Sunday, July 25, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241007.25 - Quantum Fury Backlog - "Twisted Fury" Part 3 - Commander Khiy Kanryth

[USS Quantum Fury | Captain's Quarters]

Khiy stared at the rustic grit that stained his uniform and sighed.  In the large windows that lined his room the dusty beast that was Vulcan slowly swirled away and then disappeared as the 'Fury leapt into warp.  He stood up hearing the door chime "Enter."  The sound of trays rattling greeted him as the door parted and Naeza entered rolling a serving tray in front of her.  "What are you doing here?"  Khiy asked.

Naeza smiled and pulled the bangs away from her eyes "Commander Kaen told me you were likely hungry.  I have brought you dinner."  Her nose wrinkled as she studied him "why are you so dirty?  Go wash up!  You need to eat.  You're too weak now."

'That Cardassian,' Khiy sneered for a short moment at the thought of his XO before nodding to Naeza and making his way to washroom to clean up a bit.  "Have you been continuing your studies of Federation standard?"  He asked as he turned on the faucet running his hands through the cold water.  It turned dark red as the baked clay soil of Vulcan washed off of him. 

"Yes, it is a difficult language especially for someone with so little education."  He could hear the sadness in her tone as silverware and dishes clanked in the main room.  He felt some sympathy for her as he understood what she was going through.  He was grateful that he had Chloris to help him along with his studies and transition.  He made a mental note to help Naeza whenever time permitted.  Exiting the washroom he rubbed his hands dry with a rag before discarding it into the refuse along the way.  Just before he reached the table however his commbadge chirped.

"What is it?"  Khiy asked after pressing the device.

"sorry to bother you Captain."  Onarin's voice echoed through "but we just intercepted and transmission from Romulan space that I thought you would like to hear.  According to reports- and we verified this through the Starfleet diplomatic channels.  The Romulan Praetor tr'AAnikh has passed away."  Khiy's eyes moved to the table as he heard glass shatter.  He could see Naeza standing rigid, her eyes wide and tearful. 

"Don't be silly Commander.  Why would I care about the Romulan Praetor?  Don't waste my off time with trivial news."  Khiy responded before ripping the device off his chest and chucking it across the room.  In the corner of his eyes he could see Naeza glaring at him with absolute fury.  She picked up one of the dishes and threw it at him.  Khiy easily dodged the decorated china as it hit the wall and shattered.  He twisted around to stare at her- her fists were now clinched as she shivered uncontrollably.  "Have you lost your mind?"  He asked.

"Perhaps..."  She muttered through gritted teeth as tears raced down her cheeks "he was..." she shook "he was your father!  How can you curse him name so?  How can you?  He was a good man Khiy.  He saved me.  I asked him what use a slave was!  He told me that there was no honor in slaves and freed me...  How can you treat him so ill even after death?  His blood runs through your veins!  How can you be so cruel?  If I only had been blessed by the elements with such a parent..."

"Cruel?"  Khiy frowned but decided against arguing with the girl.  It would serve no purpose.  He knelt down and began picking up the shards of the shattered china "be careful what you utter aloud.  Someone may hear you."  He said piling the pieces in his hand "I am not a child of AAnikh- I am a product of experimentation.  I have known no father in my life.  It is a shame when any man dies- but should I shed a tear for a stranger I barely knew just because his blood flows through my veins?  Do not think ill of me because I have no concern because I cannot identify with him.  He was more a father to you then me Naeza."  Khiy stood up and walked over to the table dropping the china pieces onto it.  He reached out and grabbed one of her clenched fists "I am sorry I have offended you, please calm down."

She sniffled and then buried her face into Khiy's shoulder and began sobbing.  Khiy frown and remained still allowing her to cry.  He could feel moisture begin to seep through his uniform.  Finally Naeza pulled away sniffling and wiping her tears away "forgive me.  I should return to my quarters."

Khiy nodded "that would be best."

Naeza nodded her head and then quickly exited leaving the dishes haphazardly arranged on the table.  With a sighed Khiy pulled out a chair and sat down at the table.  He rummaged through the dishes before settling on the plate of feiiha.  As he ate he couldn't shake an empty feeling which had settled upon him.  The old man was dead.

[Several Days Later - Starbase 45 | USS Charon Observation Lounge]

"You want to do what?"  Kaen looked perplexed as he studied his CO "you want us to head back into Romulan space so you volunteered us to deliver the next wave of personnel to the Charon?"  The Cardassian shook his head "I'm the first one here who would say that there is something amiss going on but didn't we just finish our turn in that gauntlet?  Don't take this the wrong way sir but you're going to have to give me something more than that if you want me to support you."

"The Romulans may have a weapon- I cannot be specific because my information is not specific but there is a possibility that the Romulans have something that will prove to be dangerous in their possession.  Do you remember the other ship bringing personnel to the Charon?  The USS Guardian?  They were transporting members of the Vulcan Science Council.  High ranking members.  They also played a crucial role in influencing Starfleet to send Charon on the mission to the Stellar Cluster."

"Are you saying the Vulcans are scheming?"  Onarin' chuckled briefly wondering if his CO was joking but quickly stopped after a menacing glare was directed at him "sorry- I just mean isn't that a trait more associated with mean the Romulans.  Why would the Vulcans be sceming- it doesn't seem to be very logical."

" Vulcans and Romulans share a common ancestry.  What Romulans embrace Vulcans suppress through logic and teaching.  They are quite capable of anything their cousins are.   History has proven this from time to time."  Khiy frowned and walked over to the conference table tapping the control panel.  A holographic diagram of the Charon mission appeared over the table and a line representing it's path crisscrossed through Romulan space and into unexplored territory beyond it "the council members went to Charon to urge them to hurry to the Stellar Cluster without delay."  Khiy pointed at the end point "Starfleet lost contact with Charon shortly after the Guardian returned to Federation space."

"So you think they are in danger?"  Onarin asked.

"We already have proved they are in danger with the deaths of those NeoDyne criminals.  The Federation Judicial Committee have refused to charge NeoDyne without concrete evidence- the Charon is in danger."  Khiy said studying the diagram "the question is.  How much?"