Sunday, July 25, 2010

[USS Charon] [USS Quantum Fury] SD241007.25 - "The Impeccable Aria Falcon!" - Khiy Kanryth & Aria Falcon

[Starbase 45 | Airlock to the USS Charon]

Aria hated desk jobs.  Despised them, even turned down jobs to avoid them.  One could see it in the way she carried herself, urban BDU's grasping her lithe figure, hip holster clasped on the right side.  Shoulders up, chin lifted, jade-green eyes and indigo lips standing out against her untanned skin, she had a relaxed tension about her, a coiled serpent ready for the kill.

They followed closely behind her, her team that is.  Those specially selected to accompany her.  She had always been a woman of particulars, and when it came to those she worked with it was no different.  They had to be arrogant, aggressive and damn good at their specialty to make the cut.  Anyone too reserved, too polite or too much of a fuckup got the axe real quick.  They were all like her, individuals, go getters, all willing to take big risks for the promise of big rewards, but most of all, they'd follow her.

The airlock was a tight squeeze to fit them all.  Not so much because it was small, but the groups collective ego and energy filled the space quite completely.  One could almost feel the ether in the empty space.  Aria, at the head of the group, awaited impatiently for their contact on the other side.

The security personnel at the airlock were quickly flustered by the large group of jarheads and immediately called up to the bridge to request instructions.  Instead about five minutes later Khiy ambled down the corridor towards the airlock follow closely by his Cardassian XO.  The young Romulan was probably on average a foot shorter than most of the brutes that Aria had dragged along with her but if he was intimidated by the difference he showed no signs of it.  Khiy stopped just a few feet short of his security personnel and looked up at the woman apparently leading the Marine contingent "Colonel Falcon I presume?  We were only informed of your impending arrival moments ago.  Forgive us but we have not made arrangements to receive such a large group.  As such the inspection of your equipment will take longer than normal.  If you and your men can disarm this will be completed as timely as possible."  

Aria looked at the little man with stinging eyes, arms folded across her average chest disapprovingly.  She didn't say anything right away, for she had a temper about her with a mouth and wit to match it.  After several tense moments, at least tense for her, she took a step.  "What do you mean disarm?"

Khiy glared at the woman unmoved by the posturing "disarm.  Is there more than one definition?  But since it seems you require elaboration I will elaborate."  He would have grimaced at the momentary Vulcan slip but continued instead "put your weapons and equipment on that table so they can be inspected.  Is that clear enough?"

Aria had expected the dictionary come-back, condescending attitude and all.  Her anger demanded a challenge.  Tell him to take it from you, that little voice whispered to her, but she knew better than to fall into that trap.  Fleeters liked to try and make her act like an ogre.  "Oh good, a walking infomercial.  Well Captain Obvious," two could play at the childish game, "please further enlighten me on why any of your people would be better than me," she motioned behind her, "or them, at touching my stuff?"

A dull pain began to reverberate at the base of his skull as his agitation level increased.  Khiy looked at Kaen and then back at the woman shaking his head.  This wouldn't do.  Having such a presence on the ship would only prove to be a disruption.  He was already beginning to dread the next few weeks  "I do not  care whether or not they are better at touching your stuff.  It's their job.  They inspect all equipment that comes aboard this ship.  That includes your equipment.  If you don't want them to be inspected feel free to leave them out here."  Khiy pointed at one of the walls "there is plenty of space there for them.  Otherwise instead of wasting everyone's time it would be better if you simply submitted to the inspection."

She absently licked her lips as they peeled up into a smile.  Fucking Romulans.  She never thought those ugly faces could contort into a more disturbing image than what they were, but somehow she was always surprised.  Her eyes closed, biting her lower lip, her words soft, urgent.  "But it's just so gratifying to waste your precious time, civvie."

She twisted around and gave her team a quick nod before coming back to face the source of her irritation.  Slender hands wrapped around the phaser pistol's grip, the weapon eased out of its home and tossed carelessly at one of the security personnel.  "Did you need us to strip down so you could scan the carbon-fiber weave of our cloths, or do we get a pass on that this time?

The security guard stumbled backwards and haphazardly tried to catch the weapon.  Luckily for him Khiy took a step forward and plucked the weapon out of the air, setting it on the table gently.  "I would appreciate it if you could use caution.  Not everyone enjoys living dangerously colonel and no, you will not be required to strip down unless the scanners detect explosive residue."  Khiy gave the security guard a cold look before returning his attention to Aria "welcome aboard the Quantum Fury.  If you need anything you may contact my executive officer.  Since we are a small ship we lack an abundance of recreational facilities but you and your men are free to use what we have.  However, I expect certain behavior aboard my ship.  Any disorderly conduct will result in detention."  

She had to take a moment to think about whether or not there -was- any explosive residue.  Naw, probably ok.  "My thanks for your accommodations, and I assure you that none of my team would ever swing first."  She twisted around again, eyeing someone in particular, before straightening out once more.

"Good, than your stay aboard this ship should be pleasant and uneventful."  Khiy looked at Kaen who was lurking in the background.  His sensitive hearing had caught the Cardassian snickering more than once during the conversation "the Lieutenant Commander will escort you to your accommodations.  If you have no questions for me then I believe our business is finished?"

"I would agree with that assessment," she replied with a cheerful smile.  Those unusual eyes of hers darted to the commander.  "And where might we be lodging, commander?  I do hope it has a veranda and spa."  She wasn't sure what sort of person the XO was.  He had been rather quite, but after the spat with the Romulan she found herself in the mood to test the waters in a more direct fashion.

Khiy turned around and left.  Onarin grinned at the woman and shrugged "if you close your eyes and ignore the hum of the warp core- perhaps.  Now!  This will probably be one of the shortest tours you've ever been on.  Not much to see I'm sorry to tell you but I'm sure you'll have just enough to do to keep you from dying of absolute boredom."

"Hmm.  Small ship, that guy," she nodded in the direction Khiy had retreated, "and me?  No I should think there would be little boredom."  Aria shot the security persons handling her equipment an accusatory look.  "I suppose we should get started before it gets too late.  Wouldn't want to have to rush through or cut away part of the tour."

"He may be small but you would be surprised.  If you want something interesting to do- you should challenge him to a sparring match."  The Cardassian wore a clever look about him "it seems you were half tempted to anyways.  He's what your people would call a 'stickler' for the rules, something I guess he probably picked up from his mother."

She stopped a moment, wearing a mock expression of surprise.  "My dear commander," her hand rested against the hollow of her throat, "if I didn't know any better I'd think you were trying to get me to be your entertainment."  She leaned in.  "There isn't something I should know about the captain is there?  Crazy, souped up Romulan strength?  Telekinesis?"

"What?  Oh don't be silly."  Kaen smirked "he's just a little fast- maybe a bit more agile then normal but no superhuman strength or anything like that."

Her eyes scoured the man for signs of disinformation.  At the conclusion of her ponderings she was sure there was more he could say, and sure he wouldn't say it.  "I was once given some advice about femme fatales and alpha males mixing.  Beat the shit out of the alpha, or bend over, because neither is willing to share.  It'll be a cold day in hell before I'm anyone's bitch, but he seems too trim and proper to step into the ring anyway."

The Cardassian had a good chuckle at that "you'd be surprised Colonel."

The marine colonel half smiled.  "Then maybe you'll be entertained after all."


Commander Khiy Kanryth
Commanding Officer
USS Quantum Fury

Colonel Aria Falcon
Marine Commander