Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241007.27 || Backlog || "Falling for two?" || LtJG Auden Anderson



Auden steadied his breathing as his left leg rose high up into the air. He delicately rotated 360 degrees by holding his body weight throughout the core of his abdomen and stepping up onto the tips of his right toes. His arms were arched inwards making him look almost angelic. He could feel the classic works of Vivaldi move throughout him, the timing, every note and every rest gave birth to movement within his body.


"Auden. That's beautiful!"


The young doctor, who was currently dressed in tight fitting spandex practically jumped out of his skin. His concentration and balance was obviously interrupted and he plummeted to the deck plating of his quarters. "Computer. Pause music." He took a deep breath and couldn't help but laugh a little.


"Oh my goodness. I am so sorry Auden! My big mouth and I sometimes don't know when to shut up. You know that by now!" The young, beautiful and energetic Kyrona Nitala stood nearby him. "I rang the door bell but you did not answer and it was not locked so I decided to come in."


Auden lifted himself up from the floor and patted himself down. "That's alright Kyrona, I should have locked it if I had not wanted to be disturbed." He began to stretch a bit and Kyrona sat down on the small sofa to her left. "You never did tell me that you danced Auden, especially so beautifully."


Auden sat adjacently to Kyrona on a lounge chair once he had felt he stretched enough. "It's not something I do in front of people anymore. I used to dance competitively back on Earth and I did it recreationally for the crew of the Ticonderoga." He looked down for a moment, "Just something I keep to myself now."


Kyrona frowned. "No offense Auden but that's just plain stupid. Why would you waste such beautiful talent?" She was planning on continuing to probe as to why this was but the transport dropped out of warp. Auden looked out of the viewport and could see a starbase nearby, had they finally reached their first drop off point?


"Ah. Perfect. This is exactly why I was coming to see you. I figured you didn't read the communication sent through earlier." Kyrona looked over to Auden and he looked back at her puzzled. "We no longer get a couple days to not feel stuffed onboard a tin-can. We've been ordered onboard the Quantum Fury as soon as we dock with the starbase."


Auden groaned. "What?! We were supposed to get at least a couple of days to stretch our legs." He was obviously distraught at the prospect of being tossed onto a vessel smaller than the transport they were on now. "I know. I know. Think how fast these three weeks went though Auden. We'll be onboard the Charon before you know it!" Kyrona stood back up and joined Auden by the viewport. "Besides. There might be a cute boy onboard for you," She started laughing and Auden rolled his eyes, "Yeah right…"

= / \ = [A little while later….]


Auden stumbled his way through the corridors on the Quantum Fury, headed to his quarters. He had arranged for a private room after speaking with his former counsellor. He still needed his privacy and did not want his night terrors to disturb any particular roommate he may have. It was obvious that he was carrying more than he could handle though. He wasn't used to carrying things on his own, Geordan was the one that used to do most of the heavy labour for him and back at home he had his brother Gavin.


Finally reaching his assigned quarters he tapped in his entry code and the doors opened. Auden stumbled in sideways and as the doors closed behind him he was caught off guard by a half naked, solidly built man off his blind-side. "Ah!" Auden yelped and he tripped over himself, falling to the floor. He looked up at the beautiful man before him and could feel himself turning many different shades of red.


He waited a moment until his throat cleared up, "Ummmmm… Hi." He greeted the mysterious looking man with a squeaky voice.




Lieutenant Junior Grade

Auden Anderson, MD

Medical Officer

Uss Charon





Kyrona Nitala, RN [NPC Andrew]

Nursing Officer

Uss Charon


& A brief appearance by the gorgeous and mysterious man…..



Mark Dexter [NPC Selin]


Uss Charon