Saturday, November 20, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241011.20 | Personal Log | errie'Arrain tr'Valkar

[Quarters, USS Charon - Following shortly after "The Rescue - Part 2"]

When he had first made the decision to risk both his career and, most notably, his life to rescue the children of Shiarrael t'Rehu, Lhaetan tr'Valkar had not known what to expect once the objective had been completed. Perhaps it had been gratitude he had expected, or simply some outward appearance of thanks towards his actions. After all, he had likely just given up everything he had fought for during his life.

But now, nearly three hours after his dramatic arrival on board the Starfleet vessel, all he had seen was the inside of the set of guest quarters he had been escorted to. They were very small, and extraordinarily plain, though there was no argument that they beat out sitting in a confinement cell in the vessel's brig. Or being executed as a traitor back on Ralaar'laehval.

After arriving in the transporter room after the close call of an escape from the station, the Trill woman had explained to the security officer who he was and what he had done. The officer had stepped away for a brief moment before returning and directing Lhaetan to his present location. The only other contact with Starfleet personnel he had was the security officer standing outside his doorway when the Romulan had informed him that the replicator unit inside was not functioning.

Though, given what had been witnessed on the trip from the transporter station to the guest quarters, it was likely that a good portion of this vessel was not in working order.

So he had sat in silence in the chambers and contemplated his face. From his present position he could only think of three options.

First, he could request political asylum within the Federation. Life within its borders can't be that bad, he had thought to himself, After all, t'Rehu has done very well for herself here. There was no harm in continuing down the path once one was labeled a traitor to the Empire; perhaps he could even be allowed to join Starfleet (though the honor was not near as great as that earned serving the Empire). Perhaps one day his family would be able to understand his decision.

Second, his Starfleet chaperones could take him into custody and put him on trial as a conspirator in tr'Sahen's plot against Vulcan. While he did not see this as a likely option, the Federation had been just as underhanded and shady as any other galactic power when it came to matters of foreign affairs. If it meant bridging diplomatic relations with the Empire, they might very well do it.

Finally, Lhaetan could easily be taken into custody and extradited back to the Star Empire, where he could be tried as a traitor. Were that to occur, he mused as the flickering lights above cast the room into occasional darkness, They may allow me the Final Honor, which would prevent my family being shamed by my actions.

Asylum was probably the most likely route to ensure his ongoing freedom; however, all the honor he had earned during his (albeit brief) service would be forfeit, as would that of his family. It was also possible that the Romulan state would seize a portion, if not the entire collection, of his family's estate. His father could be banished from the Senate, and his brother stripped of his Galae rank. The second option could very well have the same effect if they thought it brought dishonor to the Empire.

That only left turning himself in to his government. Perhaps this way his death may have a more meaningful purpose. At least to his family.

"First I will talk with t'Rehu," he sighed aloud as the lights flickered once more. "Then I will request transport back to ch'Rihan."
erie'Arrain Lhaetan tr'Valkar
Tal'Diann Legate