Monday, November 15, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241011.14 Back Duty Log, CSci Commander Arcos Darye


"Station target is secured Commander, what's your status." Alpha team leader called out over the secured comm.  For some reason the station remained nearly unguarded.  The teams met light resistance and things had gone smoothly so far.

"Captain, we are siphoning the tank.  Give us three minutes." Arcos called out.  He hadn't thought much about the ease at which the station was taken.  There was no reason too.  He was under the belief that the station was taken by an excellent work of the alpha team.

"Four minutes to beam out Commander.  After that you're walking home." The captain shouted over the comm. the sampling siphon tank began to do its work.

"Acknowledged." Arcos called out.  The tank was filling they'd have their sample in less than ten seconds.

"Oh shit!" Corporal Davis called out.  Davis was a friend of a friend of the family; his presence was unexpected on the team, but well respected.  He had done well in all of the trials.  "There's a counter…"

"Twenty"… he called out.


"Let's get the fuck out of here…" Arcos said as he grabbed the container and the team proceeded down the hallway to the beam out point.


"Ten…nine…eight… seven" the counter went to English audio.  Whoever rigged it, want Earth counterparts to hear it.

"Run" Arcos ordered.  The team scattered toward the beam out.   All except himself and two others had made the beam out.  A flash of light went off as an explosion threw the commander and the remainder of the team in circles. 

//--eight minutes later--//


When he awoke Debris was everywhere.  There were bulkheads down all over, breaches in the stations armaments were forming. The station was critical.  "Fuck." He rolled over in a debris pile feeling a nudge on his arm as it broke the last of the skin holding it on.  He looked over at the others and screamed. 'Dead…no alive' as they woke up in the nick of time, the one crawled over… another stood up uninjured.

"I think you got the best of the blow" he said pulling out a plasma torch to cauterize the wound.  "A flesh wound… fit for a black knight, such as you."  It was a humorous childhood joke from his youth, but only meant to keep Arcos present at the moment.

Arcos eyes began to roll into his head as he started to drift.  "Commander… you're not going to die" The corporal pushed open his eyes and turned the torch on the wound. Arcos Screamed again into nothing. The three dematerialized and were whizzed off together, the armaments of the base had been breached and so too had its natural shielding…


//---Two months later – Formal Hearing---//

"Commander Arcos… For your actions of Science Officer you have excelled greatly.  Your actions as Warrior XO are over looked in this hearing because of the duties no longer on file.  We find you fit for duty and assign you to the USS Charon as your best, first destiny… Chief Science Officer.  Good Luck to you, Commander.  Proceed to Vulcan for experimental surgery and rendezvous with the Charon. Farewell."