Sunday, November 7, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241011.07, Duty Log, CSci Commander Arcos Darye

//--Vulcan Medical Facility, Present Day --//

Commander Arcos arrived to the place that would give him back his arm, or rather a clone of one.  At least that's what the special ops team leader had told him after returning to the debriefing location.  Walking in to the front office, he was greeted by an Andorian receptionist.  This would have been a strange site in years past.  During the years of Kirk, the Andorians were not always in agreement with the Vulcans, such that during the negotiation of the Babylon conference, the presence of two aboard the ship (one was an imposter) did not bring the most serene of situations.  Today, Vulcans and Andorians worked side by side in many locations.

"Hello, Commander." She said with a rather naturally calm and cheerful attitude.  "What can I do for you?"

"I am here to report for surgery." Arcos said, placing his hand of the artificial arm on the table to reveal the cybernetic replacement.

"Oh Commander Arcos, we've been expecting you.  I will alert the surgeons who will be performing the operation."  She smiled after checking the list of surgical procedures.

//--Operating room, two hours later--//

"Commander, we will be administering the anagesliastic now.  With any luck, you'll have your arm back when you awake".  Commander T'Valan said as he administered the sedative and numbing agent.  "Count down from ten please, Commander."

"10… 9…" Arcos's eyes started to get heavy and his whole body went numb.  "8… ah 8…" he passed out.

"First we must remove the implant." The chief surgeon said.  The team got to work with an auto suture, taking care to remove the arm piece by piece and connectors.  Next the team took the previously grown left arm from the incubation chamber and began to connect nerve endings and ligaments.  Once this was done, the team sealed the arm's dermal area with a skin graft, and regenerating the dermal layer with a dermal regenerator.  The doctor administered a anti-biotic and turned over the patient to the medical centers, nursing staff.

//--Ten hours later--//

"Commander." The nurse smiled. "It seems the surgery was successful, can you move your fingers?"

"Ugg…" his fingers moved. "Yes." Stretching his hand open to close. "Ok, I think this is worse then stun setting."

"The effects will wear off shortly commander.  We will of course be prescribing pain medicine for the next three days.  Get some rest."  The nurse smiled.  "Glad your feeling better."

Arcos nodded then closed his eyes and fell back asleep.


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon


Commander T'Valan (NPC)
Chief Surgeon
Vulcan Medical Center
(Played by Arcos)