Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241009.14 | Joint Back Log | FASec Cmdr. J Falcon & Civ. Cmdr E. Falcon

=/= SD241009.14 - USS Charon=/=

Eithne looked around the jefferies tube she was taking shelter in, where exactly she was, was unknown to her. However she did know she was somewhere on the ship, and there was no sign of any other crew members near to her. In the commotion of everything she knew she had fought along side a few, but she could not name them if she tried. Adrenaline was in her veins as she waited, taking the moment to compose herself and rest, as she knew another wave would be through soon.

Beyond the rush and fight to stay alive, she worried about her family, Sera had been in school when the ship was attacked, and beyond that she was unsure as to if she was safe or not. Eithne had tried to make her way to the school, but there was no way to get there without being ambushed and killed by the invading Romulans.

" Damn it..." She hissed as she tore a piece of her green and red stained t-shirt and wrapped it around her wounded bicep. Though it was not life threatening, it was still a wound. The other's were below the surface, a few bruises under the dirt and blood. Flesh wounds compared to the carnage she encountered during her fights.

It was then that she heard the shots, the commotion of yet another confrontation down the hall and around the corner from where she was. When it was over, she braced herself to take the remaining ones out. Her hands gripping her phaser riffle, set to kill. Poised, ready, waiting, and silent, they would perhaps overthrow her, but, they could also be walking right into their deaths. Still, she waited for what was about to come around the corner, footsteps heavy and getting louder with each passing second.

When Jade rounded the corner, he had not expected to find anyone.  The three-man Romulan patrol he had just dispatched shouldn't have been accompanied by anyone.  He nearly fired on the woman suddenly standing in front of him, though it hadn't escaped him that she could have gunned him down well before he was even ready to fire.  "Eithne?"

The security officer relaxed his broad shoulders, sucking in gulps of air.  Although he had lost track of the marine lieutenant that hadn't meant he had lost track of the fight.  He had a daughter and a wife to fight for, after all.  There, smelling of sweat and blood, some his own, some not. he looked down at one of those two people, grateful she still had her life.  "I've been looking -every-where for you!"

" Jade..." His name slipped from her tongue in a whisper, she took in a few breaths to calm herself before she lowered her phaser and ran to him. Taking him into her arms and burying her face in his chest. " Oh Jade.. Sera... I tried to get to the school but it was already blocked off... I couldn't get to her..."

Tears filled her eyes as she realized they could very well lose her again, all because she was not able to get to her in time. She would not forgive herself this time.

Jade shook his head, taking Eithne by the arms.  "No, no.  I was with her when the Romulans attacked.  I took care of it.  But I had no idea where you were.  How did you escape?"

The wave of relief that came over her was so intense she nearly lost balance from it. " Oh Thank god..." She took a moment to regain her composure before she continued to tell him how she managed to escape.

"I was in our quarters. When we were attacked I slipped on what I could find the quickest... When they invaded our quarters they were walking into a death trap. From there I managed to get to the nearest jeffries tube and met with a security team... But, with most of them now dead... I hid here... Disposing of the odd scout team... Decided I would wait until someone from the crew found me... Or die... At least I would have died fighting." Her breathing was now somewhat regular as she looked him over, gauging his own injuries.

" You... Are you hurt?" 

"Nothing I haven't hurt before," he said with an encouraging grin.  "Red is mine, green is theirs."  Back peddling, he glanced around the corner he had just come from, checking the hallway - clear.  For now.

"Listen we can't stay here.  I lost track of the marine commander, you might have seen our handy work, but now that the whole ship is rebelling we have a shot at accomplishing something material.  Where were you headed?  My thoughts were engineering or power distribution."

She nodded as she watched him carefully before she answered his question. "I was thinking that it would be a good idea if we stuck together. We would have a much better chance then if we were separate." Another nod and she continued. " If you agree with me I will be joining you where you head."

Jade brought an arm to his forehead, wiping the sweat from his brow, his breath now settled he had better control of himself and that unconventionally dangerous mind of his.  It might have disturbed some, as exhaustion was slowly replaced by a look of humor on his face, just how detached he was from the invasion or what he had done to repel it.

"Hey did you see the soldiers though?  Are those really Romulans?  Huh...thought they'd be taller."  He hadn't actually ever met one.  Having been a fighter pilot during the wars, his interaction with Romulans in combat had been limited to what his Specters' HUD displayed him, and pictures never really gave the whole story.

She raised a brow at what he was saying at the moment as they headed towards their location. " Yes Jade, they were 'really' Romulans..." A soft chuckle left her as she watched him carefully. She could tell he was tired, the exhaustion was there, even if he did not want to show it.

"On second thought, why don't we go get our little girl?  Let the chief handle engineering."  Practical though Jade could be, he was also selfish, though this sort of selfishness was rarely chastised.

He kept thinking about Seraphim the whole way.  He had stuck her in hydroponics because it was a low profile department that most occupiers would have ignored, despite the fact that the chemicals used in the plant soil could be nasty if combined properly.

Pausing a moment, she looked over to him as thoughts of their daughter rang through her head. Then, finally, she gave him a nod. " Aye... I think that is a good idea." After that was said she watched and let him lead the way. He was the one who knew where she was, and she was so very thankful for every moment she had with him.

As they were moving down the hall, memories of how he risked his life to go find their daughter came to you, and she could not help but reach out her hand and grasp his hand lightly. Almost as if she were testing to see if he were real still, still needing the reassurance that he was in fact, alive and with her.

"I hid her in hydroponics - a do nothing section of the ship as far as combat is concerned.  Figured she'd be safe enough, I have her a phaser pistol and told her to shoot anything that didn't wear a Starfleet uniform."  Probably dangerous, possibly illegal, but Jade hadn't cared.  He could never have terrorized the Romulan occupiers with her tagging along, so he had to put her somewhere.  Now that they had free time, it was a good opportunity to go get her.

Eithne had her phaser at the ready, she was ready and waiting for anything or anyone to try and surprise them. However, it was unlikely that they would encounter anyone seeing as Jade had already seemed to clear the way for them. It was only when they got closer to some place they had not been before that she would begin to really keep an eye out.

Still, being with Jade like this, was bringing back memories of their days in security together, a truly happy time for here. And for the first time in a long time, she was happy, even with the danger around her. Still, she was happy. " Jade..." his name softly left her before she grabbed his hand and turned her towards him. Her lips on his a moment later.

Jade returned the affection, the kiss a shockingly refreshing feeling in recent days.  It was disturbing to him how something like a simple kiss could become so uncomfortably foreign to him, but that had been his reality for longer than he cared to remember.  He decided, then and there, that he would get used to it again and be happier for it.  But first, he thought with a considerably measure of excitement, there was rampage to be had.

"Come on, lets go get Serra."


Commander Eithne Falcon


Commander Jade Falcon
Former Assistant Security