Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241011.09 || Off Duty Log || "Back To Work" || Colonel Aria Falcon

Jade Falcon <jadefalcon02@yahoo.com> wrote to charon@ucip.org:

Takes place immediately following "Bars & Bedmates"

=/\= Col Falcon's Starbase State Quarters =/\=

By the third chime Aria had slipped on a pair of black lace panties and simple, urban grey T and stormed through the bedroom door. Hair was a mess, sprouting this way and that with snake-like tendrils, lips curled into a snarl, eyes bloodshot from the prior nights fun; no longer the tempting siren, Aria now resembled a bloodthirsty fury. The crime? The murder of her peace and quiet.

She ignored the man in her room, completely uninterested in him. Her tunnel focus on the door would allow nothing of the sort. The doors swished open, presenting her, not with the Captain or Warren or Walker, or someone else she might have forgiven for the transgression of waking her, but an operations officer she vaguely recalled having seen elsewhere on the station.

Her eyes narrowed at the man. "Really? Really? It's my fucking day off! What could you possibly want?"

Most people shrank away from the Queenbitch when the malicious side of her reared it's ugly head. The man in front of her, on the other hand, looked sleepily back at her - it being evident that he had just started his shift - and thrust a padd forward.

"Here," he said with surprisingly little emotion invested in his voice, one way or the other. "Orders from Marine Command, came through an hour ago but I couldn't find any other marine officer to hand it too," meaning he hadn't tried.

She snatched the padd from the ops officer, her murderous eyes descending upon the text on the little screen - stupid orange letters on a black background. She hated that. "Piece of..." Surprisingly she held her tongue. "No more leave. Now I have to go planetside and babysit all those Vulcans. General Sulla wants me to set the peace keepers up and running."

The ops officer simply shrugged, utterly uninterested in her mood or disagreement with orders. "Just what it says...I guess. I'll have someone inform Charons captain."

Aria said nothing more to the man, the doors swishing shut. The padd found itself carelessly tossed onto a table as Aria stormed back into the bedroom to get ready. Off with the temptress wear and on with the uniform. She was technically late responding to these orders, but that fleeter had sat on them for nearly an hour. It wasn't long before she was ready to go, storming out of the estate room and bound for the transporter.

=/\= End =/\=

Colonel Aria Falcon
USS Charon
Starfleet Marine Corps