Friday, November 26, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241011.26 Joint Off Duty Log LtCol Miller & SCPO Miller

=/\= Transport Runabout near Vulcan =/\=

A pair of eyes peered into space out of the bottom of a runabout window. "Moooom, are we there yet?"

"Not yet, dearheart," came the practised reply, from a tall well statured woman sitting nearby. The woman had a babe in arms, all wrapped up in a blanket and slumbering peacefuly. Next to her, another child - older than the one so obsessed with the planet they were approaching. On her other side, her husband. She looked over to the window, but spoke to her partner. "Should be pulling into dock soon I guess... got the PADD with our assignments?"

Jake waved the PADD at his wife nodding.  "Got both of them right here.  Marine Commander and Master at Arms," he replied before he took a look outside of the shuttle's windows.  "Damn.  That's our new home?" he asked pointing out the window at it.  "I think I've seen better looking garbage sows," he said with a frown.  "Just remember kids.  Mommy chose our new home for us ok?" he winked at Akume before he motioned at the baby in her arms.  "Want me to hold Kyra for you for a little bit?"

"Please, and don't let your Dad tell you different - we both decided." She passed over the sleeping infant with a practised ease. "She - the ship - has been through a lot. Most ships in the fleet have." She stretched her arms, the servos in her prosthetic groaning at having been in one position for so long. She frowned. "I really ought to get this thing replaced. I've had it nearly as long as we've been together."

"Getting combat prostetics won't be easy if you still want to go down that route sweetie," he said taking the little one into his arms, making sure to keep her still as she was still asleep.  "Getting a normal prostetic would probably be easy...  And of course so would probably having them grow you a new arm and attach it," he said stopping there before she turned to glare at him about the subject.

Shooting him a sidelong roll of the eyes, Akume smiled wryly. "Won't be easy my foot. I'm as near as dammit a full bird Colonel now, if rumours are to be believed... if not, then meh. I'll sort something out. Just a pity the guy who made this one for me up and disappeared like he did." She flexed her wrist, and balled her fingers up a few times to work out the kinks. "'sides, it's never done me wrong so far." She stood and stepped over to the window, resting her hand on the shoulder of her son. "Come on now Will, get your lil' butt over to your seat. We're almost there."

"It's crushed my hand three times over," Jake replied unamused at the limb in question.  Granted all three of those times were when she was in labor with their children.  The first time was an accident.  The second and third time Jake had the sneaking suspicion that it was less than an accident.  "Cmon Will.  We can run around in the arboretum once we get settled into our temporary quarters," he said and secured himself and little Kyra in his arms.

Will sat down, albeit with a great show of displeasure. "Hrmph."

Akume chuckled to herself, and reached up into the luggage stow to grab her small bag, unclicking it and grabbing a game PADD from inside which she proceeded to hand to Will. "There. Don't say we never give you anything... I know you've had your eye on this in every shop we've been to."

The child's eyes lit up and he nearly snatched it from his Mom's grasp. "Wooooow thanks Mom!"

"It's not just from me," she replied before sitting down again, and leaning in a little closer to Jake. "I wonder if the Charon knows what it's in for with our lil' clan?"

"Probably not.  We could inform the counselor that they could run a little study on the affects of a diverse population when two little tornado's decend upon them.  That should be fun wouldn't it?" he smirked.  He leaned over putting his arm around her shoulder before looking around at his family.  "They're good kids.  They just take after their mother too much on some things.  Although I wonder how William will be once he hits his teenage years..."

"Hopefully not too much like his father. Remember all the hassle before Skye was born?"

"Ohh and that's just the stuff you know about my dear.  I didn't start there.  That was rather what broke the camel's back and made me realize that it was time to stop," he said with a smirk.  "We'll have to teach him the lesson of having both lovers take their shots.  Like when he's thirteen or something."

"Thirteen?!" She sat up and play smacked him on the chest, being careful to avoid Kyra. "Lil' man ain't gettting out of my sight til he's at least sixteen. At least then he should have SOME sense, if he knows what's good for him." She eyed Will, but he was far too engrossed in his new game to even hear the conversation taking place right next to him.  The announcement over the speaker in the runabout told them they were coming in for final approach.

"It's not like he'll do anything in your sight my dear, and if you tell him no...  Guess what he'll do?" Jake replied, taking the hit as he bounced Kyra a little bit as she was trying to wake up.  "I didn't start when I was thirteen either.  But you can bet that's what consumed most of my thoughts when I was thirteen." he said with a smirk.  He looked up at the intercom and made sure that everything was secure before they docked.

"When did they say they were bringing out that mind control device?" Akume chuckled, taking Kyra back off Jake so he could check properly. "I just hope they've got quarters big enough for all of us. Gods know the kids alone take up enough room."

"No kidding.  I asked for large crew quarters and put down your rank in big bold letters.  Hopefully someone will take note of that and give us the space that we need.  Giving the baby her own room would be a nice change of pace.  Maybe she'd sleep more at night instead of during the day," he said leaning over to poke Kyra in the tummy lightly.

"Gods, that'd be nice." She put a finger to Kyra's lips, who proceeeded to suckle on it with a fair amount of force. "Figured as much. This one needs feedin'. I'll have to slip off once we dock."

Jake nodded and shifted about in his seat as the runabout docked.  He helped Skye and William up onto their feet.  He placed their small bags onto their back before he and Akume took the lions share of their things.  He moved with their horde out past the docking port of the space station and made a line for the security officer handing incomming traffic.  He chewed the fat with the man for half a moment or two before finally getting the location of their temporary quarters.

Jake thanked the man before moving back towards his family.  "Looks like we have some nice quarters at least while we're here," he said ruffling William's hair, who seemed to not care a lick since he was engrossed in his video game.  "Lets get there and we can get her fed then while I get these two to help me unpack."

Akume nodded. "Alright." She turned to her two eldest. "You heard your Dad, let's go!" She paced down the corridor towards their temporary home.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Jake Miller


Lieutenant Colonel Akume Miller
(Soon to be) Marine Commander


Skye, William, and Kyra Miller
Hellion's on two legs