Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[Trek Universe] SD 241007.12 Joint Log: BFCO and SB Vers. CO - LTGen. Liconie and Admiral Cerywyn

=/\= Starfleet Command =/\=

John stretched as he waited for the comm to Versailles to go through.  He already had an appointment with Dayson, Command itself and JAG due to the nature of the issue.  Part of him felt like he was getting pushed because he was the new guy and knew going to all three wouldn't help that.  However, with the very real chance of the Chancellor getting involved more and the fact that Korath should have called this one in but didn't due to his own personal involvement, it made things sticky at best.  He shook his head, using the Archer to pursue personal vendettas didn't sit well with John, and with the information he had, that was the only conclusion he could draw, especially with the Klingon hanging up on him.

Cerywyn was sipping a cup of rosemary and mint tea. She'd just taken a bite of a blueberry scone when the comm signal sounded. She rubbed her temple and then tapped the console and watched the image give way to a familiar face. She inclined her head. She was proud to see that Liconie had advanced even though it would mean some short term adjustments for them all but the expression on his face did not bode well. She frowned slightly. "What's wrong General?"

"Well, we have a problem," he started then took a breath, "apparently Captain Korath made some deals with the Klingon Chancellor and is now wanting to go back on one of those deals.  I need to find out what you knew so I can proceed on dealing with him," John explained briefly then sat forward slightly.

Cerywyn raised an eyebrow and her face darkened - for a brief moment, the General could see anger flash in the woman's face unlike any he'd ever seen - and then fall quickly away as a cold mask of neutrality fell into place. "I am aware that an incident ensued which resulted in the disappearance of one of the Archer's crew and that he pursued. Captain Ceridwen informed me of her last conversation with him in which she was informed that his daughter was on a renegade ship and that he was in pursuit. She urged him to act cautiously and reminded him that he was on the verge of putting himself and his crew in more than physical danger." She frowned and her eyes narrowed. "What kind of agreement did he make?" Cerywyn had not been informed of any such agreement which meant that the Klingon Ambassador might need to be as much in the dark as she herself and that both of them could end up with egg on their face - something neither woman would tolerate well. "That was the last official report we received, General. I was under the impression that the Legion was assisting in the recovery of the Captains daughter. They were supposed to maintain status just inside the Empire but close enough to the Federation to prevent it from being a problem."

John shook his head, "there was only a brief mention of his daughter by the IXL Ship commander and he was pretty deep into the Empire," he replied, "I am meeting with the Head of the Diplomatic Corps soon, however, the Captain seems to have told the Chancellor that he'd turn over the suspect as well as a stone known as the Devils Heart, which is some kind of weapon.  Now he wants to destroy the stone instead and the HoD is less then happy, he was going to report to the Chancellor."

Cerywyn nodded. Her face paled slightly at the mention of the stone. "Interesting. I'd had someone hear looking into the "devil's heart". According to legend ...of many cultures. . .it has great power and power like that used in the wrong hands can destroy. It has destroyed many of who have contacted it before. I had thought the stone merely the thing of legends but give sway to the fact that legends sometimes have great power over peoples - it affects their core beliefs and values." She paused for a moment and tapped her console. "I'll send you what I have on the artifact.  Destroying the stone . . .would seem like a good place to start. What does the conflict rest?"

The General thought for a moment before shaking his head, "in that Korath took it on himself to promise the stone whole and intact," he replied finally and put the information on a PADD for his upcoming meeting.

Cerywyn nodded. "I'm sorry, General. Captain Korath has the enthusiasm and heart of someone yet untainted by the cynicism of command.  When family is involved, he like any other, will fall back on the protective instincts and with Klingon's that instinct is almost primal. It doesn't negate his actions  but perhaps provides a different insight. I think the Klingon's will willingly negotiate as well. I seriously doubt that the High Council or the Chancellor is foolish enough to see all of our hard work be sidetracked.  At the same time, I can equally see those within the Empire hungering for a vantage point - just as those within the Federation might seek a weak spot to press a the advantage. Is there anything
else you need of me or of Captain Ceridwen?"

"I've dealt with him before," Liconie replied with a nod then shook his head, "not just now, but there could be another call soon, it depends on how the meeting with the diplo corps and council go here," he replied, "weather or not the Chancellor wants to negotiate, the Captain has left me in a bad position, especially with little to no contact since he spoke with Captain Ceridwen and compounded the issue by cutting comms before I could ask him to send me his information, which is why I called you. He may be joining my old recruits in helping engineering  with Versailles' more dirty janitorial duties soon..."

Cerywyn nodded and half chuckled. "I am sure I can always find a use for a good janitor."

"Well, I need to go meet with Commodore Drayson," he replied as the bottom of the screen flashed, "thank you for sending me what he had," Liconie added with a nod.


Lieutenant General John Liconie
(Acting) Fleet Commander
Beta Fleet

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