Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241011.17 Joint Duty Log, Science Teams (CSci Commander Arcos Darye)


//--Geo Sci Lab, USS Charon – Present day--//


Much of the Cybernetics team was gathered in the geo sciences lab.  The team had volunteered to stay behind and help with repairs rather than spend all of their time on the planet or surrounding areas.  Headed by Ollanda, the team of three was running tests on the holo-emitters within the lab.  The team comprised of Crewman Xelli Rexillan or "Rex", Technician Thomas Greensee or "Green", and Lieutenant Ollanda junior grade.

Holding an engineering tricorder Ollanda was scanning the emitter as the images were projected.  "Alright increase the emitters range by a factor of three." The lieutenant said. A crewman with long hair and purple eyes grinned as he adjusted the beam targeted at the projected images.

 "I think we've got it this time Ms. Ollanda." Technician Greensee said as he rolled out from beneath a work station.  He had a probe in hand and an engineering kit on his stomach. 

Ollanda looked over at the technician who had a five O'clock shadow, unkempt hair, and was wearing a pair of goggles.  "You know green, you have quite a talent there for pointing out the obvious." She laughed.  "Rex, modify the beam settings, we need to test the integrity of the force fields." Ollanda ordered. She and the team had been through every science lab on the ship in the last few days.  If Commander Arcos had been there he probably would have given the team a commendation, but alas her efforts were unnoticed at present. She sighed.  "Vary the beam pulse width up and down, than we will try intensity Rex." She said continuing with the repairs.

//-- Vulcan Archeological Building, "Basement" storage --//

"You mean to tell me this is all you have for on file for your pre-Surek time period?" George Yellin asked in disbelief.  There was only a handful of items here on the table.

"Surek led his movement in the aftermath of political, social, and technological cataclysm.  Most of the items that remain were selected as reminders of something of our distant destructive past.  If you are interested, there are several ruins from the time period still holding fragments of what we once were." The Vulcan Archeologist suggest to the Anthropologist.

"Is there nothing known about the cultures of that time?"  Yellin asked.  He couldn't believe it.  There was nothing much recorded from that time period.

"Surek's time is recorded in some of his writings and teaching.  If you'd like there are works of Surek in the library on the second floor." The Vulcan suggested.

"Right… well.  I'd like to look at these relics a bit more."  Lieutenant Yellin, J.G. said exhaling deeply in frustration.

//--Botany Lab, USS Charon--//

Crewman Smith sat in the botany lab over a microscope looking at some of the small samples she had collected.  It was her daily task to study and record the changes in chloroforic behaviors and any mutations, deficiencies, or diseases.   "Cellular wall… intact," she reported aloud.  The computer recorded her vocal observations while made them.  "Chloroplast, continuing to mutate.." She sighed. "If this mutation continues we will have lost the original specimen."

//-- Planet's Surface --//

"(You want to play) Beach ball? Are you nuts? Its like a hundred degrees down here."  Petty Officer Castillo uttered in disbelief.  He couldn't believe Sarah really wanted to get all the science personnel down on the surface for a game of beach ball.

"(It is) Thirty seven degrees to be exact." Lieutenant Sarah Ronsett informed him.

"I was talking about the old Fahrenheit measurements." He exhaled.  "So you really want to host a beach ball tournament?"  Castillo asked still wondering if she was serious.

"Yes teams of five or six."  She smiled.  "We can have two or three of the sub departments form a team."

"UGG… I'll get my swim wear out of my storage trunk in my quarters."



Lieutenant Ollanda J.G (NPC)
Cybernetics team

Lieutenant Yellin J.G.(NPC)
Anthropology team

PO1 Castillo (NPC)
Geo Science team

Lieutenant Ronsett (NPC)
Physics team