Thursday, September 23, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 240910.22 Duty Log Brevet First Lieutenant Brent Warren

=/\= USS-Charon Unknown Location =/\=


Brent had been alone since he had lost track of Jade, his own killing having taken him down a solo path of death and destruction.  He had heard them beg.  Some of them told him to think of their loved ones.  That they had not wanted to rebel against the Empire, but feared for their lives if they disobeyed the Vaek'Riov.  The Marine normally shut them up by slicing their throat, or simply tearing their head off and placing them in their laps.  He was reloading the Gai'Shian pistol that he had taken from the corpse of the first Romulan he had killed.

All in all it wasn't a bad weapon.  He had a few extra clips with him.  Rugged and good for getting the job done if you needed to kill someone in a hurry.  Low clip capacity though, probably because all there was is kill shots in the pistol.  Either way if he lived through this event he would have to hold onto the pistol.  Another war trophy.  He exhaled, looking down at his hands.  They were covered in green blood and the gore associated with brain matter and the other gruesome acts that he had committed while the Charon had surrendered without a fight.

He stowed the Romulan pistol before he looked again at his pistols.  How many.  How many Romulans had he torn apart, rendered asunder with his bare hands, using his birthright in a moment of pure unadulterated rage.  She had been taken.  Gods she had been taken and he could do nothing about it before she had been removed from the ship.  He wasn't stopping the Romulans  to take back the ship, he was murdering them.  Revenge killing.  He could tell that somewhere she was still alive, he couldn't sense any more than that but he knew deep down that she was not dead.  His vision blurred, first his left eye and then the right.


Was she dead?  He hadn't been able to feel her in some time.  She had to have been far away...  On another ship by now.  He didn't know if she had been killed or worse...  What would he do.  What should he do now?  More blurred vision.  More tears.

It was then that he felt it.  Somewhere, somehow... He felt her.  Pride.  Something involving him.  Pride in him.  She was alive.

The Marine Lieutenant rose to his feet.  She was alive.  Probably in that command ship.  There were no more tears to be shed.  There was only action to be taken now.

=/\= Cargo Bay 7 =/\=

The guards had been thinned out.  Fewer were being kept on the Starfleet prisoners, mainly reassigned to hunt for Brent and Jade...  With fewer guards, Brent had the chance that he was looking for.  Only five Gai'Shian were in the cargo bay.  Three of them were standing above on the walkway that made the second level of the cargo bay.  They would need to be dealt with first.  The artificial light brought in after Brent had the power killed to the Cargo bays cast great shadows.  It was in those shadows that Brent moved.  They had surrounded the only jeffries tube access point to keep the prisoners from escaping.  Some bloodwine and a few boxes of gods know what.  Brent had the fortune that two of his Marines were leaning against the boxes in question.  In the shadows a few items were passed, pistols.  Two PPE's were given to the Marines, they were armed.  Unfortunately they were still in their athletic gear, as they were captured while doing PT.

Brent told them as quietly as he could to find a bit of cover and when they heard the first few shots to kill the guards on the door.  They nodded quietly, hiding their pistols in the darkness and their clothing before they came around to behind a few containers, leaning against them to help reinforce their apparent boredom.

Brent disappeared into the junction and moved up onto the second level of the cargo bay.  In the darkness on the far side of the catwalk, the door opened.  Brent had to move quickly as one of them had heard something.  The first two blasts announced the presence of an intruder to the guards.  The quick bursts cut down the two Romulans without so much as a bit of return fire.  The Marines below to their credit fired only a few seconds after they heard their CO shoot.  The Romulans below, attempting to move into a position to get a good shot at Brent, were cut down before they could even raise their rifles.

The third Gai'Shian however fared a bit better.  He gets off a pair of shots that were surprisingly well aimed.  The first one removed Brent's shield before the second slammed into his shoulder.  Most of the blast was deflected by the armor there, but enough of it got through to do serious damage to Brent's left shoulder.  He dropped his PPPe, but finished the job with the stole Romulan pistol, two hits landing in the Gai'Shian's chest.  Brent jumped down to the cargo bay level, using his belt to soften the blow as his hand immediately moved to the injury, frowning as he felt the bleeding and charred skin.  Not now.  Now was not the time to be injured.

"No time to explain.  Come with us to my armory.  We'll arm any of you that have combat skills.  The rest hold up in the jeffries tubes.  Any and all Engineers come with us.  We're taking back Main Engineering," Brent said, already having a plan for what was to come next.

Brevet First Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander