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[USS Charon] SD 241007.24 || Personal Log || Lt Janel Sorad

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=/\= Last Year, SB 369, During the Dominion-Krivaldi War =/\=

Marine Captain Taron Sorad looked over across the cargo bay, his eyes
scanning the perimeter constantly for additional Jem'Hadar intruders.
Starbase 369 was cut off during the initial Dominion assault. The
Vindicator arrived at the base and sent help, leaving much of its
compliment on the fledging outpost. The starbase had been shaking
intermittently from Dominion fire, but once the shields went down the
Jem'Hadar began launching an all-out assault to take the station.
While no one had actually said it, few failed to realize that this
would be war at its worse. No mercy ... no quarter ... and no

Sorad's platoon was now in the cargo bay, trying to prevent the
Jem'Hadar from accessing the Jeffries tube network that would take
them to computer control. In the distance, the exchange of phaser fire
with plasma rifles had everyone on edge, expecting combat.

The Jem'Hadar didn't disappoint. Soon the cargo bay erupted in fire as
the Dominion invaders tried to eliminate this infestation of humanity.
With a volume of fire, they cleverly tried to suppress the Marine
platoon as they moved closer and closer. They wanted to make it a
hand-to-hand ordeal, where their natural physiological prowess made
them superior.

Sorad knew this, and he continually fired his rifle at the Jem'Hadar.
He wasn't going to make it easy for them to get close, and he found
himself inflicting an appreciable number of enemy casualties. The
Jem'Hadar, though, knew themselves to be expendable and it seemed that
no matter how many he killed, a new one was charging closer to replace

The volume of fire was too much for the marines and Sorad had to issue
new orders. "Fall back!" He took his rifle and tried to lay down cover
for his men, but exposed himself in the process. A burst from a plasma
rifle struck him squarely in the chest and he soon collapsed to the
ground, without even a groan. His platoon sergeant crawled forward and
grabbed their fallen leader, pulling him out of danger as the last
remaining fire team gave cover.

"Medic!" The platoon sergeant called out, after he dragged Sorad to
the relative safety of an adjacent room. The medic soon appeared and
adminstered to the injured officer, scanning him quickly with a
medical tricorder.

"Direct hit to the thoracic cavity."

Blood poured from the wound, and the platoon sergeant tried in vain to
apply pressure. "Son of a bitch." He grunted. "The blood isn't

"Let me try a dermal regenerator." The medic replied, pulling the
appropriate instrument from his medkit. He activated it and passed it
quickly over Sorad's chest, to no avail. "It's not working .... I need
to get him to Sickbay." He tapped his combadge: "Petty Officer Weyoun
to the Infirmary, I have 1 wounded. Standby for transport."

The sergeant shook his head: "Transporters are down. Communications
are down too. The Dominion damaged the starbase's power system. It'll
be hours before either is restored."

"What do you mean? I need to get him to Sickbay now!" Weyoun replied.

"I am aware of the situation, Petty Officer. I can't change it. Now do
what you can."

"Yes, Staff Sergeant." Weyoun checked the injury again, and tried to
modify the dermal regenerator.

In the meantime, Sorad's breathing quickly became shallow. "Pulse is
raising ... respirations are going down. He's bleeding out from the
wound." Weyoun reported from the readings in his tricorder. "He's in
v-tac. Charging the cardiostimulator."

Sorad's body jerked as the electric shock tried to restart his heart. "200"

A second jerk also failed to restart it, and soon the rhythum was
gone. "20 cc's cordrazine." The medic injected the medication, but the
patient did not respond. Shaking his head, he looked at the flatline
on the tricorder. "There is nothing more I can do ... and I have other
patients to attend to."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

MCapt Toren Sorad
KIA - 240803.11