Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241011.23 || Joint Log "The Bright and the Dark" Part IX || 1st Lt Brent Warren, LtCmdr Sakarra Tyrax

=/\=  Sas-a-Shar (The Forge), T'Karath Sanctuary =/\=

8th Day in the month of T'lakht, YS 9022


Brent saw her pointing at his water and nodded. "Well I suppose we should be plenty fine for water for several days and food for two days," he said letting out a sigh. "I should have brought more though. My father would be very disappointed that I only brought two days supply when going into such a hellhole," he said with a grunt. Oh right, father and mother. "I was able to contact my parents while I was out and you decided to go on a little road trip here," he said in a half amused smirk.  "I think after five years and the last Dominion War, they aren't going to take no for an answer anymore.  I'm probably going to have to leave you in a few weeks to make a trip back home," he said.

Ah the water. He withdrew the little drinking hose and offered it to Sakarra... Only to withdraw it at the last second when she leaned for it. He had that incorrigible smirk on his face again as the process repeated itself yet again. He was going to do it a third time when instead of leaning for it Sakarra opened her mouth... And by the look and feel of things it was to state his name in a firm tone that voiced her disapproval. When she tried to sound out his first name, he put the water tube into her mouth, letting her have her drink. "You were going to say something my dear?"


She had been about to say quite a few things, with 'Impossible male' being among the first. As it was, the water took priority and soothed the hiccups as expected, leaving Sakarra to once more mull over her beloved's unpredictable nature. Steadfast and headstrong to match a Vulcan, he also had this … this … she could not put a name to it. What did you call a willingness to brave a deadly desert, a landscape you despised with ardent fervor nonetheless, for the simple reason that you believed the one you loved my need you? The cheerful grace with which he assumed this to be perfectly normal behavior? And then his playful antics after outracing a storm that could have killed him in an instant, as if being stuck in an old abandoned sanctuary was just one of those things that happened and there really was no reason to make undue fuss when there were other matters to be seen to – like getting a Sehlat unstuck and teasing a hiccupping Vulcan.

Wordless emotion welled up, threatening to make her heart burst by sheer force and she let go of the small drinking hose to lean her cheek against Brent's chest, not daring to chuckle and wanting to, wanting … ah, truly, those volatile surges apparently had no inclination to subside any time soon.


"I was. However, I think it is quite unnecessary for me to voice what you have already deduced, yes?"


Fireplace. Wood. Not that Brent would actually need the warmth, and even Sakarra would have been quite comfortable if not for her injuries … why was it not colder down here? It should have been. How very strange.

Then her mind finally kicked back into gear and she blinked. Leave?

"Your parents? Of course. You should …" as unappealing as the thought was to spend time apart - now of all times - Sakarra could not argue against this. She did not know if humans took Clan obligations as seriously as Vulcans but it hardly mattered. His mother might not be a Matriarch but considering she not only ruled an actual farm but a host of children, she could fairly be considered one in her own right. One did not debate such a lady's wishes within her own House.

"You should go then, of course. Though I wonder if it would be acceptable for me to accompany you?"


She really should get up and see about that fire. See about exploring their surroundings for any possible dangers or perhaps useful things. Find out whether the water she sensed so close she could almost taste it was also the source of the strange warmth and if so, whether they had … what was the saying? Hopped out of the frying pan to land on the stove?

But she was warm and content in Brent's embrace, and though she would rather go back outside to be hit with a blue-hot charge of Sandfire than admit it … she was weary. Tired. Hurting. Ready to curl up right here and now and doze off, perhaps find her first truly restful sleep in what seemed a lifetime. She was ready, now. Ready to heal.

All it had taken was a few more near catastrophes. The usual.


"Mmhmm. Quite right my dear," he said softly, chuckling there as he placed his arms carefully around Sakarra, pulling her to his chest as he let out a sigh. Well at least they could properly rest here. Hopefully she would relax and rest. He had an inkling that Sakarra would insist on doing anything other than that just yet. "You want to come with me? Are you sure? It's winter back home now. As in real winter, snow and freezing temperatures," he said trying to persuade her otherwise from coming with him. "The Planetside Safety Agency would have a field day. Especially after they hear that you were just injured. Vulcan or no the gravity there is dangerous, even for you," he said giving her a look of trepidation. "I know you hate it when I coddle you and try to look out for you but I'm serious, it's no joke."

He sighed before he leaned back against the nearby wall. He could sense that she was weary and he squeezed his arms around her again. "I don't think my parents would mind meeting you. My mother would warm up to you almost immediately...  My dad might be another matter but he's always cranky about something or another," he said softly, soothingly. Almost as if he was trying to recite a soft poem or lullaby.


Sensing that his little friend was on the verge of actually giving in and staying put for once – something that raised the nice alien biped from 'strong and funny person who could be counted upon for a bit of behind-the-ears-scratching' to 'Not ever to be underestimated strong and funny person with a pleasant scent' in Warya's mind – the Sehlat gave a happy purr that sounded rather like a minor rockslide echoing in the warmly lit chamber and curled up next to them to offer his luxuriant fur as a comfortable, huge pillow to rest against. Of course he shattered another funny wooden thing in the process no matter how gently he had tried to nudge it out of the way but for once no one gave him a Look for it and Warya was well content. Life, the Sehlat pondered, was funny sometimes, but always a nice thing to have. Giving a colossal yawn, he set his head down on two massive paws and snickered in his low, rumbling way when Sakarra's scent changed to … mellow.


"Field day?" it was difficult to bite back the yawn tugging at her in response to Warya's, not to mention her entire body wanted to respond with utter relaxation to Brent's deep, soothing voice. Of course that was likely his intention, impossible male that he was, but he had seen her give in to weakness before and never though less of her for it. Quite … the contrary in fact.

"Though I will have you know that not only does my family maintain a house on Terra where snow would seem to be a normal occurrence for at least a third of the year, but I spent a spring on Andoria without suffering any ill effects." Aside from walking around like a ball of wool for most of the time, bundled in layer after layer of clothing. Until Sirta had managed to stop laughing and introduced her little Vulcan friend to Efrosian cashmere. After that, she had not only been able to appreciate the inherent beauty of snow, but actually come to … well, like it. In a way.


"And I must point out that if there were humans capable of surviving the planet's gravity, even prosper and colonize it, a Vulcan should be fully able to adapt as well." Not that she planned on suffering without need. A small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth she exhaled and let the relaxation wash over her, nestling against Brent's tall frame as one hand slid downward to playfully tug at his belt "Of course I agree that there are better ways to address the issue. Though I am rather offended you would believe I do not approach it with the proper … humorless attitude."  



=/\= To be continued … =/\=


Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax

Executive Officer


Brevet 1st Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander


USS Charon