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[USS Charon] SD241011.13 || Joint Log "The Bright and the Dark" Part I || 1st Lt Brent Warren, LtCmdr Sakarra Tyrax

=/\= T'Shen monastery, Shi'Al province =/\=

7th Day in the month of T'lakht, YS 9022

"What you are saying is you lost my grandbaby."

"Madam, what I am saying is everyone on these grounds is free to leave when they wish."

"Leave. You should have sat on her. What are you, a monk or a …"


"No, dear, that would hardly work, would it. Though they make splendid mother figures I'm sure, those pointy eared … there is no need to think at me like that. And who… what?"


The perfect image of an utterly fascinated but hardly ruffled Vulcan, Sejet looked at the Betazoids who had descended onto his tranquil garden like a flock of exotic birds. Not that he was quite able to follow their conversation as they obviously switched cheerfully between telepathy and vocal expressions, and it would be rather rude to eavesdrop on the former. But it was a sight to behold indeed. Tall and regal in her deep blue brocade dress the lady with her snow white hair radiated enough energy to power a small city. And then there was the no less stately male with the patient eyes and the quiet smile, the young one who was dragging a few of her friends along the gravel path, shouting some melodious words in Betazoid, and the other youth engaged in a lively debate with some healers who had not been able to effect a timely escape.

Quite invigorating, though it would take some time to get used to the … chaos.


"Where. Is. She." Feeling the low thrum of a powerful telepath focusing all her splendid anger onto him, Sejet gave yet another small, soothing gesture. Not that the lady was like to care, judging from the expression in the night black eyes but some reflexes are deeply ingrained. "I do not know, Madam. But as you must be aware, in times of distress a Vulcan will often seek solitude. And if the T'sai does not wish to be found …"

"Not wish to be …" seemingly on the verge of an explosion that might make mount Tar'Hana look like a volcano with a hiccup, the Lady Lhorexa Tyrax, Daughter of the Twelfth House twirled around to glare at her son who still refused to be helpful and beat these pointy eared …

"What my mother says, Ohassu, is that in her physical condition Sakarra might be at risk. Surely you can appreciate the logic of her concern."

"Of course." Even if Sejet had not known the male with the iron-grey hair and the placid features to be T'Sora's bond-mate, it would have been plain as day this was one accustomed to dealing with Vulcans. "However, I am certain you can also appreciate that physical … conditions are meaningless to one whose Katra is in pain."

"And how is getting eaten by whatever crawls these mountains going to help either?" Philosophers. Mystics. And these people called themselves reasonable and practical. At least it wasn't so hot up here. With a fan, you could actually bear it. Now there was an idea.

'Mother, you should not hit the abbot with your fan. Besides, it might break.'

'Point taken. I'll go look for a chair.'


"What about T'Para? Or Sovar? Did they …"

"Don't you start with me on that overgrown elf with his …"

"He's her friend. He might…"
"Phaugh!" the Betazoid lady snapped her fan shut and pointed it menacingly at the abbot who did not even give her the satisfaction of flinching "You. I will hold you responsible if …"

"They did not accompany her, nor did her mate. However, one may assume that …"

"Her who?"

"Her what?"



"Her mate, Madam."

Fascinating. Going from fury to astonishment to disbelief and back to royal indignation in the space of zero point eight seconds. Sejet was duly impressed.

"You must be mistaken my dear abbot. My grandbaby would have told me."

"Apparently Madam, she had not time to tell anyone yet. I understand the Lady T'Leia was no less … surprised."

"I bet."

"May we speak with him, Ohassu?"

"Unfortunately, the Lieutenant is not currently ..."

"Well get him here. Now. Or I will personally drag him by his pointy ears."

"Madam, I believe there is a small …"


Sejet calculated the probability that he would be allowed to finish a sentence in the near future and found it negligible.


'Did you know this?'

'She asked me not to …'

"Did. You. Know.'

