Saturday, July 31, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241007.31 || Joint Log || LtJG Anderson & Crw Davis



= / \ =…. [Takes place after the briefing and sparring session…]


Sam walked into the small mess hall, PADD in hand. She wanted to continue her review of the information they'd received during their briefing, as well as make sure the crew roster was updated before they reached the Charon. She headed to the back of the small room, and sat at a booth against the wall, able to see the entire area.


Auden could be found sitting near the back of the mess hall, alone at a small two person booth. He used his left hand to hold a large viewing PADD in front of him and was watching the contemporary dance competition from his home town which has been held two weeks after his departure from earth. To his right was a delicious looking blueberry muffin which had a few bites out of it and a cup of steaming black coffee.


Sam was just about to get down to work when her combadge chirped at her in short clipped tones. She held back a sigh, not really in the mood to eat, but knowing she should. She looked around, hoping to get a few ideas of what she should order. The blueberry muffin at the adjacent table looked appealing enough, so she got up to go and replicate one, along with a glass of water. She returned to her spot, then mildly distracted by the PADD she scarfed the muffin as quickly as possible, an old, very hard to break habit.


Taking a moment to look up, Auden recognized the Crewman from the briefing when they exchanged quiet greetings. He took note of her overly-petite figure once more and being a doctor he immediately continued to work in his head as to why she could be so skinny, it was beyond having a fast metabolism in his opinion.


Auden tried not to make it obvious that he was watching her but couldn't help himself after watching her shove the muffin she had replicated into her as if someone was going to take it. "Crewman. You really shouldn't eat that fast, especially for someone of such small stature. It's a choking hazard." He offered her an awkward smile.


"Sorry" She blushed slightly, embarrassed to be 'caught'. "I'll try and remember."


"No need to apologize, I just don't want you getting hurt." He took a look around the small mess hall and noticed that it was getting a bit more crowded. He used his free arm to gesture towards the chair in front of him. "Would you like to join me? There have been far too many new faces and names the past day or so. It'd be nice to get to know one a little bit more. Davis, right?"


Sam got up, and joined him at his table. "Yes sir, Samantha Davis" she answered clearly, if a bit shyly.


Auden eyed her for a moment. "Please do not call me Sir." He gave the shy woman a genuine smile and moved in a little bit closer, putting his right hand beside his mouth if only to give the illusion he was trying to be quiet. "It makes me feel older than I am." He thought for a moment and then continued, "I'm not that old either. So. Dr Anderson will do."


She grinned, actually a little amused at his joke. "Ok Doctor Anderson. Like a real doctor doctor?" She asked, obviously impressed.


Auden gave Sam his pondering look again, "I think my medicine doctorate is genuine. Maybe I should check that." He set the PADD he was viewing down on the table and leaned back slightly, "So. What did you think of the briefing? You excited to be heading to the Charon?"


His reply answered her question. He wasn't like a doctor of physics or something. "The meeting was informative. I just hope I can get all the new personnel files organized for the Captain by the time we arrive. I suppose I'm excited." She'd never really thought about it. She went and did what she was told most of the time still, but she was getting better at thinking of her own desires.


Auden nodded, the meeting was definitely informative. Midst his thoughts he saw a rather attractive male officer walk nearby, his hormones got the best of him and he got caught up in the moment forgetting his was sitting with Sam for a moment. When he realized that he had checked out someone right in front of his new friend he blushed slightly.


Sam watched the scene unfold. She had a practised eye, noting your owner's mood went a long way in avoiding all sorts of unpleasantness. She realized the man Auden had been watching was 'attractive', though she felt no response herself. Why he had watched him, or why he was blushing because of it, she had no clue. "Do you know him?" She asked, wondering if there was something she should know.


Auden made a quick come back to reality, "I think I may have run into him before." He looked at Sam directly, he wasn't a telepath but he could sense certain cluelessness as to his reaction to the male officer. "The Charon should be an interesting assignment. Deep space. A Romulan Captain. I wonder if she spars with her crew.." Auden thought back on the meeting and the arranged sparring session between Khiy and the Colonel. 


"Yes, it should be interesting. It's my first posting. You think she would actually? I mean spar with the crew?" Sam got a sudden knot at the idea. Certainly not, right?"


Auden chuckled, in all honesty he wasn't sure if she did or not. "Guess we'll find out eventually." Auden couldn't help but yawn, it wasn't that the conversation was boring him, it was the fact that he was tired. Regardless of the fact Mark had told him he was completely comfortable with Auden possibly having night terrors, Auden had tried his best to not sleep at all saving the possibility. "I am sorry Crewman Davis. I guess everything is catching up with me." He grinned, "Would you possibly like to meet up again tomorrow for a light lunch?..." He looked her over again, food would not hurt her any.


"Oh, ok. Of course. I understand." For some reason she couldn't explain his gaze didn't hold any fear for her. She didn't even get the feeling that he was expecting sex from her, and she'd gotten that numerous times, even when she was reading the situation completely wrong. "Lunch tomorrow then." She agreed





Lieutenant Junior Grade

Auden Anderson, MD

Medical Officer

Uss Charon





Samantha Davis


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