Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[USS Charon] SD:241007.27 || Joint Log || CSEC, AEO - Cmdr Dylan Marcus & Lt. Elizabeth Marcus. "New Beginings"

=/\= Dylan and Lizzy's Quarters - USS Charon =/\=

Dylan stopped off at the ship's stores after seeing the captain to request a transfer off ship. He held a bouquet of roses in his hands as he entered their quarters. "Lizzy are you home yet?" he asked.

"I'm in the bathroom." She called back washing her face. she had gotten off an hour ago and she was trying to clean up so that she could relax.

He smiled and set the flowers on the table and took his uniform tunic off and set it on the back of a chair. "Long day today wasn't it?" he asked,. He picked up the flowers and walked to meet her. He gave her a hug from behind and let her see the flowers as he hugged her.

"yeah trust me I could use a good hour or two in the holodeck spa." Lizzy said with a grin when she saw him. She hugged his arms as they wrapped around her and gasped at the roses. "Oh Dylan their beautiful."

"Well, they aren't as beautiful as you, but I thought of you when i saw them." he said.  "I think the the holodeck sounds good.  Gives us a chance to talk as well."

"Talk? Oh I see, you did something without discussing it with me first didn't you?" she asked him one hand on her hip, the other holding the roses to her nose...

He smiled. "Well sorta." he said. "I went to the Captain and asked for a transfer off ship. I thought with all the attempts on her life and the issues with the Vulcans and romulans, that CHaron was no place to start to raise a family." he smiled.

"You want to raise a family?" Lizzy asked...

He smiled at that. He wondered if she would catch that. It was true they had Tovol. It was not the same as having their own.  "I was thinking about it." he said with a kiss.

"Well I'm sure Tovol wouldn't mind having siblings to play with." Lizzy said softly giving him another smile.

"So does that mean your ok with that idea?" he asked. He gave her a hug and kissed her neck."

"Mmm your my husband Dylan, If I didn't want kids with you then who else would I have children with?" Liz asked him.

"Cute hun." he said. "I wasn't sure you wanted to so soon, not that I'm arguing." he smiled.

"well no one said it had to be soon, after all practice makes perfect." She giggled leaning back against him and turning her head to kiss him on the lips...

"practice does make perfect." he said. "But first some relaxing time in the holodeck." he smiled.

"Mmm really? what kind of relaxing time in the holodeck?" She asked still leaning back against him...
"nice hot tub, maybe some light music, candle light." he said nipping at her shoulder.

"mmm now that does sound very very relaxing." Lizzy moaned arching her neck so he could reach more of her shoulder as she pressed back against him nice and snug.

"Yes it does." he said. "If you grab some towels, I will get the suits." he smiled.

"Sure." She grinned and kissed him before making her way to the linen closet.
"he grabbed the suits and smiled at her as he waited by the door."

It took Liz no time at all to get the towels and meet him by the door. she motioned for him to lead the way after all this was his idea.

He lead them down the corridor. "So I received an offer to join a new ship heading for the Delta Quadrant. Then USS Nautilus. She is a deep space exploration ship."

"And you thought she would be safer to raise a family on?" Lizzy asked as she walked with him.

"No inter government political interests, no one trying to kill the captain, Yea I thought it was something that was a somewhat safer place. Unless of Course you are planning on giving up your commission?" he teased.

"Well no, but I might get out of engineering and try my hand at piloting helm." Lizzy said softly. "this way I don't risk getting blown up fixing the ship, though I could get blown up flying the ship." Lizzy grinned at him...

"this is true," but as long as u dont fly into any planets, i think we should be good."

"I think so to." Lizzy said softly. She gave him a kiss an stepped onto the lift with him.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. They passed several people that he came to think of as a sort of family away from home. It was not going to be an easy transfer that was for sure. The other factor was what to say to Alice. "You know that Alice is going to miss you the most." he said.

"I know, this is going to be a hard transfer isn't it Dylan?" Liz asked him softly not at all surprised that it would be hard. they had both managed to make friends on this ship and she was going to miss them all especially that insane Romulan Captain that loved to put them at risk to do what was right...] As the doors to the Holodeck opened to a pre programmed tropical spa, Alice, the ships Security AI appeared.


"hello, Commander Marcus, Lizzy. WHo is transferring?" the young AI asked with a curiosity of a child exploring her world.

jumped at the unexpected appearance of alice. though she shouldn't be surprised. the young AI had a habbit of showing up when least expected. "Hello Alice how are you today?" Lizzy asked instead she didn't want to be the one to tell her closest friend about the transfer when they hadn't even told Dylan's adopted son...

Dylan smiled. He had gotten use to her entrances. "Hello Alice. Lizzy and I were discussing the option to transfer to another ship. We feel that Charon may not be the best place to raise a family." HE said.

Lizzy looked to Alice wondering if the woman's feelings could be hurt. they probably could and she would feel horrible about it, but she would go where Dylan went after all he is her husband... even if it meant giving up her commission...

"Leaving?" Alice asked. "Who will repair me, who will i strive to be like? " she asked.

Lizzy was going to cry she knew it, but she wouldn't do it here. "I have good friends in engineering Alice, Robin might not be as good as I am, but she'll take really good care of you." Lizzy said softly.

"I appreciate the thought, Thank you." she said. "I don't understand this concept of Families yet, but I believe a Hug is customary when saying good bye to someone you care about." she said giving Lizzy a hug.

Dylan smiled again. "Who said anything about good bye?" he asked. "We can simply make a copy of your program and take you with us. " he said.

Lizzy hugged Alice anyways because she was being hugged. "We're not saying good bye Alice, you know this but your program is intergrated into the ships computer now. we can copy you and keep you with us even though you'll be on the charon." Lizzy agreed with her husband...

"I'd Like that" She said. "I have to go and ask Savant for advice, I havent had more than one copy of myself before." she said with a smile and then disappeared.

Lizzy blinked and looked at Dark. "Savant has more then one copy?" She asked puzzled, "How?" She asked then curious as well because she would have to maintain this copy of Alice that they will be taking with them...

"Savant has several copies as I understand it, but I have not really seem much more than her record." Dylan said. "For now, why don't we relax and we can worry about the transfer requests later, the Nautilus doesnt officially launch for another couple of weeks." he said.

"Well we'd have to request where we want to be assigned don't we? I'm thinking helm because if need be I could be the best pilot she has on an away mission. and I am damn good at flying." She grinned at him...

"Sounds good." Now I have some other plans that sound good too." he said with a wicked grin."

=/\=End Log =/\=

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer

Lieutenant Elizabeth Johnson
Engineering Officer
USS Charon

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