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[USS Charon] SD241007.01 || Joint Log, "Worth - Part III", Lt Jilani and Savant

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(OOC: Part of the Worth series of backlogs for Jilani.)

Savant was unsure of what to expect from her date with Counselor
Jilani. Holodeck Two had been booked for a long period of time, and
while she could have simply checked to determine what lay in store,
Waqas had asked her not to do so. In fact, there was a heavy
encryption on the program that was running, though it appeared not
designed to keep her out so much as anyone else who might wish to
enter. She had chosen to wear something thematic to their first
encounter, and fitting with his requests while maintaining the
requisite dignity that moving about the ship required. She wore the
same bikini with a floral-pattered sarong about her waist, long enough
to skirt the floor and brightly coloured enough to draw the eye. A
matching tropical flower in her hair was a natural compliment and,
with aid of the replicator, provided whatever perfume might otherwise
be desirable given the circumstances. She had found, as had many other
studies that predated her by centuries, that people were more than
willing to forgive slight fashion indiscretions if one stuck with a
theme - gigantic belt buckles when coupled with cowboy boots and ten
gallon hats, for example. A little extra skin would be immediately
glossed over by the theme of her attire, so no indecency-sensitive
individuals would gather much offense, while those who were more
liberal would be pleased, and the Councilor got his wish in an
appropriate manner. Everyone was satisfied, a perfect answer. Except
Savant, of course. Her opinions were not given any weighting in the
calculation and did not apply.

Of all the possibilities Savant had automatically projected of where
this night would begin and where it would end, the small restroom she
found herself in had not been one of them. It appeared to be a public
place, the sounds of individuals speaking excitedly seeping through
the door that Jilani was leaning against. The human was wearing only
his uniforms slacks, the dim sunlight filtering through a window
dancing on the brown skin of his compact frame. When he saw her, his
face broke into a genuine smile. Savant could see his heart begin to
race, however, and his breathing quicken slightly. There was also an
expression in his dark eyes that she had not seen before...concern?

"A little credit, Savant, you didn't think we'd be at the beach
again." Jilani announced, the amusement in this tone suggesting he
was teasing.

"Colour me surprised," She smiled broadly at his humour, the
expression coming to her easily. "Here I thought I would be the one
who was under-dressed."

"I know you said we were starting with dinner. I came upon the
chance, however, to show you something wonderful so...." He shrugged
with his usual, lazy grace, "I hope you don't mind. Also, I hope you
were being truthful about your lack of modesty. We are at a Betazoid

It took a moment for Savant to filter through the possibilities.
"Lieutenants Thera and Karek," she concluded, "You've managed to
reunite them."

"They are saying their vows again and neither one has any friends
here. They are going to leave after the wedding ceremony and we can
get to our dinner. I just thought...well, it is a rare think to see
an ending to a story like this and...." He trailed off, leaving out
the years of therapy that Thera would still require, the fact that
this was not an end at all but a beginning of a long and difficult
journey for the love finding expression on this night. "I hope you
don't mind."

"Not at all, I'm honoured. This is a rare and wonderful time, and I'm
happy to participate. Provided they don't mind a stranger being
involved..." He waved aside her concern with a dismissive gesture, so
she acquiesced, "Thank you for thinking of me."

"Good," Jilani replied, stepping forward, his heart beating furiously
in his chest as he did so, "We are both a little overdressed for the

She smirked in good humour, having known about the requirement but
being unable to resist the jab, "Ah. More than one motivation to the
event, then."

= Later =

The wedding ceremony was a short affair. Savant knew of Lieutenant
Taal Thera, of course, being familiar with the records of all of the
Charon crew. Once the Andorian woman had seemed meant for greatness
until her injuries had broken more than her body, they had broken her
spirit. She had made no friends on the ship since her transfer, no
attempts to mingle with the crew. Worse, she routinely turned down
away missions in order to guard the brig, which was empty more often
than not. She was unpleasant as a person, useless as an officer.

When she walked down naked up the aisle, grotesque alien machinery
fused to the left side of her body, her green eyes bright and vibrant,
fixed on her husband's smile, she seemed like an individual
transformed. Was this the power of emotion that the counselor had
wanted to see?

Or was it the power of his own craft? Waqas Jilani had done this.
Perhaps this was his showcase. He made no boast, however, nor did he
speak much before the service. When he studied the exposed form of
Taal Thera, there was no playful fire in his dark gaze, no hormonal
shifts, just an intensity that Savant could not quite place. Only
when the ceremony had gone smoothly, however, and the bride and groom
had thanked them both before retiring to their quarters, he had begun
to relax again.

