Saturday, July 17, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241006.26 || Backlog || "The Future's Past Part I" || JAG Miranda Xavier

<<OOC: Sorry for my absence! This is a flashback log for Miranda and, it revolves around three time periods. The first is the day where Miranda recieves her assignment to the Charon, the second is thirty years before where Miranda is on Earth during the Breen attack on Starfleet Headquarters. The Third is 100 years before the second and is the place of Miranda's first meeting with Starfleet>>
==/\==Starfleet Command, Three Months Ago==/\==
Miranda swayed lightly as she stood in the middle of the dark, almost unilluminated room, ready to strike on her objective. She flexed her hands on the side of the phaser holsters on each of her legs ready to react with them. She had done this ritual many times before, many, many times before at that. With over 260 years of experience, Miranda was sure to ace this one as well. Now Miranda was never arrogant per say, she just felt extremely confident in her abilities to finish off this round.
Miranda dove on the ground as five assorted hostile species from around the galaxy materialized in front of her and pulled out the two modified phasers she kept by her side. While most would consider the Mark II hand phaser from the mid 23rd century obsolete. Miranda had turned the pair into weapons of impressive firepower. Now with a rapid fire action similar to a machine gun, Miranda didn't have to waste time continually pressing down on the trigger.She spotted the first enemy, a Romulan behind one of the generated obstacles and still on the floor, pulled off an excellent shot, sending the Romulan dematerializing into the holodeck matrix.
"Kill One"
Miranda then rolled her self behind cover to avoid what appeared to be a Cardassian phaser shot coming from behind the pillars on the other side of the room. She fired a shot in the direction the shot had come from, knowing it wouldn't hit the Cardassian, just send him back into his cover and buy Miranda some time to get up. Standing up Miranda surveyed this side of the room............ nothing. So far......
She crouched down and looked around the corner of the wall. The Cardassian had ceased fire for the moment, most likely trying to determine where Miranda was.
"Computer End Program."
The partially decorated holodeck and it's various enemies and cover walls melted away at someone's whim. Certainly not Miranda's, after all she had only a few times like this during the week and holodeck time was sacred to her. She was going to kill whoever had done this, and this time she had the guns to back her up. Miranda tilted her head from her crouched position to see a glowing smile reflecting back at her. Oh how she did hate smug smiles.......
"What Gillian?" Miranda called as she stood up and brushed her self off, doing little good as whatever dirt or dust that had been on her had dissipated with the rest of the holodeck. She glared at Gillian as she awaited her answer and at that moment was totally ready to blow Gillian's head right off.
"No hello?" Gillian said calmly, placing her hands on her hips and looking at Miranda like a displeased teenager.
Miranda groaned, now was not the time to be playing games with her. Well then again she played legal games all day here didn't she? The life of a retired JAG no doubt. "No Gillian! Now get to it!" Miranda said as she picked her self up and walked towards her.
"You now you're really direct. I can see why you're a Lawyer." Gillian continued, still dodging the subject of why she was here.
"Now Gillian!" Miranda yelled, casually brushing her hand on one of the phasers.
Gillian relented, though obviously displeased by her friend's lack of cooperation in helping her have a little fun. "Fine, fine." She muttered. "But one of these day's you're El-Aurian heart is going to splat because of high blood pressure." Gillian nodded. Seeing a growing distaste in Miranda's face she quickly moved on. "Well ah....... you know how couple month's ago you you were thinking about getting a deep space assignment again?" She asked, but not giving Miranda the slightest chance to answer. "Well you got one." Gillian stated bluntly as she rocked on her heels.
One of the things Miranda highly disliked about Gillian was her knack for acting like an over grown teenager, now Gillian had only known Miranda for a short time and in that short time the two women developed a casual friendship in Miranda's eyes but Gillian considered Miranda to be among her closest friends.
But Miranda's distaste for Gillian's attitude quickly washed away as she uttered the words 'deep space'. Deep Space had been Miranda's playground for as long as she could remember. In her 500 some odd years of traveling Miranda had always been drawn to the heavens above her for some reason. As a little girl she charted stars with her father with a small, intricate antique telescope he had given to her on her 8th birthday. Years later she made it a point to visit the stars which she had seen all those years ago and after that she tagged along with Starfleet and several other governments.
Finally Miranda worked up to ask the ultimate question, "Where?"
Ever the optimist, Gillian said the name of the assignment with pride. "The Charon, castle of the wicked ice queen, bastion of lost souls and guarded by Romulans."
Miranda shook off Gillian's own distaste in the assignment. "Well Gillian, you can't win 'em all." Miranda beamed as she walked towards the exit.
Gillian bounded after her, somehow surprised at Miranda's answer. "So what does that mean?" She called. "You're going?" She exclaimed. "But you really can't take up that position! It's an expedition! Ruled by a tyrant, and not to mention runs into trouble every other Stardate! It's dangerous and.......and miserable and...."
Miranda turned around to face Gillian with a slight smiled on her face. "And it sure is fun."
"And it sure is fun."
Miranda Xavier
JAG Afloat
USS Charon