvioulsy not need or wanted. But he needed to save face.

"He was pretty much dry humping you!" He spluttered, not at all his normal calculated tone.

Her head tilted as though scheming on what to do with the man. A slinder finger went up, slowly waving from side to side in front of the "knights" eyes before slapping her hands together right in front of his face. It was simplistically malicious meant to startle and confuse. "You jealous, guy?" Her tongue slid aling her lips in a manner that could easily have been meant for the man she had previously been enticing. "Well?"

"Hardly" Mark rebuked, now on surer ground. Ok, he'd messed up, but with all the right intentions. She didn't have to be a bitch about it. "I was just trying to be a nice guy, so sue me."

Hardly? Really? As far as Aria was concerned, she was a real, in the flesh siren. She scoffed at the man, taking a step back as if physically harmed by his remark. "You were just trying to get in my way. You -will- beg for my forgiveness and you -will- squirm back under the rock from whence you came!"

Mark grinned. He'd do neither. He'd apologized, and that was that. "Have a good evening ma'am" He was still completely civil, no hint of his initial annoyance showed in his tone. He'd messed up, yet. But he still had his dignity.

Aria just stared at him. He had come charging into her business like a Mongol warlord, disrespected her and defied her wishes. Her skin flushed red with rage, but that rage was accompanied by something else entirely. She grabbed his collar and pulled him down to her, pressing her soft lips to his in an avaricious demand for satesfaction.

Mark was momentarily surprised, but he'd done worse for less If he's messed up her sexual conquest, he could reciprocate. He wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss.

Aria redoubled her efforts, exploring the brutes mouth with her tongue, her fists clenching tighter around his collar. He could feel her tense with desire, anger evolving into something else, something even stronger. When she was done with him she gave him back his flesh, desire shining bright within her eyes. "You have begun, nominally, to repay me for your transgressions."

Mark could only smile at her moxie. "Can I get you a drink?"

Aria clasped her hands behind her back bashfully, biting her lip and smiling up at him. He hadn't hesitated to respond to her carnal assault; that scored big points with her. Anyone who showed the slightenst bit of hesitation was likely to be weak and, to her, boring. "Jameson and ginger ale, two taps like a big mans drink."

Mark grinned and gave her a slight bow, having a bit of fun with the role. He then grinned and made his way to the bar, bringing back her drink, and one for himself. "So, do I get a name?" He asked as he handed the drink over.

She took a big drink from the glass, eyes locked on Mark like a predator stalking its prey. She had long, long ago forgotten about the other crewman. Had he been worth her time, Mark would have been on the floor calling for a medic, but that had not happened. Her eyes looked up, down and to the right as she contemplated, answering finally, "Mmmmm no."

Mark grinned, taking a large chug from his drink as well. His attention was drawn to the doors as they opened. A remarkably handsome man walked in and Mark's gaze lingered longer than it should. He realized and looked back to the firey woman.

Arai was squinting at him, having followed his gaze, the gaze that took an awefully long time to find its way back to her. She spoke in a slow, careful voice, making each word in the sentance was very clear. "What...was that all about?"

Mark shrugged. No need to lie. "He was hot, don't you think?"

Her eyes narrowed slightly more. "Yeah..." Now she had some big questions to answer, so she went about it a different way. "What do you think of me?" Again, each word was said very carefully, emphazing the fact that this question was very important to her, not to mention the fact that it had already been made clear she was a ticking timebomb.

"I think you have a powerful personality." He gave her a serious look. "And you are a beautiful woman." Mark chugged the rest of his drink, 1/2 expecting to have what was left of hers thrown in his face, or her fist in his gut.

She brought her hand up to her forhead, rubbing just above her nose. Irritated would be an understatement to describe what she was feeling and she really wondered why he had even bothered to send her such a strong signal that he was interested. "If I invited you up to my state room for the night, you'd say what?" She was sure she knew the answer but wanted to hear it from him.

Now, she at least knew the truth and could make her decision without false pretenses. "Yes, with the understanding that it didn't mean anything."

That was not the answer she expected to get and was only slightly disappointed in that she had a whole plan of assault ready for the moment a 'no' was uttered, but it never game. Instead a smile brightened her face and her eyes light with excitement. "Well then, shall we?"

Mark nodded, putting his glass down on the nearest empty table. "After you. A State room you say?" Oh, he wasn't trying to wile information from her, it was actually easier if it were just anonymous, but he was impressed.

She grinned and finished the drink, rejuvinating her buzz and making her way for the door, pausing to answer the inquiry, ""si, dolcezzo." A slender finger beckoned he follow her. "Unless of course you're having second thoughts." It was far more akin to a dare than a warning.

Mark just chuckled. He'd already decided, and he didn't change his mind easily. He answered her by pulling her in for a slightly rough kiss. One hand going to her ass.

Aria wanted this guy to know just what kind of fire he was playing with. She ground her hips against his provokingly, her lips assaulting his, violating ihs mouth with her eager tongue. The slender fingers of her free hand ranked down his back in a barbarous show of desire, the inklings of doubt she had harbored before burning away in a sea of salacious fire.

Things progressed quickly, and Mark soon found himself panting and spent. He was tempted to curl up and go to sleep. A soft bed and a warm body, female or not, was a lot more appealing than his bed alone. But from what he'd gathered, she wouldn't appreciate that. He sat up, trying to spot exactly where his boxers had gone.

But they had been torn off, literally, and not too dissimilar to the other articles of clothing that had crossed the threshold of the state room doors. The living room, the bedroom, here and there, all displaying varying degrees of damage. The room was a mess, but that was usual for her; the room wasn't on her tab after all.

Aria, meanwhile, slept peacefully in the center of the bed, sheets partially draped over her naked form. Stirs began, but it was hard to tell if dreaming was the motivation.

Mark salvaged what he could of his clothes, then just replicated new ones, hoping he wouldn't wake his bed companion. He ignored the slight pang of guilt for bedding someone he had not sexual interest in, and had gathered no information from, but it was only a pang, and guilt was easily ignored. She

She'd been interesting, if not meaningful, and regrets were like shit.

Everybody had them, but nobody liked to talk about them.

She might have just kept sleeping. R&R had taken effect and there were others maintaining the local marines who had to stay on duty. She could sleep as long as she liked, but that and any similar possibility shattered when the door chime went off. Aria sat up, rubbing the sleep off her face as the door chime went off again. "Oh Christ...really?" She sighed, looking around, "really?"

=/\= End =/\=

Aria Falcon
USS Charon


Mark Dexter (pnpc apb Selin)
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