Now the two of them sat at the edge of the lake on which the wedding
had taken place, Savant having reverted back to her dress and Waqas
having donned a light blue shirt over black slacks. He was quieter
today than before, as is preoccupied. Whatever mischief he had
plotted in bringing her to the wedding had faded with the ceremony
itself and with it, his playfulness had faded a little.

"Is something wrong? You seem…distressed."

Waqas gave her a brief smile. "I am, I suppose, a little. She thinks
I cured her. Taal, I mean."

She leaned closer in a friendly and amused manner, as if sharing a
secret with an old companion, "You *were* involved, I'm sorry to say,

"She may have seemed much improved," he shook his head, "She may be
much improved, but it is not because of me. The prior counselors she
had laid the foundation. They just didn't push her like I did. They
did not wish to be unkind."

Savant regarded him curiously, "And it bothers you to have been unkind
despite the results?"

"Her gratitude bothers me." He explained with a grimace. "And no, I
am not sure why." With a laugh he added, "This is where your
awareness of your registers would be a useful trait, I think."

"I don't know if you should wish for *that*," she replied cheerily,
"an unconscious zone seems like it might be a very useful thing from
time to time. "Though being unaware of ones' motivations is a very
strange thing. I can't imagine how it would work."

She dismissed the line of discussion for a previous, more important
one. She spoke fluidly, the hologram fizzling and losing the
sharply-defined edges it had a moment ago as Savant focused her
processes on the monumental problem of psychology. "I suggest that you
are perhaps uncomfortable with it being so easy - one push from you
and she sees monumental change. You don't feel as if you've earned the
success, so it bothers you, mm?'

"That is the life of a Starfleet Counselor," he replied with a small
smile, "We get transferred from one post to another and our patients
continue on without us, growing, improving, recovering. Often it is
the next guy who gets the credit. You learn to take success when it
comes." Waqas shook his head, "No. As strange as it may seem, I
always feel this way whenever I do have success in helping someone
have a breakthrough. I always it shouldn't have happened
when I was present."

As Savant began to formulate a response, Waqas leaned in quickly and
gave her a quick kiss on her lips. "It doesn't matter," he decided,
rising to his feet and calling for music, "There are more important
things to take care of. This will have been a poor wedding were there
not a single dance, don't you think?"

She decided to react with amusement instead of surprise at his
impulsive kiss; there was no reason to break his stride yet. Savant
*did* have certain standards of behavior, but he hadn't quite
approached the limits yet. The probability of him making that approach
was quite high, but what would follow depended wholly on him. Until
that point, she played the game to see what would come of it. The
hologram rose from where she sat, her smile concurring with his

Savant lifted a hand imperiously and snapped her fingers, and the
world obeyed. A trumpet blared and a Spanish guitar accompanied it. At
the same time, she took up his closer hand and gripped it - her skin
was soft and warm, but had the faint tingle of electrical current to
it. She beamed brightly, "I'm in a mood for lively music. Are you?"

"It seems appropriate," Waqas replied easily. Apparently, whatever
grim clouds had occupied his thoughts, the counselor was intent upon
banishing them. It turned out that he was an excellent dancer and
though his hands wandered, they did no longer long. One song faded
into a second and then a third. Finally, the music stopped, leaving
Savant in Jilani's arms, simulating a flush and slightly labored

"If we don't stop, we will be sore in the morning."

"I find life is better when you do things that will leave you sore in
the morning," Waqas answered automatically. In response to her
positively Vulcan raised eyebrow, he added, "Reflex. So...what, you
examined my physical condition and calculated that I should stop."

"I'm just thinking of your health, you know," she quipped, or seemed
to at least.

"Very considerate. Let me assure you though, I am pretty fit."

"Oh, I can tell that, Councilor." She grinned broadly to imply as many
meanings as his mind cared to extrapolate. She seemed to figure out
his mood properly.

"Now you are going to make me blush."

"Maybe that's the point." Savant winked and pulled herself from him
with all the significant poise that a simulated dancer could muster.
"But I don't think I believe you," Savant replied with a smirk, "I'll
believe when I see."

Waqas gave her a wounded look. "I'm not some hopeless cad, Savant.
I'm a very complex individual."

"Certainly what we were speaking of before appeared complex."

"Yes," Jilani replied with a dismissive wave of his hand, "I suppose
it was. There are things about me you may not yet understand, as
there are things about you I would still learn. Perhaps another date
to...continue our mutual exploration?"

She fanned herself to dismiss the synthetic flush of heat that the
dancing had brought on - entirely an act, but Savant was little if not
an actress. "You are going to burn my processing busses with your
double entendres! How could I refuse such a clever request? I would be

Jilani smiled as he stepped back from her, "I am sure it will be well
worth the wait. Goodnight, Savant."

= End Log =