'She sent me a letter, some time back. That she was seeing someone. And she would tell me more once she had time.'

But Rel Tyrax realized his irate mother was not listening any more. Like a Wanoni Tracehound on a trail she was following … following … a mind. Thoughts. Of Sakarra. Loud, clear. Seeking.

Oh, dear.

Like a galleon under full sails, Lhorexa Tyrax waded through a field of lilies, making straight for a human who stood even taller than her, and the abbot's sigh was quiet enough to be politely overheard. What no one within two miles could fail to hear however was the Betazoid Lady's voice.



Brent wasn't sure what was making all of the commotion.  Up until his arrival he had thought that the place was relatively peaceful and quiet.  That of course meant that he had disturbed the tranquility.  He however did his best to maintain it, aside from his presence that would no doubt disturb some, but not all.  He was making his way into the Eastern Wing of the monastery when someone yelled.  It wasn't a voice that Brent had ever heard before...  And it didn't have the same tone or inflection of someone having grown up on Vulcan.

That made Brent turn around to see just who was yelling out. To his utmost surprise he saw an old woman in a blue dress. Tallish even. He frowned, looked behind him to see if she was yelling at some Vulcan who had maybe spilled something on her dress. Seeing no one Brent came to the conclusion that for whatever reason she was yelling at him. That made him perplexed and even raised an eyebrow at the woman who was presently storming over to Brent. He folded his arms over his chest still not quite sure just what to make of all of this, but whatever was going on... He wagered that it was disturbing Sakarra. So he responded in kind to the silver haired lady.


"Don't you 'what' me, young man." In a swoop of fabric that stayed in motion even after the wearer had already firmly planted her feet on the ground, Lhorexa Tyrax tapped the … human. Quite adorable, too. Old? Who… he had to mean someone else. Disturb Sakarra? He didn't know. He didn't … how could he not?

Humans. Poor dears.

"Well?" she tapped his chest one more time with her laced fan and her jet black eyes fairly burned a hole into the … interesting. Pretty blue. Bit like Alarmante late evening-ish. But just standing there like a statue. Broad chest, nicely built.


Since he didn't seem inclined to move but only returned her glare with an intensity that she would have found quite cute under other circumstances, the Betazoid circled the young human once, prodding at the shoulder he seemed to favor and frowned at the unflattering uniform that prevented her from getting a better view at his important and pretty parts. Well, the little one had good taste like her grandma, so one could assume …

'Mother. Really.'

"What? Oh yes, where are my manners." Stopping in front of the towering human, Lhorexa drew herself up to her full height "Lhorexa Tyrax, Daughter of the Twelfth House. Grandmother of the lovely young lady you had the good sense to take to bed and who, I hate to be the one to tell you this, has run off. Again. Not that these pointy ears are in any way helpful."


Having taken the long route, meaning the one that would not disturb any carefully tended plants, Rel Tyrax had drawn close and gave the young male a long, thoughtful look.

Yes. Definitely … an echo, a timbre, a silent note floating on the air.

Who would have thought?


A lot of information. A flood of information. Brent wasn't sure just who this woman was or exactly why she was talking to him in such a manner. All he knew was that she was loud and on the side of annoying. When she did finally get around to introducing herself that made him raise an eyebrow again at the situation. The other half of the family. As Brent finally caught a view of just how many of them were here he wondered just how much of this clan had come to visit her. As the man came to stand next to the silver haired woman and give him and appraising look Brent paused for a moment as he gave the man a sizing up in return.

It didn't take him long to realize that this was in fact Sakarra's father. He smiled, and was just about to introduce himself when what the silver haired woman had said clicked in. He paused just before he was about to greet, tilting his head a little bit as if that would make his bond with Sakarra any stronger. He couldn't sense her anymore. What in the hell.



=/\= To be continued … =/\=


Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax

Executive Officer


Brevet 1st Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander


 USS Charon



A smattering of the Twelfth House of Betazed