Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[USS Charon] SD.241007.20 || Backlog || "Early Mornings... UGH" || LtJG Auden Anderson



"Stop! No….. Geordan!" Auden practically jumped out of his bed; his heart feeling as if it was going to jump out of its pericardial sack. He took a few moments to catch his breath and looked around his darkened quarters, pleased to see that the transport was still travelling at high warp. The young doctor looked at the chronometer nearby which was displaying 0530, had he actually managed to go more than a few hours without being interrupted by some vivid flash-back?


"Computer lights." The lighting in the room returned to normal levels and Auden covered his eyes, allowing his pupillary reflexes to adjust. Within moments he moved over to the replicator adjacent his bed and stood there looking somewhat dumbfounded. "Computer. What should I have for breakfast?" He often made a habit of talking to the technology he utilized. [Please reiterate request]. Auden rolled his eyes and tapped on the replicator's control panel a few times, brining up a list of various breakfasts. He selected a simple variation of eggs and toast with jam, a favourite of his back on Earth.


Taking his breakfast he sat down at the nearby multipurpose table and picked up a lonely padd. He put in the time he was awoken into a chart and the document. On orders from his counsellors back on Earth he was to not only record his interrupted sleep but also write about the dreams he was having. To Auden's surprise, having visuals and records seemed to show his improvement and gave him something to feel good about... Perhaps those psychobabble-know-it-alls really did have something to show him after countless hours of his time.


= / \ = [A little while later….]


"Lieutenant Anderson!" Auden stopped in his tracks. He had been wondering around the corridors on the transport for the past hour. He wondered to himself who would be calling him, especially considering he knew no one onboard. "Yes?" Turning around he saw a rather petite female Ensign wearing a Medical/Science uniform. She had long blonde hair and the ridges on the bridge of her nose made it clear that she was of Bajoran decent.


"I thought that was you." The woman stopped as she neared Auden. "I didn't think I would run into you this early though.. Maybe I am not the only early riser on this transport!" She smiled and held out her hand. "I am Ensign Kyrona. Will be taking over a Nursing Officer's position onboard Charon."


Auden took her hand and gave it a small shake, "Nice to meet you." Letting go of her hand he quickly put it back at his side. He hadn't even thought to check the transport's roster to see if anyone else was onboard and enroute to Charon.


"Sorry if I caught you off guard. There just isn't many Starfleet blues around so I knew it was you." The young Bajoran was seemingly full of energy and quite pleasant. Auden thought best to not let her know that he wasn't a morning person and not up on his own accord. "I was just on my way to the arboretum. Yes. They have one on this hunk of junk believe it or not. I was surprised when I first found out."


Kyrona made her way past Auden and turned around once she realized he wasn't walking with her. "Well. I'm on my way there now. You're coming aren't you?" She gave him a big smile. "We have three weeks to get to know each other, how exciting, I am so glad that you're onboard." Auden took a deep breath, he could with a little effort learn to appreciate having someone to talk to this early in the morning..? Perhaps a trip to the arboretum could be fun…




Lieutenant Junior Grade

Auden Anderson, MD

Medical Officer

Uss Charon





Kyrona Nitala, RN [NPC]

Nursing Officer

Uss Charon