Wednesday, July 14, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241007.13 - Memento Vivre "The Interlude"

[Ch'Rihan, Galae Command Fortress ]

"What is going on?"  tr'Sahen stepped into the corridor and moved next to t'Knei who was staring towards the Galae'EnRiov's office.  Even though the doors were sealed it was easy to hear the terse words being exchanged between Cretak and Verelan.  "The Praetor is here?"  

"Yes, there is trouble on I'Rak Prime."  t'Knei answered shortly.  Both quieted and listened to the conversation.

"He has removed the governor- this is an outrage.  What use is a Galae'EnRiov who cannot control his fleet?  You must arrest the traitor immediately.  We cannot tolerate another insurrection."  Cretak's voice was composed and barely audible in the corridor.

"The Tal'Shiar has decided to take lead in this matter.  They have already informed me that they are conscripting the services of the 21st and 22nd Galae.  While the Tal'Shiar have neglected to provide any details, as they often do, Tal'Diann agents has been allowed to discover that they  are massing forces in the Val'Karku and Samnar systems.  They will likely move soon and erase the traitor.  I'm sure then the governor can be reinstated, Praetor."

"The Tal'Shiar?  Why would they involve themselves?"

"There is a rumor that he has ordered all political officers in the 23rd Galae forces killed- perhaps that is the reason but I know little beyond that and I do not care to.  Where the agency is concerned I will have none.  They will do as they please and tell us only when they feel it necessary.  There is no reason for me to be concerned about matters I have no control over.  I would recommend the same for you Praetor."    

"Ridiculous."  There was an audible scoff from the room and then a thunderous bang as the office doors were forcefully opened sending the edges of their wooden frame into the adjacent walls.  tr'Cretak stormed out and then stopped immediately noticing the two Admiral's.  She gave the pair a stiff glare and then bounded past them furiously.

Argelian followed her but stopped short at the door frame content to watch the woman's tantrum from afar.  Once the woman was out of sight the EnRiov approached his two subordinates "we have a problem.  tr'Sahen is a traitor and the Tal'Shiar have decided to deal with him personally.  There is something amiss- reports of Vulcan device.  The Tal'Diann operative who discovered the information was found dead aboard his bomber upon arrival on ch'Rihan.  All information he had gathered was erased."

"The Agency?"  Shiarkek asked quietly- as if doing so prevented wandering ears from hearing him.  Of course all three knew better.  The wandering ears of the Tal'Shiar were everywhere.

"No doubt.  They do not want us to know.  So be it- that is not my primary concern.  There are two issues.  Shiarkek, I want you to take one-hundred vessels to the outskirts of I'Rak Prime and monitor developments there.  From what the Tal'Shiar have allowed the Tal'Diann to discover they will move soon.   Do not interfere and report to me.  I will keep the Praetor informed of events.  t'Knei, there is something here that involves the lloann'mhrahel ship Karon commanded by Rehu.  They visited I'Rak prime before these events occurred and tr'Sahen is her cousin.  They are involved somehow and I would like to know about it.  Go find them."

"Ie Rekkhai."  Both officers nodded their heads and department.  Argelian looked at the ceiling and then at the walls wondering how many ears had listened on this conversation.  With a shrug he turned and headed back into his office.

[Meanwhile- IRW D'era]
Itsak gripped the metallic armrest tightly as he read the report.  His eyes narrowed as he stared at Hanaj "the Tal'Shiar are moving quickly."  He didn't expect the Tal'Shiar not to retaliate against him- but so soon?  And the Charon...if they didn't find the Charon it would all be lost!  He cursed and tossed the ISD away "we must find the Charon.  Send out all our ships.  We have no time left."