Tuesday, November 2, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241011.02 Back log - "Retirement", CSci Commander Arcos Darye


//--Back Log, Just prior to infiltrating Second Dominion base  circa SD241009--//

Arcos had spent the last of the journey to the secret enemy base in his temporary quarters aboard the Rigel class operative vessel.  He was going over procedures and running through the training in his mind when a comm. Message came in.

"This Marine Captain Wyatts, The Major has informed me that we have reached our destination.  All operatives to the transporter-room please."  The captain announced over the ship comm.  He sounded a little overly polite.  Perhaps it was because of the differing caliber of the crew on the mission. There were enlisted who had been in the ranks for at least a dozen years, officers who were of differing ranks and grades, some higher and some lower.   For the most part the team of twelve had been handpicked for this mission.  Arcos wondered if they had all been placed on retirement, just as he had.  He hadn't conversed with the team outside the training, besides a few conversations in the operative training base on some nameless asteroid of which he was never told the location or system name.

"Hmm… I've got a feeling the Major means now." He closed the computer terminal screen and headed out to the transporter room.

//-- Rigel-Class Transporter room. --//

Major Folner, whom had been promoted from team leader to mission commander after the Lt Colonel chose to remain behind to train a second squad for a second chance and/or rescue operation, stood in the transporter room in almost an attention like stance. "Commander," he said calmly.  "I'd like to thank you for your cooperation and quickness at arrival.  Should this fail…"

Arcos frowned.  "Should this fail, Major… The Colonel is going to have one hell of a fight to clean up our mess…" he paused, "But, F.Y.I… I don't intend to be held captive.  If any one of us goes down… it will be our duty to inform our families… even its thirty years before what we're about to do is declassified"

"Agreed," The Major remarked. "Team one assemble on the transporter pad." The major ordered.  Team one was charged with infiltrating the base from the opposite side of the team two.  It was their responsibility to provide cover and take down the comm. and central shields Before team two, of which  Arcos was a member of transported in to the heart of the base and risked life and limb to get the bio-gen sample.

"Team one is ready for beam down, Major, sir." The Marine captain of the first half of the squad said as the team stood at attention on the platform.  "Commander, we will be waiting for you in the center.  Energize."  Arcos nodded as the team dematerialized on the platform.  Team two stepped onto the platform, waiting for the word that shields had been taken down, almost biting their nails in anticipation.  To, Lance Corporal "Sam the man" or "Sam the swift", it was the longest five minutes he had ever had so far in his brief time in Star Fleet Marines.   At least, Commander Arcos imagined it seemed that way anyways.  He himself was getting butterflies in his stomach from nervousness and anticipation.


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon