Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241009.29 - Memento Mori Plot Log "Alea Iacta est"

[USS Charon]

Green blood bubbled around the edges of the Vrelnec as the last Gai'Shian on the Charon's bridge attempted to speak.  Shiarrael stared at him, her cold and merciless gaze hinted disinterest as he gagged on his blood, she slowly twisted the blade causing the flow of blood to increase tenfold.  After a few short seconds he went limp.  Shiarrael frowned and removed the blade from his throat, she swung the weapon downward violently to shake loose blood stains sending green droplets splattering onto the carpeting.  With that dreadful deed done Shiarrael casually sheathed her weapon and took a moment to hover over the corpse before quietly making her way across the bridge to sit in her throne.  She tapped a few commands into her armrest console and spoke "we have retaken the bridge."  Her voice echoed through the corridors of the Charon "we will isolate all further resistance using the internal systems and dispatch security teams to eli-" she paused "forgive me, I mean 'apprehend' but should they resist they will certainly be eliminated."  She smiled wickedly as a thin stream of blood trickled down her forehead from a wound she had sustained earlier.  "Man your stations- we still have much to do if wish to live."

"Captain."  One of the officers that had accompanied her spoke up after her short speech.  He was standing over the tactical console "we have an issue..." he pointed at the view screen still playing with the console.  As the view screen lit up Shiarrael stood.  A bright blue hue illuminated the bridge.  The Endless Sky was hovering right in front of a massive wormhole.  "Itsak."  Shiarrael muttered.  Several war birds were pouring in as the massive D'Dherex ship waited.  "Will you truly perpetuate such a crime?"  Shiarrael whispered as the turbolift opened bringing more crew onto the bridge.  Time was running out.  She turned and nodded to the arriving crew.  "Sakarra..."  Shiarrael suddenly remembered upon noticing the absence of her Executive Officer she looked up "Computer where is Command Tyrax?"

"Commander Tyrax is not aboard the ship."

Shiarrael gritted her teeth and twisted around.  Her eyes honed in on the Endless Sky which dominated the view screen.  The massive war bird suddenly lurched and then slipped into the wormhole.  Time was up.  In the periphery of the view screen image she could see explosions "what is going on?"  She looked at the officer manning tactical wishing she could remember the young man's name.   

"I'm not sure Captain.  Several Romulan ships are engaging one another..."

"Ah,"  Shiarrael nodded her head in understanding.  The empire certainly would not allow a traitor such as Itsak to continue unimpeded.  "The Tal'Shiar have come.  Tell that new Engineer to work quickly here much longer would be unwise and certainly unhealthy."  She sat back down.  Soon, very soon, she would see the true makeup of this crew as they crawled into the jaws of death.

[Vulcan System, USS Shenfeng]

"Captain, the Vulcan ships are investigating a large neutrino surge just outside of the system.  I have asked them if they required assistance but they have informed me that they have it handled."

Captain Song settled uneasily into his command chair.  "A large neutrino surge out here?"  He shook his head.  That was odd but if the Vulcans insisted on handling the matter themselves he wouldn't bother them.  "Just keep an eye on it from a distance."  He turned his head away to glance at a PADD.

"Aye Captain...wait...Captain!  Detecting a massive Neutrino surge- right off the port bow!"

Song barely had time to glance up as the Shenfang rocked violently sending the crew from their seats.  Several consoles lit up in sparks and flames.  It was so sudden that the Captain had no time to digest what happened as red alerts Klaxons blared.  The view screen was thankfully unscathed in the mayhem and immediately lit up as his tactical officer practically leapt to the auxiliary console to get it up.  What he saw shocked his senses: a massive wormhole was forming just above the rustic glow of Vulcan.  As it erupted a shockwave ripped through several orbital structures sending a field of debris tumbling into nearby ships.  "Analysis now!  Bring us about and away from the oncoming debris field!"

"Analy- oh shit!"

From the mouth of the wormhole hell appeared.  Like a swarm of bees leaving their hive dozens of Romulan war birds poured forth.  Weapons arced from Vulcan's surviving orbital platforms but even that was not enough to stem the flow.  Song jumped to his feet "mercy.  Send a message to Starfleet now!  Vulcan is under attack!"